Tom Cruise’s Teeth: How He Fixed Them & Pictures – Dentakay

Tom Cruise’s Teeth: How He Fixed Them & Pictures – Dentakay

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The accomplished American Actor, Tom Cruise has dominated the screens since the eighties. And while his talent has remained consistent throughout his career. The same can’t be said about Tom Cruise’s teeth. The multiple-times Oscar nominee had an iconic smile. And while it’s been along with his best assets, even Tom Cruise’s smile had a humble beginning.

What Was Wrong With Tom Cruise’s Smile

Tom Cruise’ Smile wasn’t naturally perfect, in fact, it was the contrary. When Cruise first rose to fame, his teeth haven’t had all the work of cosmetic dentistry just yet.

Time Cruise’s smile was remarkably misaligned and one of his incisors was oddly prominent. His dental midline was way off-grid where his upper incisor took over it.

In addition to his misalignment, Time Cruise’s teeth were also very stained. And all in all, his smile wasn’t up to Hollywood’s standard.

How Did Tom Cruise Fix His Teeth

To fix Tom Cruise’s teeth, the actor had to go through many years of treatment to fix his smile. To get the perfect he currently has, Tom Cruise couldn’t opt directly for the Hollywood Smile procedure. Because Tom Cruise’s teeth were severely misaligned, he had to get braces first.

Tom Cruise had braces for his teeth around the time he was 40 and reportedly opted for ceramic braces. These types of braces are usually color-matched to your teeth so they’re not very visible. But this was back in 2002, now there are modern options if you wish to have braces minus the chunky look. There’s the Invisalign as well as bilingual braces.

The braces helped get Tom Cruise’s teeth into proper alignment restoring his dental midline. Orthodontics is always the first part of treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Getting the right alignment helps pave way for additional tweaks to polish your smile. Because when your smile is straight, it’s easier to identify other construction problems and opt for the Hollywood Smile.

While many might assume Tom Cruise was too old around the time he sported braces for his teeth, adult braces are in reality very common.

As for the staining, Tom Cruise’s teeth have had whitening to give them a natural glow. But since then, the actor has upgraded his treatments wearing veneers for the ultimate smile.

The Takeaway

Tom Cruise’s teeth took on a pathway similar to his career, rising into fame and perfection. Tom Cruise fixed his teeth in the early 2000s, so the technologies weren’t half as advanced as they are now. Now not only are there more modern and convenient options, but there are affordable ways of getting cosmetic dentistry. Tom Cruise’s teeth might have cost him a fortune, but you can correct more complicated costs for a trivial sum of money. For instance, you can consider the Hollywood Smile in Turkey, and for very low costs you can receive high-quality dental treatments. Especially at the leading dentistry center in Istanbul, Dentakay.

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