School And Academy Business Name Ideas

School And Academy Business Name Ideas

Academy names generator

The Best Unique School And Academy Names

We will create a long list of interesting and unique school and academy name ideas you can use for inspiration. We even broke them down into four different name-type subcategories to help you navigate the long list. We divided them into traditional schools, kindergartens, online schools, and academies. We created 15 name ideas for each category for inspiration and to show the types of names that are popular in each category. We used our own school and academy business name generator to help us find these ideas.

The tools you’ll need for brainstorming internet & website business name ideas: online dictionary and thesaurus, word processor or a pen and paper, our naming generator to speed up the process and give you names with available domains.

Name Ideas for Traditional Schools and Universities

Most, if not all, traditional schools and universities use descriptive names. They are either named after their location or after a person, typically a founder or a large donator. These fall under the name “ivy league schools in the US.” In the UK, the two most prominent examples are Cambridge and Oxford.

Use descriptive names!
  • Brimstone University
  • Wright Well University
  • Twelvemonth College
  • Mayhap College
  • Learn House University
  • Forewell University
  • University of Rorchester
  • Farhampton University
  • Ranger University
  • Goodmen College
  • Smith & Wells College
  • Public School of York
  • Indiana Community College
  • Erelong University
  • Maugre College

TIP: Traditional schools and universities are often positioned as prestigious. They are supposed to offer the best education possible and playing on tradition and premium classes plays in their favor. We should avoid made-up names and stick to real words we can find in dictionaries.

You can search for “archaic dictionary” or “archaic words” in search engines. Go through the long list of words that used to dominate the language. Find the ones that represent your school. Write them down. Repeat this step until you have a long list of ideas. All you have to do now is pick the one that sounds best.

Avoid witty and playful names and rather go for something traditional and serious.

Name Ideas for Preschools and Kindergartens

Most preschool and kindergartens use real words for their names. They usually arrange them creatively or use rhythmic sounds to make the names playful and catchy. The names represent fun environments and friendliness. They try to be warm and welcoming. It’s important to use simple words kids can understand.

  • Beehive Preschool
  • Rainbow Kindergarten
  • Dreamberry
  • The Learning Tree
  • Tiny Monsters
  • Little Treasures
  • Mini Giants
  • Sunrise Preschool
  • Wise Tots Kindergarten
  • Bright Bees Preschool
  • Baby Might
  • Kidwell
  • Skipping Stones
  • Wee Wise Preschool
  • Happy Trails Daycare

TIP: We noticed that real words do better for this category of names. The most important thing is to arrange the words in a fun and playful way. The two most common tricks we can use are:

Use alliterations. This makes the names very smooth and memorable. Arrange the words you have so that they form alliterations.Use rhythmic sounds. Arrange the words in a way that makes them sound smooth and playful.We can also play with words that have double meanings, but this requires a lot of creativity.

Make sure you use simple words that are easy to pronounce for young kids. It’s also advisable to stick to three words or less. Anything longer gets hard to pronounce.

Name Ideas for Online Schools

This is the most diverse category of the four. There are thousands of online schools with new ones emerging every day. Some use traditional names to try and emulate the most successful colleges and universities. Some use completely made-up names hoping to make themselves stand out of the crowd.

  • Online Marketing Mastery
  • Digital Diploma
  • Brightura University
  • Cybermind School
  • MindUp University
  • Terramax School
  • Digital Mastery University
  • Edumax University
  • School of Online Sciences
  • Superfast Learning
  • Leanmore University
  • Online Expansion
  • Clickable Mastermind
  • Skillable School
  • Edutrack Learning

TIP: This is a very diverse category with different schools. We can find descriptive and made-up names in this category. We have already explained how to create descriptive names. Let’s focus on made-up names.

Find a few words that can be tied to your online school. Aim for 10 different words. Take the first syllables and sort them on paper or a word process.

Search for lists of prefixes and suffixes. You can even include foreign words and syllables if you want to mix things up. Start matching the syllables from the first list with prefixes and suffixes until you create something that sounds relatively natural and has a memorable flow.

