Canceling Planet Fitness Membership. A Step-By-Step Guide to

Canceling Planet Fitness Membership. A Step-By-Step Guide to

Can u cancel planet fitness membership

Joining Planet Fitness has its perks. It’s a great gym with a cool Black Card area with lots of interesting offerings. Depending on your membership, you may be allowed to use all the equipment in the club for as long as you like. It’s a welcoming, friendly gym with decent equipment and a low price point.

However, once you’re a member of the Planet Fitness family, they don’t want you to leave. They make it hard to cancel, so be prepared.

There are a few items to keep in mind when going through the process of canceling Planet Fitness membership. We’ll go over those items here and show you how to cancel Planet Fitness membership.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Why is it so hard to cancel a Planet Fitness membership? They would rather you just stop going but procrastinate on canceling. And keep on paying that monthly fee.

Canceling a gym membership, no matter the company, is almost always a pain. They just don’t want to let you go! It’s the same with other gyms like OrangeTheory.

It’s understandable for their bottom lines and their membership stats.

So how do you cancel your membership at Planet Fitness?

In this article, we’ll go through what you need to know to cancel PF. But first, you’ll need to know what kind of membership you have, and what the membership comes with.

Then we’ll go over how to avoid cancellation charges.

Planet Fitness Monthly Fees

Planet Fitness is a huge gym chain with about 1500 clubs worldwide. To attract customers to check out what they have to offer, Planet Fitness typically offers a $ 10-a-month gym membership.

In most club locations, they require you to book a 12-month commitment for this Classic membership. Also, the $10 a month isn’t constant for all club locations. Some branches charge a $15-a-month membership which is much easier to cancel, which we discuss below.

The Planet Fitness clubs are franchises, which means the fees can vary. The owners decide how much they charge their customers.

Black Card Membership

Those who want better or unlimited access to all the equipment, including the Total Body Enhancement, Planet Fitness Tanning, and Hydromassage will need to upgrade to the Black Card membership. This is pricier than the Classic and could go for about $25. But in some locations, the Black Card membership is costlier.

Again, this will all depend on the location of the Planet Fitness club you are applying to. See our article on Planet Fitness Black Card Membership for more information.

Annual Membership Renewal

Apart from the monthly fees, there is also an annual membership fee that could amount to $39 a year. Additionally, there is also a sign-up fee that will usually be about $29.

The values found here may vary from one location to another but these just show you a rough estimate on the fees you have to pay for a Planet Fitness membership.

Planet Fitness No Commitment Membership

PF has created a casual-friendly plan called the No Commitment plan. It has a higher signup fee and higher monthly fees, but you can cancel whenever you want. It’s a great solution for those who want to try out the gym, but aren’t sure they want to stay with PF for the long term.

Even though it’s higher priced per month, it may save you money in cancelation headaches!

Planet Fitness Cancelation Fees

Canceling your Planet Fitness membership can come as an abrupt decision. There may be a change in your schedule or circumstances, or perhaps you just feel that Planet Fitness is not for you.

Maybe you’ve triggered the Lunk Alarm once too many times.

Unfortunately, if you want to abruptly cancel, you will likely need to pay a cancelation fee.

If you just want to cancel your membership and don’t really care about paying for this fee, then go ahead and skip this section. Nevertheless, here are some scenarios when a cancellation fee will be charged:

  • If your membership includes a commitment of 12 months and you haven’t finished the 12 months, you can usually buy out the contract for about $58.
  • The time when you cancel your membership also affects whether you get a cancellation fee or not. Canceling the membership a week before payment is due will mean you won’t get charged. On the other hand, if you’re far away from your end date, you’ll almost certainly be charged a cancellation fee.

Canceling Planet Fitness Membership

If you’ve made up your mind to cancel your membership, there are two main ways to do that.

The first is to personally cancel the membership.

The second is to send a certified letter.

As a third option, you can try Cancel My Gym Online. When this article was originally published, there was an option for Planet Fitness. But unfortunately, it seems CMGO has removed Planet Fitness from its list of compatible gyms at this time.

Whenever canceling your membership, make sure to read the contract you’ve agreed on. By informing yourself about your contract, you can avoid unnecessary additional charges when canceling your membership.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership in Person

Canceling in person is the best method to use but it may not be applicable for all. For this method, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take Note Of All The Information You Need – Prepare all the information needed to cancel your membership. Such information would include your membership identification number and some personal information such as your date of birth, address, driver’s license, social security number, etc.
  2. Write A Letter Of Cancellation – In order to cancel your membership, Planet Fitness requires a written letter of cancellation. Check your contract and see the specifications so you can write the letter in accordance with it. If you are eligible for waiving the cancellation fee, indicate it in your letter plus the reasons why. Also, write what documents you are attaching. These documents will help you successfully get the cancelation fee waived. Then sign it.
  3. Call The Club And Request A Meeting – Don’t just barge into the club with your cancellation letter. It is best to call and find the hours they are available. Request to have a meeting for you to cancel your membership.
  4. Personally Go To The Planet Fitness Club – Once you’ve got a meeting scheduled, you can now personally go to the Planet Fitness club and give your written documentation to the representative in charge. Make sure to also get written documentation that your cancellation is approved. Make sure it is signed by the employee so you have proof that your membership is really canceled. Depending on your membership and situation, you may still need to pay a fee for the cancelation or to cover this month’s fee. Make sure that once paid, there will be no more fees charged to you for the coming months.
  5. Check Your Credit Card Or Bank Statement – After canceling, make sure that you closely monitor your credit card fees. Make sure that they don’t charge you for monthly or the yearly membership fee. If they do, then you need to contact them again to clear it out. In case they are still insisting that you need to pay, show them the documentation signed by their employee that states that you have already canceled your membership.

