Ana María Polo Lesbian? Photos Of ‘Caso Cerrado’ Host With

Ana María Polo Lesbian? Photos Of ‘Caso Cerrado’ Host With

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Ana María Polo, better known as la Dra. Polo, is one of the most beloved Latin personalities in the U.S. “Caso Cerrado” on Telemundo is one of the highest-rated shows on the network, it does so well that it airs twice a day with great numbers. As part of her job, she exposes people’s lives on television that come on her show to get a resolution to their problem. In a ironic twist, little is known about Polo’s own personal life. Over the years her sexuality has come into question and photos of the star with another woman that have gone viral might confirm that the rumors were true all a long.

We live in 2017 and as humanity we believe we have matured and have more of an open mindset. Ana María is a star and if she’s a lesbian or not, it doesn’t change the amazing work that she’s done inspiring Latinos across the nation. A Mexican tabloid magazine is reporting that Polo’s partner is called Marlene Kay. Both have been spotted together on many occasions and photos on Instagram have been exposed. Check the pics out below and tell us what you think!

Ana Maria Polo is often in the middle of controversy and earlier this year on “Caso Cerrado” they got many people upset. During an episode a Puerto Rican mother said she “rented” her children for $500 dollars. Then Polo said: “I’ll tell you something. I’m going to tell you something very painful. This is a modality in Puerto Rico now. The economic situation is so difficult that people come to sell their children.”

Viewers did not take to Polo’s words well as she was in a way condoning what the mother was saying. Comments on social media called for an apology from the judge and the Spanish-language network. Heriberto Colon went as far as creating a petition to make the “Caso Cerrado” host apologize for the words she said. “We want to collect signatures so that Dr. Ana Maria Polo publicly apologizes for having made false comments about Puerto Rico,” Colon wrote in the petition.

“It is not true and you have to be very careful with what is said in a public forum. In Puerto Rico, children are not sold!” wrote Ana Lucy Ruiz, in the comments of the petition. “We want an apology,” continued Omar Barredo from Gurabo, Puerto Rico.

Six months later the petition garnered 11,665 supporters out of the 15,000 that were set as a goal. The petition was 3,335 votes short of reaching the goal.

Ana María Polo was just nominated for a Premios Tu Mundo 2017 award in the Favorite Host category. She will compete for the accoldate with Daniel Sarcos from “Un Nuevo Día,” Don Francisco from “Don Francisco Te Invita,” Jorge Bernal from “Suelta La Sopa,” María Celeste from “Al Rojo Vivo” and Rashel Díaz from “Un Nuevo Día.” Polo’s show “Caso Cerrado” also scored a nod in the Favorite Show category where it will go up against “Al Rojo Vivo,” “Don Francisco Te Invite,” “Suelta La Sopa,” “Titulares y Más” and “Un Nuevo Día.”