Hallmark Star Andrew Walker Is a Happily Married Family Man

Hallmark Star Andrew Walker Is a Happily Married Family Man

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I love that the Hallmark Channel continues to release movies at various times throughout the year because I’m honestly not sure what I’d do if I had to hold out until Christmas. Over the years, they’ve done a great job of building up a solid roster of actors that they continue to feature in their TV films over and over again. It makes it even more exciting to tune in during the holiday season since you know you’ll get to see some of your favorite faces. This year’s lineup of new Hallmark Christmas movies on the popular network is even more impressive than last year, with some new and familiar actors bringing cozy holiday stories to the screen.

One of the beloved network’s main leading men in recent years has been Andrew Walker, who seems to be as genuine a guy as all of his Hallmark characters. This year, he notably starred in one of the most successful TV movies not only on Hallmark, but TV in general of the entire year, Hallmark’s take on 90s classic Three Men and a Baby – Three Wise Men & a Baby. Walker starred opposite other Hallmark mainstays, Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell, in the memorable Christmas comedy. It was a fast fan-favorite and one that we’ll most likely see in reruns on the network for years to come.

Who is Andrew Walker?

Andrew W. Walker was born in Montreal, Canada, but has been acting in California for the past two decades. He got his start acting up in Canada on the shows Are You Afraid of the Dark, Back to Sherwood, and Radio Active before he moved down to Hollywood. Within a month, he had already booked a starring role on Maybe It’s Me followed by Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Though these days he’s best known for his roles on Hallmark, he’s appeared on numerous other TV shows over the years, including Without a Trace, The Big Bang Theory, Reba, CSI: Miami, When Calls the Heart, and Hot Properties. He even appeared in a Christian film inspired by the Rascal Flatts song, God Bless The Broken Road. He’s also made a few appearances on Lifetime in the drama Against the Wall as well as the Christmas movies Snowed-Inn Christmas and A Christmas in Tennessee.

A Hallmark Channel Regular

Over the years, Walker has appeared in over 20 Hallmark films, including Christmas Tree Lane, Sweet Autumn, Christmas on My Mind, A Bride for Christmas, A Dream of Christmas, The Perfect Catch, Love Struck Café, Love on Ice, Bridal Wave, Wedding Planner Mystery, Appetite for Love, My Secret Valentine, Love in Design, Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New, Bottled with Love, and more.

Walker told Moments With Mercy that he’s incredibly grateful for all of his opportunities to star in Hallmark movies over the years.

“I’ve been super fortunate to work with Hallmark for the amount of time that I have. To do the films that I’ve done and to work with the people that I’ve worked with. Such an incredible network and they’re so supportive of their actors so just really been having a great time doing these films.”

The actor added that part of the reason their films are so successful is that the network is picky about the actors they hire.

“You know, with Hallmark, I’ve been pretty fortunate. But that’s the thing with Hallmark. Even Michelle [Vicary, EVP of Programming at Hallmark] quips that Hallmark is very discriminating about who they hire, and they just don’t hire fools or jerks. And it always seems to work out. They always try to hire people as much as possible who are compatible with each other.”

Andrew Walker’s Personal Life

Outside of his acting career, Walker has been married to fellow Canadian Cassandra Troy since 2013. They decided to take all the money they had set aside for a wedding and eloped, using their savings to start a juice company in Los Angeles. Little West offers locally sourced fresh-pressed juices and was named after their son West. The couple also has a younger son, Wolf. Walker explained to Lolly Christmas that he’s now at the point where he can pick and choose projects so he can balance family time and working on Little West with his wife.

“A lot of the time now, just with my family and other responsibilities I have in L.A.; I have a small business in L.A. that my wife and I started years ago-a juice company, so I have to take all of that into consideration. I’ll pick and choose based on location and script, the people I’m working with and all of that stuff, you know…nine and half times out of ten, I usually take the project no matter what because, it’s great-Hallmark has a ‘No A-hole’ policy so, usually I’m working with really great people…people that reciprocate the same kind of set mentality but, all in all, I do get to pick and choose-and it’s really great that I’m able to do that right now in my career.”

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Editors Note: This article was originally published on April 2, 2021.

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