Why does Spotify stop after 10 seconds? | Metro News

Why does Spotify stop after 10 seconds? | Metro News

Spotify stopping songs at 10 seconds

Spotify stopping playing audio after 10 seconds is not an uncommon error on the app (Picture: Getty Images)

The popular leading musicstreaming platform, Spotify,is reportedly used by 406 million active users on a monthly basis.

However, like any other app, there are some bugs that may happen every now and again.

One of the issues users have come across in Spotify, is the app stopping after 10 seconds of playing audio.

If you are experiencing this error, here are some reasons as to why the error may have occurred and some solutions for how to fix it.

Why does Spotify stop after 10 seconds?

Spotify could stop playing audio you are listening to after 10 seconds because of connection issues related to your WiFi, or even corrupted data within the app itself relating to your account that may be stopping you from listening to songs fully.

Other issues that could cause this error could be that the song or playlist you are listening to at the time has interruptions. Therefore your audio will be interrupted soon after you play it.

An overdue app outdate could be a reason for you experiencing the 10-second error )Picture: Getty Images)

Another reason why Spotify could be having this halted problem is that your phone may have outdated firmware. Alternatively, the Spotify app itself could be in need of an update on your phone.

How to solve Spotify from stopping after 10 seconds

Solution 1

To help better detect what exactly is causing Spotify from playing your audio after 10 seconds, start downloading some of the songs that the issues appeared on for offline usage, whilst connected to WiFi.

This will help you detect whether the problem appears because of a network issue or an mp3 bug.

To do this, download songs whilst connected to WiFi. Then disconnect from the WiFi/ cellular network and play those songs. If the songs continue to play after this, it is likely that the network is not an issue for you and you can proceed to try some other solutions to try to fix this problem.

Solution 2

Logging out and logging back into your Spotify account can help you understand if your error is caused by a problematic startup.

To do this, go to settings in the Spotify app, select logout, remove Spotify from your memory cache, open Spotify and then log back into your account.

They try to play several things on the app to see if the problem persists. If it does persist, you can try the next solution suggestion.

Disconnecting from WiFi could help solve the 10 second error on Spotify (Picture: Getty)

Solutions 3

Switch from WiFi to cellular data. If you are connected to WiFi whilst listening to Spotify and the 10-second error occurs, try switching to your mobile data instead.

If you then play Spotify whilst connected to mobile data and it works, you’ll know that it is a WiFi issue that is causing the problem.

Solution 4

Update the Spotify app. The 10-second error could be caused if you have an outdated Spotify app.

If this is the case, then updating the app may do the trick to solve the issue. You can go to the app store on your device, type in Spotify in the search field and then click update (this is if you do not have the latest version of the app).

Once the update is complete, open Spotify and try to play the songs to see if the error continues.

If all of the above fails and the error still persists, you can visit the Spotify community to help you with further suggestions for solutions.

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