66 Names That Mean Jade (For Girls and Boys) – Mums Invited

66 Names That Mean Jade (For Girls and Boys) – Mums Invited

Jade name meaning

Jade is a green-colored precious stone, that has been prized for thousands of years. Jade is often associated with good luck and prosperity.

In ancient China, jade was believed to bring wealth and happiness. Today, jade is also known as a symbol of beauty and elegance.

Jadeite is so precious to the Chinese that there is a proverb that says, “gold is valuable, while jade is priceless.”

It is also known for its durability and beauty. And it’s a symbol of wealth and power.

Choosing a name for your child is a major decision. If you’re looking to give your little one a name that reflects the symbolism of “jade”, then you’ve come to the right place.

Rolling stones, rock star, Mick Jagger named his first daughter, Jade in 1971. Probably, making the name more widespread as it’s now in the top 100 girl names in the US.

Have a look at these names that mean jade from different languages across the world.

You’ll also find Chinese jade names, Japanese jade names and Korean Jade names below.

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Girl Names That Mean Jade

  1. Chalchiuhtlicue

This regal name is translated to jade skirt. It comes from the name of the Aztec goddess of streams, lakes, and rivers.

  1. Charelle

The name Charelle is linked to Jade through its meaning of green gemstone. In American English, it can mean this or cherry fruit.

  1. Charyl

Charyl is an Old German name that can mean green gemstone, cherry fruit, or free man. In French, Charyl means beloved. Its variations are Carol and Cherlyn.

  1. Cherlyn

This classic female name has its origins in French and Old German. In German, it means green gemstone, cherry fruit, or free man, and is derived from the name Carol.

  1. Cherrill

In Greek, Cherrill means green gemstone or cherry fruit. In English and French, it takes on the meaning beloved one or darling.

  1. Gemma

Gemma is a beautiful Italian name that means precious stone, gem, or jewel, and is given to girls held in high regard.

  1. Giada

Giada is the Italian spin on Jade. It can also mean precious stone. It also means quiet or calm to some.

  1. Jadagrace

This elegant name is a combination of Jada and Grace so it refers to a jade stone and grace or goodwill.

  1. Jadeana

Jadeana is a predominantly female name that is of English origins. It means precious stone.

  1. Jadee

In its English origins, Jadee is most likely a girl’s name and means precious stone. In Arabic, it can also represent goodness.

  1. Jadeyn

Jadeyn comes from the English language, where it means precious stone, but in Hebrew, it can also mean thankful one.

  1. Jadie

Jadie is derived from the female name Jade in its English roots. It is also said to have Spanish origins.

  1. Jadra

This classic English name means precious stone. Can also be used in Arabic.

  1. Jadrienne

Jadreinne has French and English roots. It can mean precious stone or woman from Hadria.

  1. Jadyn

Jadyn is a royal name that has both English and Hebrew origins. It can mean precious stone or God has heard.

  1. Jayde

A trendy spelling of the female version of Jade, this up-and-coming name means precious stone in English.

  1. Jaydra

The English version of Jaydra is a variation of Jade, while the Arabic meaning is goodness.

  1. Jhadira

Jhadira is a British name most commonly used as a different spelling for the female version of Jade or Jadira.

  1. Negin

This beautiful Persian name means precious gemstone, unique gem, or rare diamond.

  1. Olivine

Olivine is a precious female name from Latin origins. It is a variation of Olivia, meaning olive tree or olive, a gem named for its greenish color.

  1. Peninnah

This biblical name means pearl or precious stone in Hebrew. In the Old Testament Peninnah is one of the wives of Elkanah.

  1. Soraya

Soraya is a name with Persian and Arabic roots. It means rich, jewel, or gem. Soraya is the Arabic name for the Pleiades star cluster, also known as The Seven Sisters.

  1. Thamina

This handsome name is of Arabic origin. It translates to healthy but also means precious, valuable, or priceless.

  1. Yeşim

This uncommon name is Turkish in its roots. It translates directly to jade. Yeşim is a more original form of the name Yasmin.

  1. Zhade

Zhade has origins in Jamaican, English, and French. In Jamaican, Zhade means princess of the African violet or goodness of abundance and balance. In English, it means precious stone. In French, it means precious green stone.

Boy Names That Mean Jade

  1. Jad

Jad has Romanian roots. In Arabic, it can also mean generous, kind, benevolent, and merciful, and is given to boys thought to fit these qualities.

  1. Jady

Jady is a fine English baby name that means precious stone, stone of the side, or gemstone green.

  1. Nefrit

This strong name originates in the Czech culture. It translates to nephrite, a type of gemstone.

  1. Ruwan

This attractive name is of Indian origin. It predominantly means gold, but can also represent prosperity, shining, brilliant, and bright.

  1. Xade

This is a rare Galician name. It means dark one or rich and is a variation of the English name Xadrian.

