‘Bling Empire’: Kelly Mi Li Reveals New Boyfriend

‘Bling Empire’: Kelly Mi Li Reveals New Boyfriend

Kelly mi li boyfriend 2021

Netflix’s Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li dated model Andrew Gray for nearly six years before officially splitting in 2021. She recently revealed she’s dating someone new.

Kelly Mi Li reveals new boyfriend

China-based entrepreneur and film producer Kelly Mi Li hasn’t publicly dated anyone since her heavily debated relationship with model and actor Andrew Gray.

A few weeks after Bling Empire Season 3 premiered, Kelly revealed her new boyfriend in an Instagram post featuring silhouettes of the couple watching the sunset at a beach.

She didn’t tag the mystery man but confirmed they are dating in her caption. “I have never felt so supported, loved, fulfilled, and cared for, nor did I know this kind of love was even possible,” she doted. It’s unclear how long they’ve been together, but the reality star wished her “best friend and partner in life” a happy anniversary, hinting the couple have dated for at least a year.

Kelly ended her caption with advice for others who were “jaded in love.” She encouraged them not to give up and focus on loving themselves until they meet the right person. “Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.”

Andrew Gray and Kelly broke up in 2019

When Bling Empire debuted, Kelly dated Andrew at the time. During the first episode, Andrew yelled at his girlfriend for shopping without him, shocking Anna Shay, who overheard the entire conversation.

She encouraged Kelly to leave Andrew, notably telling her, “ain’t no d*** that good.” However, they remained together and tried to work through their issues with couple’s therapy.

The pair eventually reunited by the end of the season. A couple of months after the season premiered, in March 2021, they announced their decision to end their relationship, for good, after nearly six years.

In separate Instagram posts, the two claimed they were “grateful” for their relationship but planned to focus on themselves separately. The ex-couple has since deleted their posts.

Kelly tried to date someone else during ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3

During season 2, Andrew didn’t return and wasn’t mentioned much, if at all. Co-star Kevin Kreider attempted to shoot his shot, but she turned him down, admitting she only viewed him as a friend.

The season ended on a cliffhanger with Andrew showing up at Anna’s house with flowers. Bling Empire picked up with him apologizing for his behavior and wanting back in their friend circle. Anna accepted his apology and invited him to a party, upsetting Kelly, who pointed out that she encouraged their breakup.

Additionally, she claimed he still owed her money before storming away. Even though they seemed to be on good terms before the party ended, Andrew didn’t go to any other events. Co-star Kane Lim made her an account on a dating app, wanting her to put herself back out there.

He already began talking to one guy who agreed to meet up with Kelly. It seemed they got along well, and he surprised her during a trip to Mexico. However, the reality star cut it off as she wasn’t feeling it anymore. In one of the final episodes, Kelly gives their dog to Andrew, believing he would take better care of him, in a scene not featured in the episodes. While it looked like the two could get back together, Kelly has moved on. Bling Empire is streaming on Netflix.