How to Enable Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPad? – BrowserHow

How to Enable Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPad? – BrowserHow

Safari zoom settings

Few websites still use the old themes and font sizes that are not ready for small screen devices, especially iPhones. Hence, we might face a challenge to read the text on a small screen with a smaller font.

However, the Safari browser for iPhone and iPad do have a feature that automatically zooms the screen and makes the text appear larger than its actual size. But, it also depends on the website whether it allows the mobile site layout.

Just the example of my blog: which is a mobile responsive design. It automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. Since I am prone to headaches, it helps me adjust well to the screen and Safari Zoom makes it easier for me.

In the Safari browser, you have the option to choose the default zoom level to force the website to load at a higher screen resolution. Suppose you set the zoom level to 150%, then the websites will automatically load at 150% zoom.

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It also works if you set the zoom safari level to less than 100%. The website will shrink and load in small sizes.

How to Enable Zoom on Safari on iPhone or iPad?

A force zoom safari is a great option within the safari browser that helps in loading the website at a higher zoom level. This feature is really helpful for a person who needs accessibility.

Here are the steps to enable the zoom in Safari browser on iPhone or iPad device:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Safari browser from Settings.
  3. From Safari Settings, select the Page Zoom Safari option.
  4. Within the window, tap to select the Zooming level.

You can choose either to zoom larger or smaller by selecting the best zooming percent. Anything lower than default 100% will be smaller than actual and vice-versa.

Page Zooming Level in Safari iOS and iPadOS

This will zoom the screen by default to whatever percentage you’ve selected in the zooming section. You can also zoom the screen with pinch-out action on the screen just like we do for photos and others.

You can always reset the zoom safari to the default value from the same settings menu.

Bottom Line: Safari iOS Force Zoom

The force zoom within the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad is a great accessibility feature. It helps in keeping the zooming levels per our needs. You can set a default zoom level and all the websites will load at some zoom level on the safari browser.

I prefer to keep the zooming level to 110% for Safari iPad and 90% on my mac computer. This adjustment is basically to keep my eyes away from strain due to constant exposure to digital devices. It also helps prevent headaches. Safari zoom is an amazing feature.

The other way to Zoom the site screen size in Safari is by pinching it out as we do for the pictures on our phone. Above all, you can put the zooming level to the default one whenever you wish to. But if you prefer to read in big fonts then select the one greater than 100 and for small fonts select below 100.

Similarly, you can also set a default force zoom in the safari mac computer. This will automatically load the website at a set zooming level.

Let us know what you feel about the force zooming feature within the Safari browser. Also, what is the default zoom level you’ve modified?

FAQs: Enable Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPadOS

Now, let us go through some of the frequently asked questions on how to enable Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPadOS.

How to Enable Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

To enable the Force Zooming in Safari iOS/iPadOS, tap on the Settings on your iOS device and then tap on Safari settings. Now, tap on Page Zoom and select any size more than 100 to zoom the page.

How to set the Force Zooming back to the default setting in iPadOS/iOS?

To set back from Force Zooming to deafult in Safari iOS/iPadOS, tap on the Settings in your iOS device and then tap on Safari settings. Now, tap on Page Zoom and select 100% which is the default size.

How to enable the text or site size to appear smaller than the actual in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

To enable the text size appear less than it is in actual in the Safari browser, one needs to open the settings, and select the Safari settings. Next, open the Page Zoom and select the percentage lower than 100.