Meet the cast of Top Boy season 4 – Drama – Radio Times

Meet the cast of Top Boy season 4 – Drama – Radio Times

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Alongside Walters, Kane Robinson returns as Sully in the latest run of episodes, while Jasmine Jobson is also back as Dushane’s enforcer, Jaq.

There are also some exciting new additions to the cast such as tearaway Tia (Conya Toccara), who quickly leads Stefan (Araloyin Oshunremi) into mischief in the new season.

What’s more, Dan Connolly (Harlots) and Howard Charles (Shadow and Bone) have joined the series in recurring roles as Tim Braithwaite and Curtis respectively.

Unfortunately, one fan-favourite character isn’t returning thanks to a huge episode 1 twist, with star and executive producer Walters recently telling that said twist will be “one of the driving forces” of the new season.

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of Top Boy season 4.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering where to begin with previous seasons of Top Boy and Top Boy: Summerhouse on Netflix, here’s the correct order to watch the seasons.

Top Boy season 4 cast: Meet the characters of the Netflix drama

Kane Robinson plays Gerald “Sully” Sullivan

Who is Sully? Sully is Dushane’s old partner, who is currently keeping a low profile and trying to get his life back on track after the end of season 3. He’s trying to find peace and escape his past, but he soon ends up dragged right back in.

Where have I seen Kane Robinson before? Better known as Kano, Robinson is primarily a rapper, songwriter and grime artist, although he also appeared in the 2012 British thriller Tower Block.

Jasmine Jobson plays Jaq

Who is Jaq? Jaq is a drug dealer and a key member of Dushane’s Summerhouse crew. In a recent interview with The Face, Jobson said of her character “Jaq is that annoying little sister that everybody wants. Her character’s important because it shows that women can do anything, we’re powerful in our own right, even in a male dominated scenario.”

Where have I seen Jasmine Jobson before? Jobson, who was BAFTA nominated for her work in Top Boy, has also appeared in the ITV series Dark Heart and the 2020 thriller film Surge, which also starred Ben Whishaw.

Ashley Walters plays Dushane Hill

Who is Dushane? Dushane has been on the show since season 1 and is a drug kingpin and head of the Summerhouse crew. At the start of season 4 he’s on a roll, with a hook up that promises “more money than you’ve ever seen in your life”. However, it looks like everything could come crashing down around him very soon…

Where have I seen Ashley Walters before? Walters has appeared in Doctor Who, Hustle, Silent Witness and a whole host of British dramas. He is also known for his starring role in the Sky series Bulletproof.

Micheal Ward plays Jamie Tovell

Who is Jamie? After trying to overthrow Dushane last season and become the new kingpin, Jamie, who once ran his own crew, now finds himself reluctantly working for his old nemesis, having been offered a lifeline out of jail. However, it’s clear that he wants out of this situation as soon as he gets the chance.

Where have I seen Micheal Ward before? Ward has appeared in The A List, Small Axe: Lovers Rock and the 2019 film Blue Story. He also had a role in the Charlize Theron film The Old Guard in 2019.

Simbiatu Ajikawo / Little Simz plays Shelley

Who is Shelley? Shelley is a single mother to Tish, owns a nail salon and is a carer to Dushane’s mother. She is now in a relationship with Dushane, and this season sees a figure from her past return bearing a grudge.

Where have I seen Little Simz before? Simz is best known as a rapper and singer but also appeared in the E4 series Youngers.

Hope Ikpoku Jr plays Aaron Tovell

Who is Aaron? Aaron is a university student and is Jamie and Stefan’s brother.

Where have I seen Hope Ikpoku Jr before? Ikpoku had a role in the film Blue Story and also appeared opposite Walters in the Sky series Bulletproof.

Araloyin Oshunremi plays Stefan Tovell

Who is Stefan? Stefan is Jamie and Aaron’s brother, and was best friends with Ats who betrayed them at the end of the last season by planting a gun and drugs in their flat.

Where have I seen Araloyin Oshunremi before? Oshunremi has so far only appeared in Top Boy.

Jolade Obasola plays Amma Ayittey

Who is Amma? Amma is the mother of Ats, who betrayed Jamie at the end of season 3.

Where have I seen Jolade Obasola before? Obasola’s only other known appearance to date has been in the short film Joy.

Kadeem Ramsay plays Kit

Who is Kit? Kit was Jamie’s second in command in the ZT gang, who does his bidding without question.

Where have I seen Kadeem Ramsay before? Ramsay has appeared in Blue Story, Small Axe: Lovers Rock and had a role in season 1 of Netflix’s Sex Education.

Saffron Hocking plays Lauryn

Who is Lauryn? Lauryn is Jaq’s sister who she sent away at the end of season 3, after she spilled secrets to Sully’s enemy Leyton. At the start of season 4 Lauryn’s now pregnant Lauryn and in a relationship with Curtis.

Where have I seen Saffron Hocking before? Besides Top Boy Hocking is perhaps best known for her role in the BBC sitcom White Gold, although she also appeared in London Kills, a police procedural that aired daytime on BBC.

Adwoa Aboah plays Becks

Who is Becks? Becks is a mysterious new character who has a connection with Jaq.

Where have I seen Adwoa Aboah before? Aboah is best known as a fashion model and makes her acting debut in Top Boy season 4.

Lisa Dwan plays Lizzie

Who is Lizzie? Lizzie was previously Jamie’s supplier and was also sleeping with him, but switched allegiances and now works with Dushane.

Where have I seen Lisa Dwan before? Dwan is best known for her stage work but has also recently appeared in the James Nesbitt series Bloodlands.

NoLay plays Mandy

Who is Mandy? Mandy is the girlfriend of Dris who has recently come out of prison.

Where have I seen Nolay before? Nolay is best known as an MC/rapper.

Erin Kellyman plays Pebbles

Who is Pebbles? Pebbles is a new character who brings big trouble for Sully.

Where have I seen Erin Kellyman before? As well as starring as Éponine in the BBC’s adaptation of Les Misérables, Kellyman has been making waves in Hollywood, with roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Dev Patel’s The Green Knight and MCU Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Howard Charles plays Curtis

Who is Curtis? Curtis is Lauryn’s menacing new boyfriend.

Where have I seen Howard Charles before? Charles played Porthos in the BBC’s adaptation of The Musketeers, and has recently appeared in ITV’s Liar, Amazon’s Alex Rider and Netflix’s Shadow and Bone.

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