350 Best Middle Names For Freya – Mums Invited

350 Best Middle Names For Freya – Mums Invited

Middle names that go with freya

Freya is a strong and beautiful baby girl name.

Like many first names, choosing a middle name for Freya can be quite difficult. One, because we, as parents want the PERFECT name for our babies.

Two, because finding a name both parents love can be a herculean task, many times.

Because I know how difficult choosing a middle name can be, I have put together this large list of names that go well with Freya.


Freya is a name from Norse mythology that means LADY. She was a goddess of love, beauty, war, gold, beauty and fertility. So, Freya is one of the Norse girl names.

In Old Norse, the name is spelt as Freyja. Other spelling variants of the name are Freyia, Freja, Frea, Froja.

Freya is commonly mispronounced. The correct pronunciation of the name Freya is FRAY-AH, not FREE-YAH.

Freya is a popular girl’s name. Since the 2000s, Freya has become a very popular name in England and Wales.

In fact, it was in the top 10 most popular names for girls in 2020. While Freya isn’t as popular in the US, it was in the top 200 names for 2020.

I’ve included some sister names for Freya towards the end of this post, be sure to check those names out for more inspiration.


These middle names to go with Freya are arranged alphabetically. I hope they give you inspiration and ideas on the best middle name for your baby girl.

