The best kits in the Lego botanical collection – Gathered

The best kits in the Lego botanical collection – Gathered

Lego botanicals

Here at Gathered we’re big fans of flowers and plants, with many of our team members being avid gardeners – so of course we’re totally besotted with the Lego Botanicals range! These incredible sets are the perfect lego sets for adults, ranging from intricate delicate projects like the lego flower bouquet to stunning show-off pieces like the lego bonsai tree. So whether you’re looking to treat yourself or buying a botanical gift for a loved one, here’s some of our favourite sets from the Lego Botanical range!

Where to buy Lego Botanical collection

The official Lego website is always the best place to look for the newest Lego Botanical sets, but it’s also worth keeping an eye out of sites such as Amazon or eBay as you can often make some extra savings.

The best kits in the Lego botanical collection

1. Lego Flower Bouquet

  • Price: RRP £44.99
  • Pieces: 756
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Best for: Gifts and Displays

When we first saw this amazing Lego Bouquet – we instantly fell in love it! This incredible lego set means you can enjoy beautiful blooms in your home for years and years! Inspired by real flowers such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses, this beautiful set comes with 15 flowers and stems (plus the stems are also adjustable, meaning you get arrange your bouquet perfectly to fit any vase). These flowers feature some really interesting and unique Lego elements that really help to give those petals and blooms a realistic feel. We’re huge fans of this Lego bouquet, and think it would be a brilliant gift to give to someone… although we wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to keep it for yourself!

Buy the Lego Flower Bouquet on Amazon

2. Lego Orchid Artificial Plant

  • Price: RRP £44.99
  • Pieces: 608
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Best for: Stylish homes

If you love the look of the Lego bouquet but also have a soft spot for house plants, then we think you’ll love this Lego Orchid! This super-stylish creation is a Lego project that adults will really enjoy making and will really stand out in your home. It’s got a nice level of detail, even including 2 air roots which really helps to make it feel authentic. It measures just over 15 inches (39 cm) high, and you can customise the blooms, stems, roots and leaves to ensure your orchid always looks at its best. The set even includes the cute blue vase, as well as brown LEGO elements to recreate the bark mix that a real orchid would grow in!

Buy the Lego Orchid Artificial Plant on Amazon

3. Lego Roses

  • Price: RRP £11.99
  • Pieces: 120
  • Level: Beginner
  • Best for: Romantics

Here’s one for all you hopeless romantics! These Lego Roses are just the sweetest make, and are a slightly more affordable option for if you’re just wanting to dip your toe into the world of Lego Botanicals. This set comes with 2 roses, which measure just over 10 in (26 cm) long and have adjustable stems, so they’ll look fantastic displayed in a vase. There’s also a Lego Tulips set too which would compliment these roses beautifully.

Buy the Lego Roses from

4. Lego Sunflowers

  • Price: RRP £11.99
  • Pieces: 191
  • Level: Beginner
  • Best for: Colour-lovers

Not everyone has the time (or indeed the space) to grow their own sunflowers, so these fabulous Lego Sunflowers are the perfect way to enjoy those sunny yellow blooms all year round! Like the Lego Roses set, you get two sunflowers in a set with adjustable stems, and with 191 pieces it’s a build that you’ll enjoy making as well as admiring!

Buy the Lego Sunflowers from

5. Lego Birds of Paradise Plant

  • Price: RRP £89.99
  • Pieces: 1173
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Best for: Exotic plant fans

If you fancy treating yourself to a really exotic and eye-catching Lego Botanicals set, then how about this amazing Birds of Paradise plant set! This incredible design is made up of 1,173 pieces, so it’ll keep you busy and will definitely give you that mindful focus time that we love about Lego. The leaves and flowers can be easily repositioned to you can style it how you like, and the model will even sway just like a real plant when place near a light breeze!

Buy the Lego Birds of Paradise Plant from

6. Lego Succulents kit

  • Price: RRP £44.99
  • Pieces: 771
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Best for: Succulent fans

Succulents have become very popular with house plant fans in recent years, and now you can add to your collection with this super-cool Lego Succulents set! This set is made up of 771 pieces and as each of the 9 succulents is house in it’s own small container you can create your own custom displays, or even display them individually!

Buy the Succulents kit from

7. Lego Bonsai tree

  • Price: RRP £44.99
  • Pieces: 878
  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Best for: Display

The Lego Bonsai tree model was one of the first sets from the Botanical range that we came across, and we still can’t get over how amazing it is! Bonsai trees take years to sculpt and require very attentive care, but now you can create the ultimate display piece without investing years of your time! This gorgeous model includes a rectangular pot and a slatted wood-effect Lego stand, helping to create that iconic bonsai styling. The set also comes with both green leave and pink blossoms, which can both be custom arranged and shaped to create an individual look!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our round-up of the best Lego Botanical sets, if you fancy really treating yourself check out our pick of the best Big LEGO sets or the 21 best lego sets for adults. For more gift ideas head over to our craft subscription box collection and paint by number kits which are both full of fun craft ideas.