Scottish Boys Names

Scottish Boys Names

Scottish male first names

Scotland has some lovely boy’s names

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A List of Scottish Names

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Adie Pet form of Adam ** Aibne Boy’s name means river * Ailbeart Gaelic form of the name Albert * Ailean Scottish name for Alan * Ailein Scottish name a person from green pastures * Aillig A person from a rocky location * Aindrea Scottish Gaelic name for Andrew * Ainsley Long established Scottish name originates from Annesley or Ansley. Means ‘one’s own meadow’ *** Alan Origins uncertain. It possibly means rock. *** Alasdair Scottish Gaelic form of Alexander ** Alastair Anglised version of Alasdair *** Alec Pet form of Alexander **** Alick A Scottish version of Alec ** Alistair A form of Alexander *** Alister Variation of Alistair ** Allan Variant of Alan ** Allaster Variant of Alistair * Allen Variant of Alan * Allister Variant of Alistair * Andra Form of Andrew * Andy Pet form of Andrew *** Angus Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Aonghus and means ‘one choice’ **** Anndra A Scottish version of Andrew * Aodh Gaelic name and it means fire * Aengus Gaelic form Angus * Aonghus Gaelic form Angus * Archie A variation of the name Archibald * Archibald Means genuine and bold * Armstrong Means a man with strong arms * Arregaithel A person who comes the place of the Gauls * Art Short form of Authur * Artair Scottish form of Authur * Baigh Origin unknown * BaIloch A person who comes from the pasture land * Baldie Pet form of the name Archibald * Balfour After a place in the North of Scotland * Balgair Means fox * Balgaire Variation of Balgair * Barclay From the place Berkeley which means wood clearing * Bean From the name Beathan * Bearnard A version of Bernard Beathan Traditional Gaelic name from Beatha * Beiste This name means ‘the beast’ * Benneit Form of Benedict * Bhaic Scottish name origin unknown * Bhaltair Gaelic origin is a form of Walter * Bhradain Means salmon in Gaelic as in the waterfall Eas a’ Bhradain * Bhraghad A person ‘from the upper part’ as in the mountain Beinn a’Bhraghad * Bhreac Means ‘speckled’ * Bhric A variation on Bhreac * Blair From the Gaelic places names Blar. Also a surname. **** Bothain A person who lived in a stone house * Bothan A variation of Bothain * Breac Means ‘speckled’ * Brice Means ‘speckled’ * Brochan A Gaelic name that means ‘broken’ * Broden A place in Scotland * Brodie Meaning unknown from a place in Moray **** Brody Variation of Brodie *** Broehain Means broken * Bruce Common name in Scotland. The Braces were a powerful Scottish family. ***

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