  1. Žad

Žad is a powerful, handsome name meaning son or sun. It is of Bosnian, Serbian, and Arabic roots and can also mean victory and success. Despite its origins, it is a popular name in Iran.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Jade

  1. Gohar

This glittering Arabic name can also mean jewels, diamonds, precious stones, or gems. It is unisex.

  1. Jada

In English and Spanish, Jada is a variation on the name Jade. In Hebrew, it means wise or knowing, and can be given to a boy or a girl. Jada Pinkett Smith is a famous American actress married to Will Smith.

  1. Jade

Jade refers to the green stone. In its Spanish roots, the jade stone represents courage, wisdom, clarity, justice, and modesty. It can be a unisex name.

  1. Jaden

Jaden has its roots in Hebrew and means God has heard or thankful. In English, it is a unisex name.

  1. Jadessa

This name of English origins means green gemstone. It is also a name used in Finland and Sweden.

  1. Jadien

In Hebrew, Jadien means God has heard or thankful. In English, this unique name means precious stone.

  1. Jadine

This gender-neutral name is more often given as a girl’s name. In England and America, it means precious green stone.

  1. Jadira

Of British origin, Jadira means green gemstone or precious stone. It is also an Arabic name and is more often found as a female name.

  1. Jadrian

Jadrian can be derived from Jade, but can also be from a combination of Jay and Adrian. It is of American and English origins.

  1. Jadz

Jadz is a one-of-a-kind name with Polish origins. It is thought to be a variation of the Hebrew name Jada, meaning wise.

  1. Jaeda

This name has roots in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. In Hebrew, it means wise. In English, precious stone, and Arabic goodness.

  1. Jaidan

Jaidan is a variation of Jadon, Jaiden, and Jayden. In Hebrew, it carries the meaning of thankful or God will judge.

  1. Jaiden

This name can also be spelled as Jaidan, Jadon, or Jayden. Its Hebrew meaning is thankful or God will judge.

  1. Jayda

A variation of the name Jada, Jayda has Hebrew roots meaning knowing one or He knows.

  1. Jaydee

As both a male and female name, Jaydee means precious stone in English.

Chinese Names That Mean Jade

  1. Bao

Bao is a sweet female name. To some, it also means treasure or jewel, and to others, it means to wrap or to package. In Vietnamese, it is primarily a male name that means treasure.

  1. Bi

This unique name means Green Jade. It is primarily a female name that can also mean finish or conclude.

  1. Bik

Bik is a common name in Malaysia, and can also mean finish, complete, whole, or full in Chinese. In Old English, Bik means beekeeper.

  1. Daiyu

This female name means black jade and refers to jade that is black in color.

  1. Fěicuì

This unique name can mean anything from jadeite, green jade, green, emerald to kingfisher.

  1. Lin

Lin is predominantly a male Chinese name that means fine jade gem or forest. It is also used in other cultures such as Scandinavian, Spanish, and English.

  1. Mei Lin

A beautiful female name, Mei Lin carries the meaning of plum jade, rose, or gemstone.

  1. Mingyu

Mingyu is a stunning name that can be either male or female. It means black jade.

  1. Ngọc

This popular, beautiful Chinese and Vietnamese name represents a pearl, precious gem, or of course, a jade.

  1. Yaling

Yaling is a dazzling name that translates to tinkling of jade or elegant, graceful, and refined.

  1. Yanyu

Predominantly a female name, Yanyu is a unique choice. It means swallow jade, Beijing jade, or Yan jade.

  1. Yu

Yu translates to jade, gem, or precious stone. It can also mean shining brightly or pleasant and delightful.

  1. Yuming

This charming and elegant name is most often given to Chinese baby girls. It carries the meaning of jade brightness.

  1. Zhen

Zhen is a striking female name. Girls carrying the name Zhen are considered to be precious, rare, real, genuine, chaste, loyal, true, and a treasure.

Japanese Names That Mean Jade

  1. Gyoku

Gyoku means jadeite or nephrite, but can also be translated to chicken eggs that can be used in food such as sushi.

  1. Hisui

Hisui is a unique name that means jade kingfisher and is most often used as a male name.

  1. Rei

This exquisite name translates to the tinkling of jade, and can also mean beautiful, lovely, or even rule and law.

Korean Names That Mean Jade

  1. Bichwi

This interesting, but uncommon name is usually used as a name for a baby girl.

  1. Ji-Min

Ji-Min is a traditional, confident girl’s name that means my wisdom will reach higher than the sky or intellect, ambition, will.

  1. Ok

Ok is a rare, but elegant name. It is translated to Jade.

Concluding Names Meaning Jade

As a parent, naming your baby is an important decision. There are several reasons why parents choose to give their children names meaning Jade.

Some parents want to honor a special person in their lives, while others want to pay homage to a place they love or a famous figure or their favorite gemstone.

If you want to name your little one after this precious stone, jade, then you’ve made a good choice.

Jade has so many positive connotations and it’s a name you surely won’t regret choosing!

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