Middle names for Angelica (130 Great Sounding Combinations)

Middle names for Angelica (130 Great Sounding Combinations)

Names like angelica

Angelica is a pretty, elegant girls name that has a lovely rhythm to it. If you’ve chosen it for your daughter, here are some great middle names for Angelica.

Tip ten best middle names for Angelica:

  • Angelica Annalise
  • Angelica Juliana
  • Angelica Lola
  • Angelica Camila
  • Angelica Joy
  • Angelica Evangeline
  • Angelica Astrid
  • Angelica Genevieve
  • Angelica Everly
  • Angelica Cordelia

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What does the Name Angelica Mean?

The name Angelica has Latin origins and means “Angel” or “Messenger of God”.

How Popular is the Name Angelica?

In the UK, the name Angelica has mostly been around the middle of the top 1000 girls names for the last 10 years but dropped out in 2021, ranking at 1007th.

In the US, the name Angelica also dropped a little in popularity recently, down 27 places between 2020 and 2021, ranking at 601st.

Middle Names for Angelica Starting with A

You can create a nice name combination by using alliteration, simply pair Angelica with another name that starts with the short A sound. As Angelica also ends with A, you’ll create a good flow between the names too. I like he rhyming starts in Angelica Annalise.

Angelica Adelaide

Angelica Adeline

Angelica Alice

Angelica Addison

Angelica Avery

Angelica Abigail

Angelica Annalise

Angelica Amara

Angelica Annie

Angelica Anna

Angelica Athena

Angelica Alana

Angelica Azalea

Angelica Amira

Angelica Alessia

Angelica Alexandra

Angelica Annabelle

Tip for choosing a middle name-Angelica

Names that Begin with the Soft G or J Sound

You can highlight the soft G in Angelica by choosing a middle name that starts with J or soft G. Angelica Juliana works very well because of the repeat J, L, “an” and short A ending.

Angelica Julia

Angelica Jasmine

Angelica Georgia

Angelica Journée

Angelica Gemma

Angelica June

Angelica Julianna

Angelica Juliet

Angelica Juniper

Angelica Josie

Angelica Josephine

Angelica Gianna

Angelica Juliet

Angelica Gia

Angelica Jane

Angelica Jenna

Names Starting with L

You could also choose to highlight the L sound in Angelica by choosing a middle name starting with L. I like the triple L in Angelica Lola.

Angelica Lexi

Angelica Lara

Angelica Lainey

Angelica Lucia

Angelica Lana

Angelica Lena

Angelica Lola

Angelica Lottie

Angelica Luna

Angelica Lily

Angelica Layla

Angelica Lyra

Angelica Lyla

Angelica Lydia

Angelica Lorelei

Angelica Leah

Names Beginning with Hard C or K

Finally, you could highlight the hard C/K sound by choosing middle name starting with K or hard C. Angelica Camila had a good flow.

Angelica Callie

Angelica Kylie

Angelica Coraline

Angelica Caroline

Angelica Cadence

Angelica Calliope

Angelica Katherine

Angelica Carmen

Angelica Camile

Angelica Cassidy

Angelica Camila

Angelica Kinsley

Angelica Cora

Angelica Clara

Angelica Chloe

Single Syllable Middle Names to go with Angelica

You could create a strong contrast by pairing the four syllables of Angelica with a one syllable middle name. I love Angelica Joy.

Angelica Jade

Angelica Joy

Angelica Rose

Angelica Eve

Angelica Kate

Angelica Quinn

Angelica Wren

Angelica Skye

Angelica Nur

Angelica Sage

Angelica Sloane

Angelica Blake

Angelica Blair

Angelica Paige

Four Syllable Names

If you would like to create a long and complex name, you could pair Angelica with another four syllable name. The repeated N, G and L in Angelica Evangeline make the combination sound great.