  1. Freya Aaliyah
  2. Freya Abbey
  3. Freya Abbie
  4. Freya Abby
  5. Freya Abigail
  6. Freya Acacia
  7. Freya Adalynn
  8. Freya Addison
  9. Freya Adeline
  10. Freya Aimee
  11. Freya Alana
  12. Freya Alberta
  13. Freya Alexa
  14. Freya Alexandra
  15. Freya Alexandrine
  16. Freya Alexis
  17. Freya Alice
  18. Freya Alicia
  19. Freya Allison
  20. Freya Alondra
  21. Freya Alys
  22. Freya Alyssa
  23. Freya Alyssia
  24. Freya Amelia
  25. Freya Amelie
  26. Freya Amie
  27. Freya Amy
  28. Freya Ana
  29. Freya Andrea
  30. Freya Angela
  31. Freya Angelina
  32. Freya Anna
  33. Freya Annabel
  34. Freya Annabelle
  35. Freya Antonia
  36. Freya Aretha
  37. Freya Aria
  38. Freya Ariana
  39. Freya Arianna
  40. Freya Ariel
  41. Freya Ashley
  42. Freya Ashlyn
  43. Freya Ashton
  44. Freya Astrid
  45. Freya Athena
  46. Freya Aubree
  47. Freya Aubrey
  48. Freya Aubry
  49. Freya Audrey
  50. Freya Augustine
  51. Freya Aurora
  52. Freya Autumn
  53. Freya Ava
  54. Freya Avery
  55. Freya Bailey
  56. Freya Bea
  57. Freya Beatrice
  58. Freya Bella
  59. Freya Belle
  60. Freya Bernadine
  61. Freya Beth
  62. Freya Bleu
  63. Freya Blossom
  64. Freya Bluebell
  65. Freya Blythe
  66. Freya Breanna
  67. Freya Briana
  68. Freya Brianna
  69. Freya Bronte
  70. Freya Brooke
  71. Freya Brooklyn
  72. Freya Brynn
  73. Freya Caitlin
  74. Freya Calliope
  75. Freya Camila
  76. Freya Caroline
  77. Freya Carys
  78. Freya Catherine
  79. Freya Cecily
  80. Freya Ceridwen
  81. Freya Cerise
  82. Freya Charlotte
  83. Freya Chloe
  84. Freya Christina
  85. Freya Christine
  86. Freya Claire
  87. Freya Claudia
  88. Freya Connie
  89. Freya Cordelia
  90. Freya Cosima
  91. Freya Daisy
  92. Freya Daniella
  93. Freya Danielle
  94. Freya Daphne
  95. Freya Darcey
  96. Freya Darcie
  97. Freya Darlene
  98. Freya Delaney
  99. Freya Delilah
  100. Freya Delphine
  101. Freya Demi
  102. Freya Destiny
  103. Freya Diana
  104. Freya Diane
  105. Freya Dimple
  106. Freya Dorothy
  107. Freya Dulcie
  108. Freya Eden
  109. Freya Edith
  110. Freya Elaine
  111. Freya Eleanor
  112. Freya Elena
  113. Freya Eliana
  114. Freya Elinor
  115. Freya Eliora
  116. Freya Elise
  117. Freya Eliza
  118. Freya Elizabeth
  119. Freya Ella
  120. Freya Elodie
  121. Freya Eloise
  122. Freya Elsie
  123. Freya Elspeth
  124. Freya Emily
  125. Freya Emma
  126. Freya Esme
  127. Freya Eve
  128. Freya Eveline
  129. Freya Evelyn
  130. Freya Evie
  131. Freya Faith
  132. Freya Felicity
  133. Freya Gabriela
  134. Freya Gabriella
  135. Freya Gabrielle
  136. Freya Garnet
  137. Freya Genesis
  138. Freya Genevieve
  139. Freya Georgina
  140. Freya Giselle
  141. Freya Grace
  142. Freya Gracie
  143. Freya Gwendolen
  144. Freya Hailey
  145. Freya Haley
  146. Freya Hannah
  147. Freya Harmony
  148. Freya Harriet
  149. Freya Hazel
  150. Freya Heather
  151. Freya Helena
  152. Freya Henrietta
  153. Freya Henriette
  154. Freya Hildegard
  155. Freya Hollie
  156. Freya Holly
  157. Freya Hope
  158. Freya Imogen
  159. Freya Irene
  160. Freya Iris
  161. Freya Isabel
  162. Freya Isabella
  163. Freya Isabelle
  164. Freya Isobel
  165. Freya Isobelle
  166. Freya Isolde
  167. Freya Ivy
  168. Freya Jacqueline
  169. Freya Jade
  170. Freya Jane
  171. Freya Janine
  172. Freya Jasmine
  173. Freya Jayne
  174. Freya Jazmin
  175. Freya Jeane
  176. Freya Jenna
  177. Freya Jennifer
  178. Freya Jess
  179. Freya Jessica
  180. Freya Jocelyn
  181. Freya Jordan
  182. Freya Josephine
  183. Freya Joy
  184. Freya Judith
  185. Freya Julia
  186. Freya Juliet
  187. Freya June
  188. Freya Juniper
  189. Freya Kaitlyn
  190. Freya Kate
  191. Freya Katelyn
  192. Freya Katherine
  193. Freya Katie
  194. Freya Kayla
  195. Freya Kaylee
  196. Freya Kennedy
  197. Freya Kimberley
  198. Freya Kimberly
  199. Freya Kitty
  200. Freya Kylee
  201. Freya Kylie
  202. Freya Laureline
  203. Freya Lauren
  204. Freya Lea
  205. Freya Leah
  206. Freya Leonie
  207. Freya Leonor
  208. Freya Leslie
  209. Freya Lillian
  210. Freya Lillie
  211. Freya Lilly
  212. Freya Lily
  213. Freya Lorelai
  214. Freya Loren
  215. Freya Louise
  216. Freya Lucille
  217. Freya Lucy
  218. Freya Lydia
  219. Freya Lynette
  220. Freya Mabel
  221. Freya Mackenzie
  222. Freya Maddison
  223. Freya Madeleine
  224. Freya Madeline
  225. Freya Madelyn
  226. Freya Madison
  227. Freya Magdalene
  228. Freya Maggie
  229. Freya Maisie
  230. Freya Maisy
  231. Freya Makayla
  232. Freya Margaret
  233. Freya Margot
  234. Freya Maria
  235. Freya Mariah
  236. Freya Mariana
  237. Freya Marie
  238. Freya Marigold
  239. Freya Marilyn
  240. Freya Martha
  241. Freya Mary
  242. Freya Mathilda
  243. Freya Matilda
  244. Freya Maxine
  245. Freya May
  246. Freya Maya
  247. Freya Meadow
  248. Freya Megan
  249. Freya Melanie
  250. Freya Melissa
  251. Freya Meredith
  252. Freya Mia
  253. Freya Michelle
  254. Freya Millie
  255. Freya Milly
  256. Freya Miranda
  257. Freya Mirren
  258. Freya Mollie
  259. Freya Molly
  260. Freya Monica
  261. Freya Morgan
  262. Freya Mya
  263. Freya Nadine
  264. Freya Nancy
  265. Freya Naomi
  266. Freya Natalia
  267. Freya Natalie
  268. Freya Natasha
  269. Freya Neive
  270. Freya Nell
  271. Freya Nevaeh
  272. Freya Neve
  273. Freya Niamh
  274. Freya Nicole
  275. Freya Norene
  276. Freya Odette
  277. Freya Olivia
  278. Freya Orla
  279. Freya Paige
  280. Freya Payton
  281. Freya Pearl
  282. Freya Penelope
  283. Freya Peregrine
  284. Freya Peyton
  285. Freya Polly
  286. Freya Poppy
  287. Freya Rachel
  288. Freya Ramona
  289. Freya Reagan
  290. Freya Rebecca
  291. Freya Reese
  292. Freya Renee
  293. Freya Rhiannon
  294. Freya Riley
  295. Freya Robyn
  296. Freya Rosalind
  297. Freya Rosalyn
  298. Freya Rosamund
  299. Freya Rose
  300. Freya Roselyn
  301. Freya Rosetta,
  302. Freya Rosie
  303. Freya Rowena,
  304. Freya Ruby
  305. Freya Ruth
  306. Freya Rylee
  307. Freya Sabine
  308. Freya Samantha
  309. Freya Sara
  310. Freya Sarah
  311. Freya Savannah
  312. Freya Scarlett
  313. Freya Selene
  314. Freya Seren
  315. Freya Shelby
  316. Freya Sienna
  317. Freya Skye
  318. Freya Sofia
  319. Freya Sophia
  320. Freya Sophie
  321. Freya Stephanie
  322. Freya Susannah
  323. Freya Sybil
  324. Freya Sydney
  325. Freya Tabitha
  326. Freya Tamsin
  327. Freya Taylor
  328. Freya Tess
  329. Freya Therese
  330. Freya Tiffany
  331. Freya Tilly
  332. Freya Trinity
  333. Freya Valeria
  334. Freya Valerie
  335. Freya Vanessa
  336. Freya Venus
  337. Freya Vera
  338. Freya Verity
  339. Freya Victoria
  340. Freya Viola
  341. Freya Violet
  342. Freya Vivienne
  343. Freya Whitney
  344. Freya Willow
  345. Freya Winifred
  346. Freya Yvette
  347. Freya Yvonne
  348. Freya Zara
  349. Freya Zoe
  350. Freya Zoey
Short middle names for Freya


