Stores With Layaway 2022 – Intelligent Domestications

Stores With Layaway 2022 – Intelligent Domestications

Who is doing layaway this year

Stores with layaway are getting harder to find but there are still a couple of retail giants who offer the service.

Layaway sign

Layaway is a great way to spread out the spending for the holiday season. It is a way to purchase items when they are available, make payments, and then receive your purchases upon final payment.

Stores with layaway help you get that item that might be difficult to find if you make your purchase early in the shopping season. The later in the holiday season it gets, the less likely we are to find hot items.

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What is layaway?

Layaway is a purchasing installment payment plan. Layaway contracts vary from store to store but most require a down payment and a service fee. Installment payments are made either weekly or monthly with a limited time required to pay in full. You do not get to take your layaway purchase home with you until the balance is paid in full.

How Layaway works

The customer shops in the store for the items they wish to purchase and then visits the layaway services department. Items that qualify for layaway are then entered into the system and a layaway agreement is created which typically requires a signature. The layaway fees and down payment are usually required at this time. The customer is informed of the required installment payment schedule and any late fees that could possibly occur.

The store clerk then stores all of your items until you have them paid in full and are ready to make the final payment and receive your purchases.

Stores that offer layaway

Some stores only offer seasonal layaway for the holiday shopping season and offer a 12-week plan to make payments. Store layaway plans vary from store to store. It is best to visit their website to find layaway stores in your area.

Kmart Layaway

Not only does Kmart offer layaway but you can do online layaway and have your purchases shipped directly to you.

  • All items are not “layaway eligible”. Shop for only items marked “layaway eligible”
  • Minimum purchase is required.
  • Layaway payment text reminders are available with optional opt-in.
  • Service fee’s apply based on the length of the layaway contract
  • Payments can be made in-store or online.

Online Layaway Rules

  • Where allowed by law, this layaway is subject to a non-refundable layaway fee of $5 for 8-week contracts and $10 for 12-week contacts. No partial pick-up or partial cancellations.
  • Layaways that are delinquent in payments by more than 7 days may be canceled by Sears. A cancellation fee of $15.00 for 8 weeks contracts/$25.00 cancellation fee for 12-week contracts will be charged on layaways that are canceled, refunded, or which are delinquent in payments by more than 7 days. (Different rules apply in some states-see the Kmart site for more information)
  • The layaway period is determined by the final payment due date and will be either 8 or 12 weeks depending on the type of merchandise. Currently, a 12-week contract is only available in-store on purchases of $400 or more at Sears, $300 or more at Kmart. Requires bi-weekly payments. The total number of payments depends on the final payment due date.
  • The down payment requirement is $10.00 at Kmart stores and unless otherwise specified.
  • See Layaway Terms and Conditions for more information on the Kmart site


Burlington is another department store that carries both clothing and home goods. See this list of stores that offer layaway. It is a pretty long list. Layaways are made at the checkout counter.

Payments can be made in-store only. Payments can be made in installments or in full at any time during the 30 days but must be paid in full by the expiration date.

  • 30-day layaway policy
  • Minimum deposit of $10 or 20%, whichever is greater
  • Non-refundable $5 service fee, except in certain states
  • Holiday Policy: Layaway will be held for less than 30 days when placed between November 19, 2021, and December 12, 2021. Merchandise put on Layaway during this time must be fully paid and picked up by December 19th or merchandise will be returned to stock and cancellation fees will apply, including loss of your deposit, unless otherwise required by law. [See your store for details of the current year]

Walmart Layaway

Walmart introduced a new Buy Now, Pay later option in 2021. We will have to wait and see if they offer the return of their traditional layaway. This is not the first time Walmart has phased out its Layaway service. We will be watching to see what happens next.

Buy Now, Pay Later at Walmart

Walmart’s new Buy now, pay later option is called Affirm. It requires you to apply for credit with between 3 to 12 months to pay in full. Interest rates are between 10% and 30% and are subject to change.

Leasing or Buy Now Pay Later

Several stores that have formerly offered Layaway programs have now switched to a financing option. Any form of financing is not the same as Lay-Away and I have therefore not included those stores in this list.

What retail department stores offer layaway?

Unfortunately, only 2 national retail department stores make the layaway list for 2022; K-Mart and Burlington.

Other stores with leasing or financing programs that used to offer layaway include Walmart, Roses, Big Lots, and Best Buy.

Updated Nov. 12, 2022