Angelica Olivia

Angelica Amelia

Angelica Aurelia

Angelica Penelope

Angelica Victoria

Angelica Elizabeth

Angelica Eliana

Angelica Natalia

Angelica Ophelia

Angelica Liliana

Angelica Serenity

Angelica Anastasia

Angelica Evangeline

Angelica Alessia

Cute happy baby thumb-sucking on a pink background
Angelica Penelope is a pretty combination

Popular and Classic Names

If you’d like Angelica to have a middle name that everyone will recognise, here are some great popular and classic names that go with Angelica. I like the repeated L in Angelica Everly.

Angelica Emma

Angelica Ava

Angelica Violet

Angelica Aurora

Angelica Sophia

Angelica Everly

Angelica Charlotte

Angelica Natalie

Angelica Evelyn

Angelica Elena

Angelica Aria

Angelica Nora

Angelica Willow

Angelica Hannah

Unusual Middle names that go with Angelica

Alternatively, if you’d like Angelica to stand out, you could choose one of these uncommon names that work well with Angelica. I like the way the A at the end of Angelica flows into the A at the start of Astrid.

Angelica Ariadne

Angelica Noa

Angelica Astrid

Angelica Celeste

Angelica Raya

Angelica Lyric

Angelica Anya

Angelica Elora

Angelica Myla

Angelica Heaven

Angelica Monroe

Angelica Renata

Angelica Amber

Angelica Opal

Vintage Middle Names

If you like the trend for using old fashioned names, here are some great vintage middle names for Angelica. I like Angelica Cordelia, Angelica Selena and Angelica Genevieve.

Angelica Nancy

Angelica Willa

Angelica Bonnie

Angelica Daphne

Angelica Selena

Angelica Dorothy

Angelica Millie

Angelica Nell

Angelica Audrey

Angelica Ada

Angelica Lucille

Angelica Marie

Angelica Jessamine

Angelicas Matilda

Angelica Genevieve

Angelica Cordelia

Angelica Phoebe

Angelica Allegra

Name Summary-Angelica

Names Like Angelica

If you like the name Angelica but are still considering your options, here are some names similar to Angelica that you might like to consider:

  • Angelina
  • Arabella
  • Annabella
  • Anastasia
  • Aliana
  • Ariana
  • Adriana
  • Amalia
  • Alessandra
  • Aurelia
  • Azalea
  • Alexandra
  • Angelique

Nicknames for Angelica

Here are some Nickname options for Angelica:

  • Angel
  • Angela
  • Angie
  • Ang
  • Geli
  • Elli
  • Ella

Boys Names to go with Angelica

If you already have a daughter called Angelica and are having another child you could use any of the middle name ideas above for a girl. If you’re having a son, here are some boys names to go with Angelica:

  • Angelica and Lincoln
  • Angelica and Ace
  • Angelica and August
  • Angelica and Joshua
  • Angelica and Adam
  • Angelica and Nathon
  • Angelica and Lennox
  • Angelica and Lucas
  • Angelica and Atticus
  • Angelica and Cameron
  • Angelica and Noah
  • Angelica and Kai
  • Angelica and Julian
  • Angelica and Felix
  • Angelica and Luca
  • Angelica and James
  • Angelica and Marley
  • Angelica and Asher
  • Angelica and Milo
  • Angelica and Liam
  • Angelica and Nate
  • Angelica and John
  • Angelica and Arlo
  • Angelica and Jude
  • Angelica and Andrew
  • Angelica and George
  • Angelica and Luke
  • Angelica and Jack
  • Angelica and Beckett
  • Angelica and Ari
  • Angelica and Eli
  • Angelica and Nathaniel
  • Angelica and Logan
  • Angelica and Jasper
  • Angelica and Ambrose
  • Angelica and Alexander
  • Angelica and Jonas
  • Angelica and Isaac
  • Angelica and Levi
  • Angelica and Zeke
  • Angelica and Hendrix
  • Angelica and Adrian
  • Angelica and Nolan
  • Angelica and Lorenzo
  • Angelica and Zayn
  • Angelica and Nico
  • Angelica and Anthony
  • Angelica and Jonah
  • Angelica and Leo
  • Angelica and Aaron
  • Angelica and Brady
  • Angelica and Jacob
  • Angelica and Axel
  • Angelica and Briggs

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