Kevin Abstract – Bio, Net Worth, Height | Famous Births Deaths

Kevin Abstract – Bio, Net Worth, Height | Famous Births Deaths

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Profile:Kevin AbstractAge:26 Years OldHeight:Occupation:RapperNet Worth:US $1.5 MillionStatus:Alive

ORIGIN Kevin Abstract is an American rapper, singer, and music composer from Corpus Christi, Texas. He is well recognized as one of the founding architects behind the rap group, Brockhampton. The group currently consists of 13 members with Kevin Abstract as one of the lead vocalists. Brockhampton’s discography includes popular singles like “Bleach,” “Sweet,” “Gold,” and “Gummy.” The group has also released over 5 different projects. On a solo effort, Kevin has released “Empty,” “Miserable America,” “American Boyfriend,” and “Runner.” Not limited to hip-hop, his music extends across other genres including pop, rock, and RnB.

Given name, Clifford Ian Simpson, he was born on July 16, 1996, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Growing up, he was not a fan of his community as he saw it as being “very boring.” Due to being different from most people, Kevin stayed to himself. He would later meet a lot of his colleagues online. He allegedly never met his father and despite spending his early years with his mother, the two were never close. At age 15, Kevin Abstract left his home, spending time with a friend before eventually relocating to Georgia to stay with his sister.

CAREER From the age of 11, Kevin Abstract began experimenting with music. By the time he turns 14, in high school, he was honing his craft and producing music publicly. His music was influenced by popular celebrities, the likes of Kanye West, Nirvana, and Will Smith. In 2011, he formed the music group, AliveSinceForever. Despite a short lifespan, the collective released several projects.

In 2014, Kevin Abstract released his debut album, MTV1987. The 12-track project, produced mainly by Romil Hemnani, was met with positive acclaim. The Album focused on his life experiences. Prior to its July release, fans received a taste of what to come from tracks “Save” and “Drugs.” Both were dropped in April and May, respectively. By the ending of 2014, AliveSinceForever was no longer active and the group dispersed.

The group quickly rebranded as Brockhampton, adding new members and releasing more consistently. In 2015, their singles began appearing on streaming platforms. The following year, Brockhampton released their debut album, All-American Trash. In 2017, they would release a trilogy of “Saturation” projects. Their latest album “Iridescence” arrived in September 2018. Over the years, the group released popular tracks like “Bleach,” “Sweet,” “Gold,” and “Gummy.”

Simultaneously, Kevin Abstract made an effort to advance his solo career. In November 2016, he released one of his most successful albums of all time, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story. Featuring no artist, the project was led by one of his hottest singles “Empty.” To date, the track has seen over 35 million streams on Spotify. Other fan-favorite included “Runner,” “Miserable America,” and “American Boyfriend.” Each has received millions of plays since being released. That year, Kevin also toured with the alternative band, The Neighbourhood, throughout England.

Kevin Abstract recently released EP, Ghettobaby. The 6-track project is driven by standout single, Baby Boy. In just 3 days, it has accumulated over 5 million streams on Spotify. The EP is considered the second part of his “Arizona baby” album. The full album is due in 2019.

PERSONAL Kevin Abstract’s height is under review. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million USD. Most of his songs are self-reflective, touching on subjects like relationships, drug usage, and depression. In 2016, his sexual orientation made the news after he openly revealed that he is gay. Throughout various interviews, he refuses to shine a light on his relationship with his family. In an interview by “Viceland,” Kevin claims that he doesn’t want the choices he made to affect his family.

Despite receiving some family support, he explains that it was nothing earth-shattering. It’s also worth noting, his family is Mormon. He ventured out on his own at age 17. He met a lot of his friends and associates online. His Instagram account has 537k+ followers. His personal YouTube channel has over 2k subscribers, however, most of his hits are release under Brockhampton which houses 530k+ subscribers. He is currently in a romantic relationship with social media personality, Jaden Walker.

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Real Name:Clifford Ian SimpsonBirthday:July 16, 1996Age:26 Years OldPlace of Birth:Corpus Christi, Texas, United StatesZodiac Sign:CancerHeight:Occupation:Rapper, Singer, SongwriterYears Active:2009-presentNet Worth:US $1.5 MillionPartner(s):Jaden WalkerDeath-O-Meter:Alive