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Membership Options | Join Life Time – LifeTime.Life

Lifetime fitness rates monthly

How do I know if I’m eligible?

You can verify eligibility through your health insurance provider by calling the 1-800 number on the back of your health insurance card. If you are eligible, your provider will give an 8-digit Fitness ID number. To enroll, we ask that you bring this ID number and your photo ID to Life Time.

Why is this program not offered at every Life Time location?

Location coverage is selected by the Medicare program directly. To learn more about the partnership details and location selection process, we recommend you call your health insurance provider directly.

Can I access multiple locations with Silver&Fit? Or just one location?

Silver&Fit membership include access to your home club only.

It looks like you offer Silver&Fit and Silver&Fit Premium. How do I know what specific plan I have?

To verify your coverage plan details, please contact your health insurance provider and/or American Specialty Health directly.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, you will need to first confirm your eligibility and collect your 8-digit Fitness ID number through your health insurance provider. Next, you can bring your ID number and your photo ID to Life Time to begin your membership with the assistance of our in-club Concierge team.

Do I pay anything to begin my membership?

A credit or debit card is required to be on file for any Life Time membership. Upon eligibility through Silver&Fit, a Standard Life Time Medicare membership will be $0 cost to you. Additional benefits to a card on file allow your card on file to be used as a club tab account, a convenient way to purchase fee-based programming and services, and for in-club purchases in our LifeSpa and LifeCafe.

Do I have to visit Life Time a specific number of times for my membership cost to be covered?

You are not required to visit Life Time a specific amount of times for your monthly membership cost to be covered. However, we’d love to see you at the club as often as possible! With our new ARORA programming, we are confident you will fill your social, health and wellness cup with every visit! If your membership goes unused for 18 months, your membership may be subject to termination. However, you can re-enroll in club with continued proof of eligibility.

Are there specific “Silver&Fit Classes” at Life Time?

We do offer classes and programming customized for this group. These classes are a part of our new program at Life Time, ARORA. ARORA is a collection of physical, social and educational activities offered to Life Time members designed to improve strength, mobility, nutrition and social interaction. While we are not limiting access to a specific age group (all are welcomed!), this program was designed specifically with the 55+ community in mind. ARORA features physical activities including Studio Classes, an initial session with a trainer, open play pickleball, and much more. ARORA also features social activities such as coffee club, game clubs and ARORA-specific mixers (coming soon). The program also includes educational activities such as workshops on a variety of topics like the fitness floor, nutrition, Pilates, etc. You can learn more about ARORA and classes here: ARORA | Life Time