Name Help: A Sibling for Oscar – British Baby Names

Name Help: A Sibling for Oscar – British Baby Names

Names that go with oscar

Name Help - Sibling for Oscar

Emma is expecting her second child – the gender a surprise – to join her son Oscar.

They are currently considering:

FinlayOrlandoRupertLucas Zachary

OliviaMaribelIsabella Freya

Emma writes: “I also like Logan and Leo but cannot use these as our friends are using these names.

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You have a great list to choose from already. I think any of the names on your list would work well with Oscar. But, to give you a fresh set to shake up your list, here are some equally lovely names which I think would also work well:


Phoebe – A perfectly feminine name which is familiar but never feels ordinary.

Lila / Lyla – If you love the sound of Isla, but it feels too popular, why not consider similar-sounding Lila/Lyla? It’s chic and sleek, familiar but not at all commonplace.

Maya / Mya – Beautiful and exotic Maya (or Mya/Maia) packs an elegant punch. Similar to Freya in sound with the romantic style of Sofia.

Ivy – Short, sweet and floral. Ivy is just as lissom and fashionable as Isla but not nearly as popular.

Violet – Or how about the equally fragrant Violet? Sharing Isla’s long vowel and Olivia’s breezy ‘v’, in a botanical twist.

Aria – Isla, Sofia, Olivia…Aria is the natural sister name to this group. Pretty, mellifluous and stylish.

Sienna – The same exotic, feminine appeal of Sofia and Isabella can be found in this Italian-inspired feminine choice.

Thea – Combine the sounds and styles of Sofia and Freya and elegant Thea comes to the fore.

Penelope – Like Isabella, Penelope is a lengthy feminine choice with a gentle elegance.

Juliet – A quintessentially romantic name. Not at all common, yet universally recognised and admirable.

Annabel – Isabella and Maribel make your list, so how about sweet Annabel, derived from the Latin amabilis meaning “lovable.” Alternatively, another -bel name to consider is Mirabel – this time derived from mirabilis “wonderful, marvellous, glorious.”

Arabella – Another lovely and lyrical ‘bel’ name that is elegant and just a little bit feisty.


Arlo – With the stylish -o ending in both Orlando and Leo, Arlo is a lively and bold choice.

Hugo – Hugo shares the same fashionable dapper and friendly style as Oscar, with charm and heritage.

Reuben – Combine the sounds of Rupert and Logan, and add in the Biblical charm of Zachary, and you get amiable Reuben.

Roman – Stately and stylish Roman makes a great gentlemanly pair with Oscar.

Stanley – The sweet friendly vibe of Finlay combined with the old-school charm of Rupert.

Harvey – Another name that feels both homely and refined with a vintage charm is lovable Harvey.

Jasper – Smooth and cool, Jasper has the same suave style as Oscar, Rupert, Orlando and Lucas.

Milo – That stylish -o ending again in a perfectly happy package.

Rory – A fun-filled name with a great Gaelic heritage to compliment Oscar.

Felix – With the same great combination of s and k sounds that Oscar has, Felix is equally debonair and amiable.

Isaac – Another name that echos the fashionable s/k sound with a great Biblical heritage and charm.

I hope this has been of use. Good luck with the name choosing!