Who Is Rapper B Lovee? Age, Nationality & Real Name Explored

Who Is Rapper B Lovee? Age, Nationality & Real Name Explored

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Rapper B Lovee’s actual age is 22 years old as of August 2021, but do you know what is his real name?

Who Is Rapper B Lovee?

Michael Johnson Jr. also known as “Loverboy B. Lovee” born June 10th, 1999 is an American singer/rapper/songwriter, native of Baltimore City, Maryland. Growing up “B. Lovee” moved around a lot between North Carolina, and his hometown of Baltimore.

Rapper B Lovee says he learned how to play a drum set when he was 3 years old across from the dirt road from his grandmothers trailer in a small town called Marion, South Carolina.

At the age of 16, he released a record called “Accurate”, which was like the story of his life at the time. “I was stuck between two girls and they were making me choose; and I wanted both of them and i didn’t know how to tell them so I recorded this song with no hook and dropped it 3 days later and it went crazy”, he says.

The artist has two full studio albums and four EPs as of now. He released his first album Genisis back in the year 2018 and he also released his first EP Genisis TU the same year. His other works include Courtlandt Baby, Lovee Letters Tu, Lovee Letters, and Perfectly Imperfect.

Age – How Old Is Rapper B Lovee?

B Lovee’ was born on 10th June 1999. Hence his actual age as of 2021 is 22 years.

We are meant to understand that he is showered with wishes and blessings by his family and friends on his birthday every year.

According to his actual date of birth, Lovee has acquired Gemini as his zodiac sign.

Predicting his personality based on his zodiac sign, people with Gemini as their zodiac sign tend to be inquisitive, intelligent, and great thinkers.

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What Is Rapper B Lovee Real Name?

Rapper B Lovee’s real name is Michael Johnson Jr. according to Artiste Card.

The rapper is well known with his stage name B Lovee among his fans and followers, in fact, only a few of his fans know the artist by his real name.

He is known for his moniker since he made his debut in the music industry back in the year 2018.

He has amassed thousands of fans and followers from around the world with his soulful and talented music and songs.

Who Is Rapper B Lovee Dating?

Rapper B Lovee has not introduced his girlfriend to the general public or on the internet yet.

He has never spoken anything about his relationship status or mentioned his past dating history or girlfriend yet.

The rapper could be single at the moment busy with his career meanwhile keeping his eyes open for the love of his life. He could also be dating his girlfriend in secret.

You never know with these singers and rappers as they tend to keep their relationship status secret from their fans and followers.


Where Is Rapper B Lovee From?

Rapper B Love is a native of Baltimore City, Maryland.

However, during the pursuit of his career, the rapper has frequently switched between North Carolina and his hometown Baltimore.

B Lovee grew up in Baltimore, He has also lived in Goldsboro during his teenage.