LEGO Series 23 minifigures coming this fall – 9to5Toys

LEGO Series 23 minifigures coming this fall – 9to5Toys

When is the marvel cmf series coming out

Video When is the marvel cmf series coming out

Teased back at LEGO CON 2022, we’re not getting official, high-resolution photos of the upcoming Series 23 Collectible minifigures. Arriving later this fall, the latest wave of brick-built characters will include 12 different figures ranging from some festive outfits to unique new molds for cardboard robots, dragons, and more.

LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures fully revealed

Arriving as the latest characters from the LEGO Group, the new Series 23 Collectible minifigures have all been officially confirmed. Thanks to a landing page on the LEGO Shop site, you can now check out what the upcoming lineup has in store.

Each of the 12 new figures pack the same unique designs as we’ve seen in the past, with quite a variety this time around. While there isn’t a specific theme per se, there are two main different assortments that the minifigs fall into this time in the LEGO Series 23 minifigures.

First up are a handful of new costumed characters, which bring everything from dragons to turkeys into the mix – then there are some festive Christmas-themed characters like a Nutcracker and more. Each of the figures is complemented by the usual baseplate and a matching accessory.

LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures ferry
LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures cardboard robot
LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures dragon
LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures popcorn
LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures turkey

Here’s a breakdown of all 12 new LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures.

  • Nutcracker
  • Sugar Fairy
  • Green Dragon Costume
  • Snowman
  • Reindeer Costume
  • Holiday Elf
  • Turkey Costume
  • Cardboard Robot
  • Popcorn Costume
  • Wolf Costume
  • Ferry Captain
  • Knight of the Yellow Castle

Much like all of the other blind bag LEGO figures, the upcoming Series 23 Collectible minifigures will retail for $4.99 each. This is what we’ve come to expect from the lineup, be it the standard ones like this upcoming collection or licensed figures from Marvel and the like. They’ll fit store shelves later this fall on September 1, where they’ll be available in the plastic bags seemingly for the last time.

Earlier today, packing concepts were uncovered which points to upcoming Collectible minifigures ditching the blind bag-style designs we’ve seen for quite some time. There were expectations from last year’s Marvel CMF that the LEGO Group would make the switch to boxes, and it seems like that adjustment may finally be arriving next year.

While switching to boxes will likely be a big win for the environmental side of the LEGO Group’s packaging, it will offer one notable downside to its plastic counterparts. Fans love the fact that you can feel the contents of each bag to try and get the character you want, with the cardboard designs removing that ability. So while it’s still up in the air for next year, the LEGO Series 23 Collectible minifigures may be the last releases before the updated packaging.

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