Cathy Nesbitt- Stein Biography –

Cathy Nesbitt- Stein Biography –

Cathy nesbitt stein biography

Biographical Information

Gender: Female

Born: April 19, 1959

Age: 55

Home: Canton, Ohio

Occupation: Studio owner

Dance teacher

Friends and Family

Spouse: Mike Stein

Children: Vivi-Anne Stein (adoptive daughter)

Friends: Melissa Ziegler

Mitchell Finke

Blake McGrath

Feuds: Abby Lee Miller

Jill Vertes

Episode Run

Debut: The Competition Begins

“ You do remember I am not a team player. ”

Cathy Jean Nesbitt-Stein is the mother of Vivi-Anne. She is considered to be quite rude. She owns a dance studio (where she is also a dance educator) called Candy Apple’s Dance Center in Canton, Ohio. She was once one of the moms in Abby’s studio, but quit. She was and continues to be hated by the other moms at Abby’s except for Melissa Ziegler, except for some occasions. For the first two or three seasons, she had an especially hostile relationship with Christi, with this eventually being replaced by a hostile relationship with Jill.


Cathy adopted Vivi-Anne from Guatemala.

Cathy was the first person cast for the show.

Her husband Mike Stein is an insurance adjuster and owns a Beef Jerky store, which was seen in an episode of Dance Moms.

Abby Lee Miller and Cathy were friends before the show. During a 2012 joint interview with Rosie O’Donnell, both admitted still liking each other and getting-along “in real life”. Later in 2012, while in front of an audience of young fans in Canada, Abby said she no longer likes Cathy. In 2013, Afterbuzz interviewers Giselle Ugarte and Tony Moore confronted Abby with conversations they had with Zack Torres that the pair had a better relationship than it seemed on the show, and would hug each other before fights; Abby dismissed these reports as “bull.” In Season 4, Blake McGrath was asked about the reality of their relationship, and said they couldn’t stand each other.

Zack Torres was wary about coming to Candy Apples based on what he had seen on television; but after attending the studio, he was shocked to find Cathy a very sweet person, and described her behavior on the show as “almost like a puppet.” Zack further commented on the way the show is edited.

Blake said that viewers are made to hate Cathy for the show; but that he had fallen in love with the way she treated people, and couldn’t say enough good things about her.

During Season 3, Abby said that Cathy is an okay beginner and intermediate dance teacher, but finds it frightening that she “was a member of Dance Masters of America.” Various tweets by Cathy suggest her membership in Dance Masters of America was terminated shortly before achieving 25 years as a member.

Cathy owns Payless shoes, and states that “it’s a tv show” (in reference to her snobbish taunts against Christi.)

Cathy’s students and their mothers have stated multiple times on twitter that she is actually very nice and doesn’t “follow” Abby’s company; they claim they go where the producers of Dance Moms tell them to.

Cathy’s favorite style of dance to watch is ballet.

Her hobbies include golfing, reading, designing vintage decorations, gardening, and shopping.

Cathy says her studio now attracts Canton tourists, who also go next door to the Stein family’s beef-jerky store.

Cathy has complained that everyone had pizza in Abbygeddon, but editing only showed her eating.

She’s friends with Mitchell Finke, who has helped choreograph Candy Apple’s dances seen on the show.

Cathy says she has always been somewhat of an actress.

Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

Asked who went to the Joffrey from her studio, Cathy remarked that she now had Joffrey coming to her studio for dance camp, this being one of the perks of being on television.

Cathy supported Mitt Romney for President in 2012, retweeting confidence in a landslide victory.


“ doll everyone acts mean on the show its a show ”

—Cathy, on Twitter

“ Your kids all have sickled feet, and it blows my mind, because that’s all you hear: “Sickled feet, sickled feet, sickled feet.” And they all have them! ”

—Cathy, from Dying to Dance

“ You gotta dance like you want a puppy. ”

—Cathy, from Return of the Candy Apples

“ Stop looking at me. Look at me with your ears. ”

—Cathy, from Return of the Candy Apples

“ Is Jill in pink lemonade with that hat ”

—Cathy, on Twitter

“ We don’t dress like the help. ”

—Cathy, in She’s a Fighter

“ You do remember that I am not a team player. ”

—Cathy, in She’s a Fighter

“ How did I get stuck in this? ”

—Cathy, talking directly to the audience from the dressing room, following Christi’s tirades in Stealing the Show.

(Paraphrased from Dance Moms Wiki.)