Repeat this step until you have a solid selection of made-up names.

Name Ideas for An Academy

Academies use simple and descriptive names. They are similar to traditional schools and universities when it comes to naming structure. The only difference is we don’t see as many traditional words and historical figures in academies. The more functional the name, the better.

  • Marine Academy
  • Legacy Christian Academy
  • Aviation Academy
  • Inspire Excellence
  • Grace Academy
  • Open Mind Academy
  • Prosper Learning Trust
  • New Life Academy
  • Bright House Academy
  • Head Start Academy
  • Big Valley Academy
  • Next Lesson
  • Military Academy
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • Video Creation Academy

TIP: We established that functional (descriptive) names are what we’re looking for when it comes to academies. The most important thing we need when creating functional names is selection. To find the right one, you have to create a long list of possible names. You also have to find one that’s still available, which can be hard with function names.

Selection is most important!

Start your research with an online dictionary. Think of 10-15 words that describe your academy. Now open a thesaurus. Look for similar words and synonyms. Aim to find at least 20 for each of the 15 words you found in the dictionary. This will give you 300 words you can use for your academy.

Arrange them in a way that’s easy to pronounce. And make sure you can legally use the name.

Some more name ideas exclusively for you to use:

The Best Real Schools And Academies with Memorable Names – How they got it and why it works

Best Real Schools And Academies with Memorable Names

Appleby College

  • How they created it: Appleby College is an international independent school (grades 7-12) located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It’s believed it refers to an old English surname or the town in NW England. The word “appleby” also refers to a location next to an apple tree, which is another possible explanation.
  • Why it works: The name is simple and archaic. The archaic nature helps the school establish tradition. This positions the school as premium. People tend to associate tradition with higher education and quality.

Shining Stars Kindergarten

  • How they created it: Shining Stars Kindergarten is located in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. The kindergarten contains small courtyards to promote the flow of natural light and natural-wood play spaces to make kids feel like they’re outside.
  • Why it works: The name uses simple words, which we mentioned is favorable for kindergartens. The words in the name form an alliteration, making the name very smooth, fun, and playful. The name positions the kinds as the heroes of the school.


  • How they created it: Coursera Inc. is a U.S.-based massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. The name comes from the words “course” and “era”.
  • Why it works: The best thing about this school name is its simplicity. It’s easy to tie the name to the word “course.” This makes it obvious what the brand does and offers. The made-up name makes the brand different and unique.

Duke University

  • How they created it: Duke University was created in 1924 by James Buchanan Duke as a memorial to his father, Washington Duke. The Dukes built their wealth and financial empire in the manufacture of tobacco products. They also developed electricity production the North and South Caroline.
  • Why it works: This descriptive name has two meanings. The word “duke” refers to a male holding the highest hereditary title in Britain. This evokes tradition and positions the university as something prestigious.

King’s Academy

  • How they created it: King’s Academy is an independent school for students in grades 7 through 12 in Madaba-Manja, Jordan. It is named in honor of King Abdullah II of Jordan and seeks to fulfill His Majesty’s vision of producing “a new generation of enlightened and creative minds.”
  • Why it works: The name is simple and meaningful. The word “king” represents the best there is. It’s easy to imagine that the best teachers work there and that the school provides the best educational opportunities for kids in the area.

5 Most Known Schools And Academies In The World – How they got it and why it works

5 Most Known Schools And Academies In The World

Princeton University

  • How they created it: Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey, founded in 1746. There’s nothing special about the name – it was named after the location.
  • Why it works: This is a simple and straightforward name that clearly shows where the university is located. We mentioned that traditional universities do well with simple and descriptive names. It’s hard to think of a more descriptive name than this.

Yale University

  • How they created it: The university traces its roots to the 1640s. The school officially became Yale College in 1718. It was renamed after a Welsh merchant Elihu Yale, who donated the proceeds from the sale of nine bales of goods together with 417 books and a portrait of King George I.
  • Why it works: The name is short and punchy. The Welsh origins make it unique and different in the world of traditional universities. This makes Yale easy to notice and remember.


