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Top 3 Funny Songs About Being Short

It has been a challenge looking for funny songs about being short. Perhaps because some people believe it to be insulting or derogatory to make funny songs about this topic? While searching for funny songs about being short, the dominant search result was from Randy Newman’s, “Short People”. Also, since I was searching for songs […]

Top 5 Funny Songs About America

There are different variety of songs about America, some about love and being patriotic, some about culture and trends, some good and some the other side of it. Looking for funny songs about America gave me different results which are mostly found in YouTube. There are also different blog sites about it with different songs […]

Top 7 Funny Songs About Love

Top 7 Funny Songs About Love

Love, it is such a broad and interesting topic. So many beautiful love songs, there are also heartbreaking love songs and definitely a lot of funny love songs too. This topic provided me so many options to choose from. Different blog posts, articles and even YouTube lists of funny/comedy songs about Love. What is nice […]