DaBaby, DaniLeigh’s birth charts: Doomed love and live feeds

DaBaby, DaniLeigh’s birth charts: Doomed love and live feeds

Danileigh zodiac sign

Persistently problematic rapper DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh — parents to a 3-month-old daughter — have split, depending on who you ask.

Not allowing a bottle-feeding to get in the way of a verbal battle, the relationship between the two crescendoed this week in a series of viral Instagram Live videos. The clips appear to show the pair trading verbal jabs and, later, the police reportedly being called to have DaniLeigh “removed” from DaBaby’s penthouse.

How did it all go so wrong? Read on to learn more about the crash and burn of these star-crossed lovers.

Born Dec. 20, DaniLeigh is a Sagittarius, while DaBaby, born Dec. 22, falls under the sign of Capricorn. While these two have birthdays within days of one another, they are worlds apart when it comes to ego and identity.

As a Sagittarius, DaniLeigh is a bold, sometimes brash fire sign who values freedom, seeks adventure and speaks truth. Honesty is a hallmark of Sagittarius folk — and their delivery often lacks tact or hesitation. Evidence for that can be found in her earnest, impulsive social media posts.

“This man is mad bc I had a plan b sent to his condo. All he wanna do is c-m in me, with no responsibility,” Page Six reported her saying. Spilling tea, no matter the mess — pure Sagittarius energy.

Capricorn, the 10th sign in the zodiac, is ruled by Saturn, the punishing planet of limits and lessons. The money-minded modality of Capricorn is “always be closing” and thus it comes as no surprise that DaBaby signed off his Instagram statement about the altercation with a reminder that his tour kicks off Nov. 26.

Can’t knock the hustle, folks.

DaniLeigh and DaBaby were all smiles at the 2019 BET Wards in LA.
DaniLeigh and DaBaby were all smiles at the 2019 BET Awards in LA.
Getty Images for BET

Matching Moon in Cancer

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotional needs, how we get them met and the ways in which we were or were not nurtured as children. DaBaby and DeniLeigh both have their natal Moon in Cancer. That commonality can serve as a blessing or a bane to a romantic relationship. Because they share the same essential needs and sensitivities, a pair of Cancer Moons intuitively know how to heal and, in the case of these two, acutely hurt each other.

The guiding fear among Cancer Moon natives is abandonment. As a defense mechanism, many will opt to step away first, the thought process being, “I will leave you before you can leave me.” For DaBaby, that basically was upgraded to: “I will have you escorted off of my property by armed men before you can leave me.”

Venus in Scorpio

As a Sagittarius, DaniLeigh is a bold, sometimes brash Fire sign.
As a Sagittarius, DaniLeigh is a bold, sometimes brash fire sign.

In astrology, the planet Venus is the domain of love, beauty and attachment. DaBaby and DaniLeigh both have Venus in the formidable, vengeful sign of Scorpio. In Scorpio, Venus does not shy away from a low blow or a harsh word. Case in point: Despite DaniLeigh giving birth to his child and, by all accounts, living in his home, DaBaby disparaged her by allegedly referring to DaniLeigh as his “side piece.”

Those with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to mystery. The shadow side of this love for the unknown is a deeply suspicious nature that sees or imagines betrayal at every turn, evident in DaniLeigh alleging that DaBaby wanted her removed from their home so he could “f-k on” other people.

Venus in Scorpio, once betrayed — be it by infidelity or clandestine contraception — is capable of pouring as much energy into hating their partners as they once did to loving them.


Venus conjunct Pluto

DaBaby’s planetary alignment leads to intense and at points intensely unhealthy relationships.

DaBaby has Venus — planet of love and attachment — conjunct Pluto — planet of sex, death and transformation — in the hallowed and haunted sign of Scorpio. That aspect lends itself to intense and at points intensely unhealthy relationships. Attraction with this conjunction is immediate, and feelings for a partner tend to develop quickly and deeply.

There is polarity at work here; relationships seem to swing between love and hate, and the stakes of each conflict feel like life or death to those with this placement. They easily confuse power and control with intimacy and love.

On the positive end, romantic relationships will never lack depth or passion. Yet there is real potential for those with this placement to develop obsessions that make them feel completely out of control of themselves or driven to control their partner. Jealousy, possessiveness and irrational behavior are hallmarks of Venus conjunct Pluto, and finding a balanced nontoxic relationship is a lifelong challenge for those with those influences.

Best of luck to you in love and learning, DaBaby — it’s hard out here.

The good news about a bad breakup

DaBaby has put forth a history of apologizing.
DaBaby has a history of apologizing.

DaBaby — who has famously traded shade with Jojo Siwa, unsuspecting flight attendants and selfie-seekers — has shown that, while his missteps are egregious and plentiful, he is capable of apologizing. And apologizing. And apologizing — and also of educating himself and attempting to atone for his trespasses.

I’ll be damned if the man doesn’t go to bat for moms, too. Let’s hope his better angels ferry him toward a peaceful resolution with DaniLeigh, the mother of his own child. On the sunniest of sides, Capricorns are nothing if not industrious, so all signs point to a breakup album of epic proportions and serious return on investment.

As a Sagittarius, DaniLeigh is among the most resilient signs in the zodiac. No one bounces back faster or quiets their detractors with that rebound success quite like a Sag. DaniLeigh herself alluded to that in a recent Instagram post, reported by Page Six, in which she maintained: “Ima learn and Ima grow … but this right here . ain’t it.”

Onward and upward, archer.

DaniLeigh has a resilience that seems to suit her.
DaniLeigh has a resilience that seems to suit her.

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