Fitness Connection Membership Cost (Updated 2022)

Fitness Connection Membership Cost (Updated 2022)

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If working out is a release for you, or a way that you enjoy staying active after a long day of sitting at work, there are some things you will want to know before choosing a gym that suits your needs. At Fitness Connection, there is a large emphasis placed on the mind and body connection that happens at the gym.

At Fitness Connection, you can choose between two membership types. One will allow you to have access to a single location for $10 a month plus an enrollment fee of $59. The second option allows you access to all locations for $22.99 per month, with no enrollment fee. There is also an annual fee of $49 for both plans.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive but effective gym membership option, Fitness Connection could be the gym for you. Stick with us for a bit to learn more about pricing, guest passes, cancellation, amenities, and more.

Fitness Connection Membership Cost

Fitness Connection has 43 locations (and counting) across the United States, though locations are currently based in Texas, Nevada, and North Carolina.

When it comes to choosing a membership type, you should consider how much you tend to travel and if you may want gym access in other parts of your state, or in one of the 2 additional states that Fitness Connection is currently based in.

Does Fitness Connection Offer Any Discounts?

Currently, Fitness Connection is offering the ‘Unreal Deal’ where new members can put down $10 and then pay $10 a month to continue attending the gym. This sort of promotion is common, though it may vary from one promotion cycle to the next.

Third-party sites like Groupon also boast options like this, and many of the discounts you’ll find here are more location specific as opposed to general promotions run by the entirety of Fitness Connection.

For example, a current Houston offering is ‘up to 62% off fitness programs’ where a $0 initiation fee is offered, or you get your first month free, or other similar discounts are available.

Can I Add Someone to my Fitness Connection Account?

Since Fitness Connection has such basic membership options, at such low prices, there are currently no family plans or ways to get a discount for multiple people sharing a plan.

However, there are ways to test the waters of Fitness Connection, which we will get into soon.

Fitness Connection Membership Benefits

Members at Fitness Connection can expect access to a basketball court, racquetball, tanning services, and even a ‘fit flix’ theatre where members can enjoy movie theatre screens while working out.

Additionally, there is a steam room, pool and spa, sauna, the group x room for classes, and a group cycle room.

There are many classes and amenities to use aside from the gym itself, and members will often find some time to relax and enjoy the extra offerings after a workout session.

There is also a kids club where children between ages 3 and 11 can spend time for up to 2 hours while a guardian works out in the gym.

Is There a Cancellation Fee for Fitness Connection?

You can easily cancel your Fitness Connection membership with no cancellation fee.

You’ll need to contact the member service department via the phone number on their website if you cannot go to your specific location.

Otherwise, you can visit your Fitness Connection location, or give them a call, to work out your cancellation process.

You cannot prorate your cancellation, which is standard across most gyms, so you will need to cancel before a new billing cycle begins in order to avoid an extra 30 days of payment.

Does Fitness Connection offer a Free Trial?

It’s a very valid feeling to be hesitant to commit to a gym before having had the chance to really experience the culture, amenities, and other factors first.

For this reason, you can expect to test drive Fitness Connection for 5 days with a free pass that allows access to all the health club amenities.

The best part about this pass is that there are no contracts, so nothing is going to secretly lock you into a membership here. It’s all about just trying out the gym and seeing how you personally feel.

Your success is what’s most important, after all!

Fitness Connection Guest Pass Cost

When it comes to bringing a guest with you to Fitness Connection, the policy depends on location right now because of the pandemic. However, overall, a member can bring a guest with them every day that they come to work out.

The only caveat is that the same guest may only join a member 4 times in one month and must provide ID and be 18 years old.

Guests are allowed in the club from 8 am to 10 pm during the week, and until 8 pm on weekends.

Does Fitness Connection Have Additional Fees?

Fitness Connection is good about transparency in pricing, so you’ll really only be paying for your monthly membership when it comes to fees for the gym.

The only additional payments are the enrollment fee when you join, and an annual fee that helps keep your monthly price the same over the year.

Other than that, if you opt to work with a personal trainer, there may also be an additional session cost which will vary from gym to gym.

Which Classes Does Fitness Connection Offer?

Fitness Connection offers a wide variety of classes, some of which are even live streamed so you can do them at home on days you cannot make it to your location.

You can join FC select classes which include HIIT (high intensity interval training) and core, shift (cycling), or crush (includes cardio, core, and more.)

Otherwise, there are dance classes, cardio, cycling, water fitness, strength-based, yoga, and seniors’ classes that you can opt to take.

Fitness Connection’s wide variety of classes is a huge pull for those who love to work out but need some extra guidance or fun in doing so.

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