Guide for LEGO DC Super-Villains – Swamp Collectables

Guide for LEGO DC Super-Villains – Swamp Collectables

The golden frog lego

Video The golden frog lego


Just like all the other areas, head over to the Johnny DC Map point marked on your map, it’s tucked under the main road.

Chang Tzu Character Token – Humpty Doomty quest Chang Tzu is an egg robot spider thing and it at the entrance to the swamp to the right of the Ace Chemicals sign. If you can make it past the egg puns, you’ll see that he needs you to collect a few things for his Doomiest Doomsday Device – or the triple D as I like to call it – the items are marked on your map. Return to Chang Tzu, putting the ingredients in the machine and then talking to Cheng to complete the mission.

Now switch a character to Chang Tzu and use your secondary character to take a selfie with him to earn:

  • Egg on your Face

    Took a selfie with Chang Tzu as any character, whilst having both in the same party

Killer Croc’s Battle Chomper Vehicle Token – Snap! Growl! And Gooooooo! race Drop down over the ledge to find the start of the race, ride the croc sitting next to the start point. You need to make it through 20 checkpoints in under 2.00.00, however riding crocodiles is way easier than Steve Irwin made it look.

Potent Plants 1/10 Find where the toxic sludge pipes are emptying into the water. You will find the plant in between the pipes.

Lost Gorilla Ruins gold brick You’ll find a cave entrance about half way along the Northern rock face in the map. Outside use a strong character and then a digging character on the orange handles, and subsequent dig spot. This reveals a power pad used to break down the wall concealing the brick.

Potent Plants 2/10 You will find the plant just to the right side of the ruins.

Potent Plants 3/10 It is on the path that runs up the northern rock face of the map.

Bug Buzzer gold brickJust north of the map point is a shack with a man in a rocking chair who is looking for his bug zapper. The cutscene will show you the location, however incase paying attention to cutscenes are for losers, the rough locations of the dig spots are:

  1. On the shore to the left of the hut
  2. Directly across from the hut
  3. Near the end of the pier attached to the right side of the hut.

Then head over to my dude to trigger a cutscene and retrieve your gold brick.

Blue Beetle Character Token – File Finder 26/30 Go inside the shack to see the brown briefcase to the left of the room.

Game guru 8/11 – Hungry, Hungry, Crocodiless gold brick Once leaving the shack, fly directly up and drop back down to spawn in the challenge. Walk up to the man you talked to before and he will ask you to feed the crocodiles with his meat cannon – I know it makes me uncomfortable too. All you have to do is shoot 10 crocodiles and he will reward you with a brick.

Potent Plants 4/10 The plant is on the shore opposite the shack.

The Golden Frog gold brick At the north-eastern corner of the swamp on a high ledge you will find a circle of pedestals with a frog sitting on the centre one. You must defeat the six green frogs littered about the general area to make them appear on the pedestals, once all frogs are found they will somehow merge into a gold brick. Science!

  1. It is circling the stone pedestals.
  2. To the south tucked in against the cliff face.
  3. North up the natural path, he is sitting next to a pinkey-red plant.
  4. To the left of number 3.
  5. Hop onto the rocks on the left to see him sitting on the thick green tree branch – he blends in a little.
  6. At the end of the path sitting on top of the mushrooms.

Golden Graffiti 8/9 If you go to the entrance of the Hall of Doom, there is a statue on the cliff above overlooking the Hall.

Potent Plants 5/10 It is sitting opposite the statue.

Potent Plants 6/10 It is on the path leading from the front of the Hall of Doom to the swamp.

Pipe Dream gold brick It is at the north west corner of Belle Reve. It is very simple one, just pull on the orange grapple point on the sewer to release the brick.

Killer Frost’s Ice Car Vehicle Token – Seeing Belle Reve Through the Trees race You need a flying character for this, the start is at the top of the entrance to Belle Reve. It is quite easy to make it through all 20 check points in under 1.30.00

Belle Reve Boogie Fly over the top into the rec grounds of Belle Reve, there’ll be a dancefloor in the middle of a basketball court. To the north of the area there’s a breakable wall that require two henchmen to break. Once you have commandeered some men, charge the generator to power the dance floor. Before you can claim your brick, you need to cut some shapes on the dance floor.

Potent Plants 7/10 There are 4 giant vents in the roof, it is in the most northern one, if you stand at the top you can shoot it, it’s just a little finicky getting the right angle.

Belle Reve Breakout gold brick Go back to the car park of Belle Reve and change to Poison Ivy, there are flowers hidden around the area. Once you have found them, make a poison and ask the guardsman to open the gate. You will then receive the brick.

Belle Reve and the Beast gold brick Enter the front door of Belle Reve to trigger the cutscene. Firstly laser away the gold cell door in the centre of the room and switch to mirror master. You will use the mirror gun on the mirrors in the cells in the top centre, and the bottom left of the area in order to free the henchmen. Once freed, switch to The Joker and use the henchmen’s assistance to break open the purple thing in the centre to build a bridge. Once across to the left area, use the henchmen once more to reveal the drone hole so that you can explode the cat’s castle. Use the lift to get the brick.

Lady Shiva Character Token – 27/30 file finder Inside Belle Reve it is in the glass cell on the upper balcony just as you enter the room. To gain access you must use mirror master in the centre mirrors and then a character that can vent.

Katana Character Token – Katana Kombat boss fight She is waiting for you in the basketball court on Belle Reve rec yard. She is a little annoying as she doesn’t let up with the attacks, but if you use an invincible character it will take no time.

Potent Plants 8/10 The plant is underneath Belle Reve, on the northern side.

Parasite Character Token – Discomfort Blanket quest Parasite is swaying in the swamp near the entrance to the area. He will ask you to follow him as he breaks into Belle Reve. Just beat up the guards trying to stop him and you’ll be done in no time.

Potent Plants 9/10 The plant is about half way along the bridge to Belle Reve.

Copperhead Character Token – Snake Meter He will be standing underneath where you finished the Parasite mission. Copperhead will ask you to find him some snakes, they are marked on your map and fairly easy to find. Press when you find them and they will make their way back to him. Once you have found all 5, return to him and you will gain his character token.

Potent Plants 10/10 You will find the plant underneath the bridge about 3/4 along toward Belle Reve.

Vixen Character Token – Swamp Stylin’ quest You will find her under the road at the west end of the swamp. Vixen will ask you to follow her around and take pictures of her, beating up the occasional bad guy on the way of course.

When Leeches Attack gold brick Head back to where you took the second picture of Vixen, it’s just over the cliff of where you finished. You’ll see a man trying to release his monster leeches. Destroy the silver cages, there are three in the local area.

The Ventriloquist Character Token – Scar-ts and Crafts quest You will find the ventriloquist at the bottom of the stairs on the western side of the swamp, where Parasite was. He will ask you to beat up people to get parts for his doll. They are all in Gotham so you’ll need a flying character.