LEGO The Incredibles Cheats, Pixar Character Unlocks and Red

LEGO The Incredibles Cheats, Pixar Character Unlocks and Red

Lego incredibles all pixar characters

Video Lego incredibles all pixar characters

If you’re just getting stuck into LEGO The Incredibles, and are working your way around the smaller-yet-still-collectible-packed open world of New Urbem, the chances are you’ll be wanting to do it as one of your favourite characters. After all, who wants to waste time playing as some generic “Brainfreezer Goon” when you could be rocking round town as one of the game’s awesome Pixar cameos?

But who can you unlock, and how can you unlock them the quickest? Well, read on to find out…

LEGO The Incredibles Cheats

It wouldn’t be a LEGO game without any cheat codes, and LEGO The Incredibles is no different. That said, there really aren’t that many unlock codes out there, with just two having surfaced so far – both of which can be used to unlock a character in the game. One of these codes was actually a pre-order bonus exclusive in America, included alongside the mini-fig Edna Mode people got for pre-ordering, while the other is a reward that anyone can get by heading over and filling in the survey. Even though we’re kind of giving away the code below, it is definitely still worth filling in the survey and letting the folks at Warner/TT know what you think!

Character Unlock Codes

Gamma Jack G1MHR7. Found in: the survey

Edna Mode (Juniors) – BRAB1R. Found in: the pre-order bonus code

To enter the codes, all you need to do is load up the game, and the bring up the pause menu. After that, simply scroll down to Enter Code, and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking your character.

Pixar Character Unlocks and Bonus Red Bricks: How to get them, and where to find them

Cheat code characters are all well and good – but the characters you’ll really want to unlock are the Pixar cameos. Amongst the 100 odd characters from the Incredibles films on offer, LEGO The Incredibles also dips a little deeper into the Pixar library, letting you unlock just over a dozen bonus Pixar legends to play as in game, drawing from a wide range of all the best Pixar films. From Wall-E to Woody, from A Bug’s Life’s Flik to Merida (wait, we said good) Sully, these are some of the coolest characters in the game – and luckily, you won’t have to wait long to unlock them.

You can unlock each of the Pixar characters by completing what are known as “Pixar Family Builds” – a special buildable area you unlock by clearing each region’s crime wave. Though it may sound fancy on the tin, a crime wave is really just a minor re-themeing of one of the game’s districts, giving you three bonus quests to complete. Work your way through the quests (and occasionally, a boss fight), and you’ll clear that zone’s crime wave, which not only marks that area’s collectibles on your map, but which also unlocks the Pixar Family Build. Then, it’s just a case of finding enough Incredibricks – one of the game’s new collectibles, which are scattered around the open world, and can only be used for building, kind of like LEGO City Undercover’s Super Bricks – in the surrounding area to be able to complete the build. Usually, you’ll only need five Incredibricks to finish each build – and with them being marked on your map, it isn’t exactly hard to find them.

Here’s the full list of Pixar characters, and which district you’ll need to complete the crime wave of to find them in:

  • Dory from Finding Dory Found in: Waterfront Red Brick: Swing Mode
  • Merida from Brave Found in : City Park Red Brick: 2x Stud Multiplier
  • Russell (w/Kevin) from Up Found in: Financial District Red Brick: Destroy on Contact
  • Linguini (w/Remy) from Ratatouille Found in: Downtown Red Brick: 8x Stud Multiplier
  • Spot from The Good Dinosaur Found in: Outer Municiberg Red Brick: Classic Mode
  • Sully from Monsters Inc Found in: Docks Red Brick: Edna Mode… Mode
  • Flik from A Bug’s Life Found in: Urbem Heights Red Brick: Pickup Detector
  • Bing Bong from Inside Out Found in: Residential Red Brick: Fast Interact
  • Woody from Toy Story Found in: Tourist Red Brick: Stud Magnet
  • Wall-E from, er Wall-E Found in: Industrial Red Brick: 10x Stud Multiplier

Unfortunately, the crime waves happen in a specific, pre-set order, so you won’t be able to skip straight to the Pixar character you want. However, it doesn’t take too long to blaze a trail through each of the quests – and some, like the one that sees you and your co-op partner jumping in a fire engine to put out some random fires – are a lot of fun too.

However, those aren’t all the Pixar characters you can find. There are also three bonus characters to be found – one of which we haven’t actually figured out yet ourselves (although it could well be for 100%ing the game). For the other two – Lightning McQueen from Cars, and Miguel from Coco – it’s a simple matter of knowing where to go to find the Pixar Family Build, and laying down those Incredibricks.

  • Miguel from Coco Found in: Waterfront Red Brick: 6x Stud Multiplier
  • Lightning McQueen from Cars Found in: Waterfront Red Brick: Invincibility
  • Luxo Jr and Ball from The Pixar Logo Found in: ??? Red Brick: None

And there you have it. Now, you can fight crime in New Urbem in style as one of your favourite Pixar characters. For more, be sure to check out our full LEGO The Incredibles review!