Radiant Baby Names Beginning With ‘R’ For Your Little Rascal

Radiant Baby Names Beginning With ‘R’ For Your Little Rascal

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Are you reluctant to ransack a really rambling Rolodex of baby names beginning with “R,” just striving to find the most relevant monikers among all the runners-up? Don’t let name-rummaging rattle you and send you on a rampage (or stuck in a naming rut). We’ve rounded up “R” baby names from the regular (Ron, Rick) to the rare (Rilo, Redd) to the retro (Rita, Reggie) to the downright robust (Ragnarok?!).

Read on, and our roster of names is ready to refer you to the one that’s right for your little rascal — I mean, your radiant babe. (But really, if you regret this “R” name rigmarole, we’ve got baby names from A to Z for your perusal, too).

Traditional “R” names for girls

Ramona (after Ramona Quimby, or J.Lo’s character in Hustlers, or both)

Ruth (we expect to see a resurgence of Ruths this year; RIP, RBG)

Rita (means “speaker,” “pearl,” “child of light,” and she’ll be all three)

Renee (means “rebirth,” something we’ll all need in 2021)

Rachel (whether she grows up to get The Rachel haircut will be her own choice)

Regina (Regina King is a badass namesake)

Rhea (Zeus’ mother in Greek mythology)

Rose, Rosa, Rosie (the variations are endless!)

Rosemary (did you know it means “dew of the sea”? Neither did we)

Rhoda (means “rose” but sounds retro-edgier than the flower name)

Trendy “R” names for girls

Rina (means “joyous song” in Hebrew)

Ruby (gem names are all the rage)

Raina (means “queen,” “counsel,” “strong” and “mighty army” — fit for a fierce little gal)

Rae (most common as a middle name but a sweet first, too)

Raisa (a Yiddish variation of “Rose” that’s anything but common)

Rowan, Rowen, Row, Rowena (all inspired by the rowan, a type of ash tree)

Roxanne, Roxy (means “dawn” or “bright”)

Raegan, Regan (means “regal” and won’t she be?)

Rayanne (My So-Called Life-inspired names are ALWAYS the right answer in my book)

Rylie, Riley, Rylee, Rilee (all variations meaning “valiant”)

Unisex “R” names

Ramsey (or Ramzey for more pizzazz)

Rigel (star names are so stylish — try Altair, Sirius, or Orion too)

Ryan (or edge it into more feminine territory with Ryann or Ryanne)

Rory (Gilmore, Culkin, an any-gendered favorite!)

Rigby (just maybe not a middle name for Eleanor)

Rilo (amazing indie rock band Rilo Kiley aside, this is a super cute and gender-neutral alternative to Milo)

Redd (the most obvious of names meaning “red” — other options are Russell, Rusty, and Rose)

Reggie (a “powerful ruler” short for Regina, Reginald, or just adorable on its own)

Remy (another one that’s a perfect standalone or a standout nickname — for Remington, perhaps?)

Reed (meaning “redheaded” or a nature name after wild reeds)

Reese (popularized by Witherspoon but great for boys too)

Traditional “R” names for boys

Ron, Ronald (naming a baby after Ron Burgundy really sends a message)

Rob, Robert (a classic that’s at home from Redford to Pattinson)

Ray, Raymond (everybody loves him!)

Reg, Reginald (means “powerful ruler”…of the nursery, at least)

Russell (from Peters to Brand, he’s bound to be funny)

Reuben (a Hebrew name meaning “behold, a son” so it’s literal at least)

Rocco (he’ll have a truly modern life)

Roland (a legendary hero who served Charlemagne)

Randall (just please don’t show him Outlander anytime soon)

Richard, Rick, Ricky (note we are not putting Dick as a good nickname idea here)

Trendy “R” names for boys

Rolfe (means “red wolf” and is therefore a way cooler name than you thought, eh?)

Rome (decidedly more easy-chic than naming your kid London or Paris)

Racer (a baby boy name with serious swagger)

Rabi (this sweet Arabic name means “breeze”)

Rafi (means “exalted” — not to be confused with, you know, Raffi)

Ragnarok (ICYMI, this Norse name references a battle of the gods)

Ramses (an Egyptian name meaning “begotten by Ra, the sun god”)

Riley (or scroll back up for Rilo)

Rhett (this one will give a damn, though)

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