List of February 19th Major News Events – The People History

List of February 19th Major News Events – The People History

What happens on february 19th

1945 US Marines Land On Iwo Jima

1945 : United States Marines landed on the tiny island of Iwo Jima where they were met with heavy resistance from the Japanese.

1942 Executive Order 9066

President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, a controversial World War II policy with lasting consequences for Japanese Americans. The document ordered the “removal of resident enemy aliens” from parts of the West Coast vaguely identified as “military areas.”

1933 Great Britain War Loan Repayments

1933 : A major debate is raging on both sides of the Atlantic concerning the money loaned to Great Britain for the War effort . At the end of the War the French Government stated they would only pay 10 cents on the dollar of the money loaned to them and for weapons and the United States Government Agreed to the settlement. Britain in the meantime came to the United States and agreed to pay the full debt including a higher rate of interest than the French.

Now the British Government is demanding the US Government to treat the debts owed exactly the same as the French and other countries in Europe but with the United States having it’s own problems with unemployment they are not willing to negotiate . This now leaves 2 great allies in war at odds with each other over war debts and many are waiting to see the outcome on both sides of the ocean. Find More What happened in 1933

19 Feb, 1914 Canada Record Wheat Production

A record amount of wheat had been produced in Western Canada. This crop was yielded during this year at an average rate pf 38 bushels (presumably either per acre of crop planted).

1938 Forged Checks

On this day, three men were charged of the crime of writing forged checks. One of the men (E.A. Wilcher, 34 years old) had sat a night in jail instead of paying a $1,500 bond.

Authorities had suspected at this time that Wilcher was the leader of a forged check operation that occurred within Sheveport, Hobbes, and areas in between. The two other men that were charged both had two cases of forgery pending against them at this time.

Further investigation was being done regarding this “bad check” sting operation. Authorities were doing whatever they could to put an end to this activity.

1938 Hitler Speech

This was a day of extreme tension and anxiety in Berlin, Germany. On this day, Hitler gave a much-anticipated speech, which was delivered to the third Reich (Nazi Germany Government).

This was the beginning of the start of the expansion of the Nazi regime, which later resulted in the occurrence of World War II (for Americans, 1939-1945). The Third Reich was originally formed some time in 1933.

Adolph Hitler was the Chancellor of this regime, which was very totalitarian and fascist in nature. He strived to fulfill the message that “his” race (The Germans) were superior, and he lead campaigns to eliminated various racial, religious, and political groups such as the following: Jews, Africans, Romanis (a.k.a. Romas, Gypsies), Lutherans, and anti-communists.

1950 Train Crash

A total of 29 people had lost their lives when a crash occurred in Rockville Center, NY. Additionally, 105 people were injured. An investigation had begun regarding this issue-an action taken by federal, state, and county authorities.

For now, it was known that one train had passed through a red light without stopping while heading east on one track. Consequently, it had hit an oncoming Long Island passenger train.