Cancel Planet Fitness Through A Certified Letter

Another way to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership is through a certified letter from the Post Office. This comes in handy when you can’t personally go to the Planet Fitness club. Certified letters can be tracked, which allows you to be sure the letter is received and read by the gym.

With a certified letter, you can request the signature of the person who received the letter physically or electronically. You need to purchase certified mail postage either from the post office or online. Once that is done, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make a Letter Of Cancelation – Create a letter requesting the cancellation of your membership at Planet Fitness. Include documentation and the personal information they need to waive fees if you are eligible. Also, indicate your request for a written notice of cancellation and provide a phone number they can call up for any clarification or for confirmation about your membership’s cancelation.
  2. Mail The Letter – Take the letter to the post office and give it to an employee.
  3. Wait For The Cancellation To Be Processed – If you haven’t received any notification that your cancelation has been processed a week after they received your cancellation letter, you can call them up for a follow-up. In some cases, you may really need to visit the club in person.
  4. Check Your Credit Card and Bank Statements – After getting notified of the approved cancelation, monitor your bank statements and credit cards to make sure you’re not charged. If you are, then visit them and show your proof of cancelation.

Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter Template

There are different ways to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. However, most of them will require you to write a letter. Even if you are to cancel your membership in person, you may need to write them a letter for formality’s sake or they may have to let you sign some papers as confirmation of your cancellation.

Here’s a quick template to help you write your cancellation letter. Delete the unneeded portions of text, and fill in the appropriate areas.

For the heading, you should find the manager’s name so that you can properly address your letter to the manager. You can call the specific branch or your home gym to get the name of the manager. If not, you could also write “Dear Sir/Madam” or “Dear Branch Manager”.

Cancel Planet Fitness Online

Oh, how we wish.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel Planet Fitness online through their website or on their app. However, some PF Members have reported success canceling their PF membership using Cancel My Gym Online.

Note that when this article was originally published, CMGO had an option for Planet Fitness. It appears to be unavailable at the moment, but we hope it will come back soon.

This method requires you to pay for the service to cancel your membership for you. It’s not free, but it may be less hassle than some of the other options.

We have never used it, but if you have success with it, please let us know!

Perks Of Planet Fitness Membership

The monthly fee of around $10 to $15 will just get you the basics. There are limitations to this plan, and if you really want the best membership plan, then get the Black Card membership.

It offers lots of perks including free fitness training. It also allows you to use your membership at any Planet Fitness location so in case you’re traveling and you still want to keep yourself in shape, you can go to any Planet Fitness and use the facility.

Apart from access to the gym equipment, you can also use the other equipment found in the facility.

Depending on the location of the Planet Fitness club you go to, you may also find other equipment that you have full access to use.

Such equipment would include HydroMassage chairs and beds, tanning beds, tanning booths, red light booths, and many others. With the Black Card membership, you can also enjoy discounts on drinks, snacks, etc.

Now, if these perks don’t still convince you to keep your membership, you can simply cancel it.

Just take note that you might pay for a cancellation fee, depending on your membership. However, this cancellation fee can be avoided.

Planet Fitness COVID-Related Cancelation

COVID-19, and the lockdowns related to it, have caused a great deal of disruption in the lives of many Americans, and for many businesses. Many gyms have been forced to close for long stretches, and many gyms have shut their doors for good.

Planet Fitness has stated that if they are forced to close in any state, they will freeze all membership dues during the time when they are forced to close down. Withdrawals and will resume charges when they come back online.

If you have recently paid your dues, you will receive credit for the days your gym was forced to close.

That said, it wouldn’t surprise us if there are… glitches… in the system. It’s not a bad idea to check your credit card statements to ensure there aren’t additional charges.

If Your State Government Requires Gyms to Close

Planet Fitness won’t charge your account for the duration of the gym closure. You don’t have to do anything to pause or cancel your membership.

If Your State Has Put Limits on Gym Capacity

Planet Fitness will charge your account during this time. If you want to pause or cancel your gym membership, you’ll need to follow the instructions below.

Other Related Questions:

How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness?

The cancelation fee depends on the membership you have. Those that have a 12-month commitment and haven’t finished their first year will have to pay $58. On the other hand, there is no cancelation fee for those who have been a member for more than a year or those who signed up for a no-commitment membership.

When can I cancel Planet Fitness membership?

You can cancel at any time but you can be charged with fees depending on your membership. The best time to cancel is from the 1st to the 10th of the month because you’re still not billed until the 17th. Annual contracts are best canceled before the 25th of the month.

Can You Cancel Your Membership At Another Location?

You typically need to cancel from the location where you signed up for your membership. You can’t cancel from a different location, as they are individually-owned franchises. You’ll have to do it through the mail, as explained above.

Can you cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online?

You can’t cancel planet fitness through their site. You can try to cancel through this site. Some have reported success using it, though not all Planet Fitness branches may respond to these requests for cancelation. It is a paid service, so be prepared.