List of August 22nd Major News Events – The People History

List of August 22nd Major News Events – The People History

What happened on august 22nd

22 Aug, 1935 Ethiopia Italy In Conflict

1935 : Italy was in severe conflict with Ethiopia and the emperor of the African nation, Haile Selassie, feared a global conflict, “between the white and black races, (and) the very existence of humanity itself … .” Selassie prophesied, “We will be back in 1914, there will be no more security for the world than there was then. International treaties will have no more validity than the word of a thief.”

22 Aug, 1941 Germany Attacks Leningrad

1941 : German troops attack Leningrad as part of Operation Barbarossa, but fail in it’s capture and are forced to start a siege of the city known as the “Siege of Leningrad” when all railway links were cut and all routes that could supply Leningrad closed including by water, and the city was encircled by German controlled troops until January 18th 1943.

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22 Aug, 1944 Hitler Promises To Destroy Landmarks In Paris

1944 : Following the D-Day landings Hitler decrees that if Germany is forced out of Paris the city and all it’s landmarks should be left a smoldering ruin. The Paris military governor Major General Dietrich von Cholitz lied to his superiors and left the city’s landmarks intact.

22 Aug, 1948 Charles Theodore Henri Antoine Meinrad

1948 : In Belgium Charles Theodore Henri Antoine Meinrad acted as regent of the kingdom on behalf of his exiled brother, Leopold who was exiled in Switzerland. Leopold was banned due to allegations that he was too friendly to the Germans during the occupation of Belgium. Charles has never moved into his brother’s suites in the palace and does not dip into the 30,000,000 million Belgium francs that he is allowed as king. He seldom leaves his apartments and keeps a low profile.

22 Aug, 1954 South Korea American Withdraw

1954 : A build up of red air power made the American army withdraw four out of six U.S. military units from South Korea. After President Syngman Ree leaked the information to the south, protests erupted in the streets of the capitalist nation. The U.S. tried to restrain Ree from trying to liberate communist North Korea by himself with his 700,000 soldiers.

22 Aug, 1962 France Charles de Gaulle

1962 : President Charles de Gaulle narrowly escaped an assassination attempt.

22 Aug, 1966 England Oxford Playhouse Company

August 22nd, 1966 : In England, The Oxford Playhouse Company was preparing to show the play, “The Trial of Lee Oswald” by Mark Lane and producer Frank Hauser. Lane was a lawyer in the U.S. who was asked by Hauser to help put the play on. The first part of the production was about prosecuting Oswald, but the second part was to show the complexity of the trial and facts that might have proved Oswald innocent. In the end the play was not to give a final verdict.

22 Aug, 1968 Czechoslovakia Soviet invasion

1968 : Czechs protest against Soviet invasion In Prague and at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

22 Aug, 1972 U.S.A. China Relations

1972 : In the wake of President Richard Nixon’s visit to Peking, China, Secretary of State, William P. Rogers, called for American young people to meet “the new generation of Chinese leaders.” Rogers told the San Francisco Commonwealth Club that the exchange of youth and boosting trade with China was desirable. He continued, “Chinese leaders are establishing people-to-people contacts that avoid the complications of official visits…”

22 Aug, 1972 Rhodesia Forced Out of Olympics

1972 : Rhodesia is thrown out of the Olympic Games in the face of mounting international pressure and pressure from African nations who threatened to boycott the games if Rhodesia.

22 Aug, 1988 Israel 241 Palestinians Killed

August 22nd, 1988 : Two hundred and forty-one Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since the December 9th Palestinian protest broke out in the territories seized by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. Recently, three Palestinians attempted to sabotage the Israeli army by launching attacks inside Israel. All three were killed by the Israeli army.

22 Aug, 1993 Japan’s Ise Shine

1993 : Japan’s Ise Shine is said to be the home of the royal family’s ancestral deities and has had 61 restorations since 685. Japanese pilgrims have flocked to the shrine since the 15th century and the shrine is supposed to represent cleansing and restoration for the country. Ise is rebuilt every 20 years, except in times of war or disaster. The Ise Shrine is the most significant holy site for the Shinto religion and contains the Scared Mirror, which is considered one of Japan’s national treasures.

22 Aug, 1999 Hong Kong Plane Crash

1999 : A passenger jet Flight CI642 attempting to land at Hong Kong’s new Chek Lap Kok airport in severe winds has crashed causing the death of 2 and severe injuries to a further 20.