How old is Liza Minnelli today? Health issues explored as legendary

How old is Liza Minnelli today? Health issues explored as legendary

How old is.liza minnelli

Ahead of the release of her album with Michael Feinstein, Liza Minnelli appeared on CBS’ Sunday Morning on January 16. The renowned actress, singer, and dancer spoke about her foray into the entertainment industry and the legacy of her parents – actress Judy Garland and director Vincente Minnelli.

The Oscar-winning actress also revealed how the late French-Armenian singer and lyricist, Charles Aznavour, helped Liza hone her singing. Aznavour also helped Minnelli on her iconic 1972 film Cabaret, for which she won an Oscar as a lead actress.

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Liza will be turning 76 in March when her album with Feinstein is slated to be released. The album, Gershwin Country, is executive-produced by Minnelli and will be dropping a day before her 76th birthday (on March 12).

Liza Minnelli has had plenty of health issues over the years

75-year-old Liza Minnelli suffered three tragic miscarriages in her lifetime. In a 2008 interview with The Guardian, the Tony (EGOT) winning actress disclosed:

Liza also revealed that her hernia is the reason she cannot have any meals before her performances. She added:

Later in 2000, Liza Minnelli was hospitalized in Florida over what seemed like a stroke. At the hospital, the Sterile Cuckoo star was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, a brain infection caused by a virus. The viral infection causes inflammation in the brain, which in turn can result in paralysis and speech impairment, amongst other complications.

At the time of her hospitalization with encephalitis, Minnelli also had alleged hip and back issues. In 2004, she told NBC:

In 2000, Liza also contracted pneumonia.

According to another 2008 interview with The Guardian, Liza Minnelli also had a surgery to remove polyps from her vocal cord in 1997, which caused her to take an 18-month hiatus from performing at the time.

The star had hip-replacement surgery, knee-cap surgery in 2003, and a jawbone reconstruction surgery in 2007, following a fall. Three years later, Minnelli contracted pneumonia again, which caused her to cancel her tour.

Later in 2013, Liza Minnelli broke her wrists and had to go through back surgery for two crushed vertebral discs in the following year. In 2018, the Los Angeles native canceled her Las Vegas concert with Michael Feinstein due to a viral infection.

The star has also had multiple problems with addiction in her life.

However, according to Minnelli, her health issues are unlikely to keep her from working. As per Closer Weekly, Liza spoke about her health in 2018. She said:

Previously, she has also said that she feels “ageless.”