10 Things You Didn’t Know about Salome Jackson – TV Overmind

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Salome Jackson – TV Overmind

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VH1 is known for bringing drama to television, and the show “Cartel Crew,” is a bold choice. The network follows the kids of known cartel members as they navigate their own lives, and it’s an addiction for many. The idea of following the children of criminals is oddly popular, and Salome Jackson is one of those people. She spent her entire life worried for her father as he navigated his own daily life in the cartel. She worried violence would take him from her, but never did she expect to lose her sister, Gigi. The teen was at a party when she was gunned down and killed, and Salome Jackson’s life changed for the worse.

1. Her Sister Was Killed Recently

It was May 18, 2021, when Giselle Rengifo was shot and killed. She was 17 at the time of her death. The shooter was apprehended quickly, but he claims that it was nothing more than an accident. He shot her in the head and killed her, and now he awaits trial at home under house arrest.

2. She and Her Sister Share the Same Birthday

One thing that is special to Salome Jackson is that she and her sister share a birthday. Both were born on June 16th. They were born many years apart, but their bond was a close one and the loss of her sister has torn Salome apart.

3. Her Life Was Always Chaotic

Growing up with a father who has ties to a known drug cartel – he is imprisoned for his role in the cartel – is not an easy way to grow up. She was once held at gunpoint as a child, she’s been home when the police showed up to raid their home, and she’s been through so many things in her life that are not even remotely imaginable or relatable to a typical child. She had a rough childhood thanks to her father’s business.

4. She Was On the Run Most of Her Life

As an adult in the Atlanta area, she was often on the run because of her dad’s business. They spent time moving homes with virtually no notice between places like Florida, Texas, and Miami. She was rarely in one place for very long, and life was taxing on her and her family.

5. This is Not Her First Reality Show

Salome Jackson was not on this show first. She had another reality television role when she was younger. She was a member of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” franchise, and then she was asked to take a supporting role in this show. She’s a veteran, if you can call it that, in the reality world.

6. Many Believe She is Transgender

Over the years, many people have felt it appropriate to ask her – or straight out accuse her – of being transgender. She’s addressed these questions and rumors more than once, and she’s denied the allegations through and through. Many believe it simply because her best friend from her L&HH reality days is transgender. Either way, it isn’t anyone’s business.

7. She Knows what She Wants

In her dating life, she’s a woman who knows precisely what she is looking for in a man. She wants a man with a great personality, a good sense of humor, and someone who is not in the same line of work that she is in. She was allegedly once engaged, but her fiancé allegedly cheated on her and things ended quickly. She’s not into a man who isn’t into her.

8. She is Not Actively Looking for Love

Her concept on life is that she’s having fun, enjoying herself, and if God chooses to bring a man into her life to be her forever partner, she will take it. But, she’s not out looking actively for a man to marry. She will find him when it is her time to find him, and it will not happen until God’s timing is right and He is ready to send her the man she needs forever.

9. She is Originally From Texas

She was born and raised in Texas. Her father is Colombian, her mother is black, and her family’s business kept her on the run. Her father’s cartel is allegedly the Cali cartel, which is largely Colombian but does a lot of business in the New York Area. It’s why they moved there a few times when she was growing up.

10. She’s Not Into That Life

The moment she turned 18, she was done. She left the family home, the running, and the cartel life that she was part of her entire life, and she moved to Atlanta. She aspires to become a singer, and that’s what she’s focused on her entire adult life.