List of January 8th Major News Events – The People History

List of January 8th Major News Events – The People History

January 8th events

1940 Great Britain Food Rationing

1940 : Great Britain introduces Food Rationing using ration books containing coupons for bacon, butter and sugar. Shortly after tea, jam, biscuits, breakfast cereals, cheese, eggs, milk and canned fruit rationing were introduced. Later as the war continued many more items of both food and non food items were introduced including Meat, Petrol, Clothes, Tea and even soap were rationed.

1945 Berlin Handover by Soviet’s

Soviet Armies had handed over power to the U.S. and British Armies on this date. This event took place in what was known as West Berlin-many years before the walls were torn down between East and West Germany.

1918 World War I Allies Counter Attack

French, British, and Italian forces were reported on this day to be in the process of preparing a counter attack along the Piave River in Italy during World War I. This battle was to be delayed for some time, however.

The Germans attempted once again to gain control over the Western Front of the Piave River in March of this same year (1918). This was considered one of the German Army’s last effort to win the war. After the end of the Battle of Piave in 1918, the Austrian and Hungarian armies that fought along with the Germans direction had disintegrated. This battle that took place along the Piave River was the beginning of the end of World War I.

By the way, allied forces of France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States all helped defeat the Central Powers. The Central Powers included the Germans, along with the armies of Austria, Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, (Turkey) and, Bulgaria . The United States did not actually participate in World War I until the year 1917. This was the same year that Russia had withdrawn after signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the Central Powers (German, Austrian-Hungarian, Belgium, Ottoman, and Bulgarian Armies).

In The News January 8th 1940 Food Rationing, Battle of New Orleans 1815, The Mona Lisa, President Lyndon Johnson - War on Poverty, RMS Queen Mary 2

1815 Battle Of New Orleans

1815: Major General Andrew Jackson, defeats the invading British Army intent on seizing New Orleans and the vast territory the United States had acquired with the Louisiana Purchase.

1918 Post-War Peace Plan

Washington 14-Point Plan for Post-War Peace Presented by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson This talk consisted of a plan which included 14 different aspects of peace keeping.

One of those on this list is that which pertains to equality of trade for peace-keeping countries (and maintenance help thereof). Other portions of agenda on this list included “Impartial adjustment of all colonial claims”, “Evacuation of Russian territory” (and Belgium and French territories), and “Readjustment of Italy’s frontiers”.

This plan, of course was in the development phase at this time. Further effort was to be made in order to carry this plan out.

1920 Canada – Newsprint Export Prohibited

The exportation of newsprint paper was prohibited as of this date. This embargo applied to any paper mill that refused to obey orders made by R.A. Pringle. The amount allotted to Canadian publishers was to be supplied before any further export would be allowed.

1935 Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, the man who received the title “The King of Rock N’ Roll” while he was still alive, was born on this day.

1939 Thomas Mooney

It was reported in a paper on this date of Thomas Mooney’s release from prison on the day before (January 7). This release was granted by Governor Olson of California. Thomas Mooney was originally convicted of a bombing incident that took place in California in the year 1915. However, he had fought for his freedom for over 22 years because he did not even commit the crime. Finally Mooney’s day had come, and he was able to go home to his friends and family. The governor who supported his release had collapsed, presumably because of all the excitement of being able to let an innocent man go free. It was reported that when Mooney’s wife had seen him that her eyes were red with weeping.