  • How they created it: Udemy was created by Eren Bali and Oktay Caglar as software for a live virtual classroom. The name is a combination of words “you” and “academy.” They went with the misspelled version of “you.”
  • Why it works: The name is short and different. It’s not completely descriptive, but it’s easy to see that the brand has to with learning since the word “academy” isn’t hard to notice. The name is unique, which helps establish a brand.


  • How they created it: Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong started Skillshare in New York City, New York, in November 2010. They created the name by combining two words that describe their platform – skill and share.
  • Why it works: The words in the compound name form an alliteration. This results in a favorable word structure, smooth sound, and a very memorable rhythm. The name is meaningful and very playful. It captures the essence of the brand.

University of Oxford

  • How they created it: The University of Oxford is the oldest teaching establishment in The United Kingdom, with traces dating back to 1096. The university is named after the Town Oxford, which was originally named Oxnaford, meaning “ford of the oxen.”
  • Why it works: This is another simple and descriptive name. The university is simply named after the town where it’s located. The simplicity and straightforwardness evoke tradition and prominence. It positions the university as a pioneer of education.

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Unique School And Academy Names Ideas

We went over examples of school and academy names in four different categories – traditional schools, preschools, online schools, and academies. We learned what kind of names work best in each category, and we shared different tips and tricks to help you create the best names for your school or academy.

We noticed that most schools and academies use names made of real words. The only exception are online learning academies and schools that often use made-up names.

Creativity is only the first step of the naming process. The next thing we need to do when creating names for schools is to check if the ideas we created are actually available. Your school or academy is a business. And as such, it has to follow the same rules as any other business. Some schools turned their names into global brands. It’s important you don’t start your school or academy with a name that’s already in use.

Check if the names are actually available!

How do you check if your school or academy name is available? There are two things you need to do. You start by analyzing the trademark database in your country. We understand this sounds daunting, but most countries have simple instructions that guide you through the whole process. Or, you can hire a trademarking attorney to do this for you.

The second thing you need to do is check the name you created in search engines. You can use Google, Bing, or any other search engine out there. Why do we do that? Because it’s possible that your name is already in use but isn’t included in the trademark databases. Can you use the name in that case? It depends. Again, trademark law is a complex thing, and consulting a professional might be the best idea.

Let’s assume at least one of the names you created passed the availability screening. It’s now time to start thinking about domains and social media handles. All respectful schools have websites and social media presence. We suggest you do the same for your school.

Finding available domains and social media handles is harder every day. Especially if you’re set on using .com domains. The simplest trick you can use is to add the words “school”, “academy”, “learning” to your name to get available domains and handles. We call these words modifiers. They modify your name so you can register your web address.

The last thing you need to consider when picking your name is how the name will look in the logo. Hopefully, you got to this point with more than one option for the name. This means you actually have a decision to make.

Your brand is the combination of your name, visual identity, and your tagline. All three of these things need to work together in order for your school or academy to become a memorable brand.

Try to imagine how your name ideas would work in a logo. Again, this depends on the type of school you’re starting. Traditional school names go well with traditional logos and Latin taglines. On the other hand, online schools tend to use bold logos and catchy taglines. Make sure your brand matches the personality of the school or academy you’re starting.


There you have it. We covered everything you need to know to create a memorable school and academy name. We first went over different tricks and tips you can use to generate a long list of name ideas. We learned what types of names do best in different schools and academies. We even created interesting name ideas to help inspire your brainstorming sessions.

We encourage you to use our school and academy business name generator to speed up this process. You can generate hundreds of ideas and even check if the generated names have available domains. Imagine how much you can save using the generator. And the best thing is that our generator never runs out of ideas.

Don’t forget to check if the school names you created can be legally used. The last thing you need to do is analyze how they work visually in a logo.

It’s time to roll your sleeves and start creating your school and academy business name ideas. Good luck on your journey.

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