  • Freya Abby meaning my father is joyful
  • Freya Alys meaning noble
  • Freya Amy meaning beloved
  • Freya Bea meaning she who brings happiness
  • Freya Belle meaning beautiful
  • Freya Beth meaning pledged to God
  • Freya Bleu meaning blue
  • Freya Carys meaning love
  • Freya Demi meaning half
  • Freya Eden meaning place of pleasure, delight
  • Freya Esme meaning esteemed, beloved, emerald
  • Freya Eve meaning life
  • Freya Hope meaning virtue name
  • Freya Iris meaning rainbow
  • Freya Ivy meaning name of a plant
  • Freya Jade meaning stone of the side
  • Freya Jane meaning God is gracious
  • Freya Jess meaning short form of Jessica
  • Freya Jo meaning short form of Joanna, Josephine
  • Freya Joy meaning joy
  • Freya June meaning month named after goddess Juno
  • Freya Kate meaning pure
  • Freya Lea meaning weary or meadow
  • Freya Lucy meaning light
  • Freya Lux meaning light
  • Freya Lynn meaning lake
  • Freya Mae meaning bitter or pearl
  • Freya Mary meaning drop of the sea, bitter or beloved
  • Freya May meaning month name
  • Freya Neve meaning bright
  • Freya Nell meaning bright, shining one
  • Freya Orla meaning golden princess
  • Freya Rose meaning famous type
  • Freya Ruby meaning deep red precious stone
  • Freya Ruth meaning friend
  • Freya Tess meaning to harvest
  • Freya Zara meaning blooming flower, God remembers
  • Freya Zoe meaning life
  • Freya Ziv meaning bright and radiant


1. Consider the meaning of the middle name.

For some, the meaning of a name is so important. Can you relate?

In that case, a middle name’s meaning becomes a top factor in your decision-making process.

For instance, you may choose a name meaning miracle, if you’ve lost pregnancies in the past and this baby is your “miracle” baby.

2. Do the names flow together?

How well do the first, middle and last names flow together?

As much as possible avoid overly rhyming names. They may sound cute now but remember your child won’t be a baby forever.

3. Consider your baby’s full initials.

You may want to avoid Initials like Freya Iris Bennet (F.I.B).Remember, you might get monogrammed baby gifts as well.

4. Say the names out loud.

You might like how the name looks on paper, only to discover you don’t quite like the sound of it.

5. Are there any family naming patterns you should be aware of?

Some families have specific baby-naming customs.

For instance, in some families, it’s customary to have old-fashioned, traditional names like Elizabeth or Mary as middle names. However, don’t be too scared to buck traditions that don’t work for you. It is your baby after all.

6. Don’t rush the process.

Finding a name you love can take some time. Don’t be in a rush. You don’t want to regret the name you chose after your baby’s birth is registered.


Are you looking for a sister name to older sister Freya? Here are over 50 girl names that go with Freya.

  • Freya and Adelaide
  • Freya and Anais
  • Freya and Annika
  • Freya and Anya
  • Freya and Ariadne
  • Freya and Astrid
  • Freya and Athena
  • Freya and Avalon
  • Freya and Azalea
  • Freya and Beatrix
  • Freya and Brenna
  • Freya and Calliope
  • Freya and Cecily
  • Freya and Cleo
  • Freya and Colette
  • Freya and Cora
  • Freya and Cosima
  • Freya and Cressida
  • Freya and Daphne
  • Freya and Deirdre
  • Freya and Elspeth
  • Freya and Elvira
  • Freya and Genevieve
  • Freya and Ingrid
  • Freya and Iris
  • Freya and Isla
  • Freya and Isolde
  • Freya and Junia
  • Freya and Juno
  • Freya and Leda
  • Freya and Leonie
  • Freya and Leota
  • Freya and Lorelei
  • Freya and Louisa
  • Freya and Luna
  • Freya and Lyra
  • Freya and Mabel
  • Freya and Maeve
  • Freya and Maris
  • Freya and Matilda
  • Freya and Mila
  • Freya and Milla
  • Freya and Neve
  • Freya and Niamh
  • Freya and Rhea
  • Freya and Rosa
  • Freya and Saoirse
  • Freya and Saskia
  • Freya and Sonia
  • Freya and Sylvie
  • Freya and Tilda
  • Freya and Vivian
  • Freya and Willa
  • Freya and Zara
  • Freya and Zora


For Distinction

No, I don’t mean the grade you get from college or a university. lol! I mean distinction as in to distinguish.

Giving your baby a middle name can help distinguish your child from other children with similar first and last names.

Funny story.

In college, I had 2 classmates who had the same first and last names. They were from the same states, born in the same month and the same year. They were also both tall and dark.

As you can imagine, this sometimes caused a lot of confusion among lecturers. Thank God for their middle names, It was literary the only thing that set them apart!

Middle names encourage better behaviour in kids

It’s a common parenting strategy to call children by their middle and full names when scolding them for bad behaviour. But do you know this has been backed by research to be true?According to this study, reminders of one’s middle name leads to an increase in good behaviour. This is a great reason to give your child a middle name.

As a way to honour family members

Giving a middle name can be a way to honour extended family members like grandparents.If you really would like to, you can give your baby, your grandma’s name. This is one thing we do in my culture especially if that family member recently passed. It’s a subtle way to honour that person and keep their memory alive.

An alternative name

We all hope and want our children to love the names we give them. Though, this isn’t always the case despite our best intentions. If this happens then your child can have the option to use their middle names as their first names. This is another reason for you to consider giving your baby a middle name.

Work-related reasons

Other times, your child may end up working in a field, where their first and last names are already in use. They may choose to distinguish themselves by using their middle names as their first names instead. This tends to be quite popular with actors and celebrities. Ever heard of Laura Jeane Reese Witherspoon, James Paul McCartney, Robyn Rhianna Fenty, Thomas Sean Connery, to mention just a few.



I hope I’ve been able to provide some inspiration and ideas to help you pick a middle name for Freya.

And that one name or two resonated with you and will be perfect for your baby.

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Congratulations on your baby girl!