111 Lovely Middle Names For Gemma – Mums Invited

111 Lovely Middle Names For Gemma – Mums Invited

Middle names for gemma

A pretty, elegant name of Latin origin, Gemma, means “gem, precious stone”. It was the name of an Italian saint, Saint Gemma of Lucca.

Gemma is a pretty name that became popular in the early 2000s. It has since lost that popularity in many. countries except for the United States.

Like a lot of first names, choosing a middle name for Gemma can prove daunting.

One, because we as parents want the PERFECT name for our babies. Two, because finding a name both parents love can be a herculean task, many times.

Thinking of these, I’ve gathered over 110 middle names that go with Gemma, in the hopes that this will quicken your decision process.

Having problems choosing the right name combination? Check out some great tips below on how to pick the perfect Gemma middle name.

111 Middle Names For Gemma

  1. Gemma Adele
  2. Gemma Adeline
  3. Gemma Alexandra
  4. Gemma Alice
  5. Gemma Alison
  6. Gemma Angeline
  7. Gemma Ann
  8. Gemma Anne
  9. Gemma Beatrix
  10. Gemma Bellamy
  11. Gemma Beth
  12. Gemma Brynn
  13. Gemma Caroline
  14. Gemma Catherine
  15. Gemma Cecile
  16. Gemma Cecilia
  17. Gemma Charlotte
  18. Gemma Christine
  19. Gemma Claire
  20. Gemma Colette
  21. Gemma Constance
  22. Gemma Danielle
  23. Gemma Delphine
  24. Gemma Elaine
  25. Gemma Eleanor
  26. Gemma Elise
  27. Gemma Elizabeth
  28. Gemma Ellen
  29. Gemma Elodie
  30. Gemma Eloise
  31. Gemma Elspeth
  32. Gemma Esther
  33. Gemma Evangeline
  34. Gemma Eve
  35. Gemma Fay
  36. Gemma Felicity
  37. Gemma Francine
  38. Gemma Grace
  39. Gemma Haven
  40. Gemma Helen
  41. Gemma Helene
  42. Gemma Ingrid
  43. Gemma Iris
  44. Gemma Isobel
  45. Gemma Isolde
  46. Gemma Ivy
  47. Gemma Jade
  48. Gemma Jane
  49. Gemma Josephine
  50. Gemma Kalliope
  51. Gemma Kate
  52. Gemma Kay
  53. Gemma Lane
  54. Gemma Lark
  55. Gemma Leigh
  56. Gemma Lillian
  57. Gemma Lorraine
  58. Gemma Louisa
  59. Gemma Louise
  60. Gemma Lucienne
  61. Gemma Lucille
  62. Gemma Lydia
  63. Gemma Lynn
  64. Gemma Mabel
  65. Gemma Madelyn
  66. Gemma Maeve
  67. Gemma Margaret
  68. Gemma Marie
  69. Gemma Maxine
  70. Gemma May
  71. Gemma Miriam
  72. Gemma Naomi
  73. Gemma Natalie
  74. Gemma Nathalia
  75. Gemma Nicole
  76. Gemma Nicoline
  77. Gemma Noelle
  78. Gemma Odette
  79. Gemma Opal
  80. Gemma Paige
  81. Gemma Pearl
  82. Gemma Penelope
  83. Gemma Quinn
  84. Gemma Rachel
  85. Gemma Rae
  86. Gemma Rain
  87. Gemma Raquel
  88. Gemma Rea
  89. Gemma Reign
  90. Gemma Renee
  91. Gemma Rhiannon
  92. Gemma Rochelle
  93. Gemma Rosalie
  94. Gemma Rose
  95. Gemma Ruth
  96. Gemma Seraphine
  97. Gemma Shay
  98. Gemma Simone
  99. Gemma Skye
  100. Gemma Soleil
  101. Gemma Star
  102. Gemma Sylvie
  103. Gemma Veronica
  104. Gemma Victoria
  105. Gemma Violet
  106. Gemma Vivian
  107. Gemma Vivienne
  108. Gemma Winifred
  109. Gemma Winter
  110. Gemma Wynn
  111. Gemma Zoe

How To Choose A Good Middle Name For Gemma

Here are some important factors to consider when picking a good middle name to go with Gemma.

The flow of the middle name with the first and last names is very important.

Some people say a short first name like Gemma should be paired with a longer, more syllabic middle name for a better flow.

But you know what? I don’t agree! I think Gemma goes beautifully with short middle names. You’ve got Gemma Fay, Gemma Ivy, Gemma lynn, Gemma Wynn.

So, don’t box yourself in, there are no rules!

Say the names out loud

Do you like the sound of the names not just how good they look on paper?

Consider a meaningful middle name

Instead of a filler name, use a name that holds some significance to you and your partner.

This could be the name of a place – town, city, where you first met (if appropriate) or where you shared your first kiss.

Make Gemma’s middle name memorable!

What do the initials spell?

You wouldn’t want any hurtful initials.

On the other hand, this study shows that positive name initials lead to a longer life. So, you may consider giving your baby a positive acronym.

Remember, you might get monogrammed baby gifts as well.

Don’t be in a rush

The perfect middle name for your Gemma will come to you. It might take a while but it will.


Looking for cute nicknames for Gemma? Here are some suggestions for you.

  • Gem
  • Gemmie
  • Gemmy
  • Gemstone
  • Ema
  • Emma
  • Em
  • Em-Em
  • Emmie
  • Emmy
  • Gemmabug


If you are wondering if it is necessary to give your baby girl a middle name. Let me tell you why I think it is.

I’ll give you 3 major reasons why it’s a good idea to give Gemma a middle name.

#1. The Power of the FULL NAME

You will be familiar with the full name power play. You know, the one your parents used when you were being naughty.

Calling both your first and middle names to scold you?

It’s not just a parent hack, you know. Recent research proves that calling your child by their full names- First, middle and last names makes your child less indulgent and helps them to develop good behaviour.

Amazing, right!

#2. A way to HONOUR FAMILY members

Giving your baby a middle name can be a sweet way to honour family members, especially extended family that passed recently or ones you are/were particularly fond of.

#3. You’re giving your child OPTIONS

We all want our kids to love the names we give them. Realistically, this won’t always be the case.

And that’s okay.

By giving your child a middle name, you are giving them options for the future.

In that case, your child has the option of using their middle name as their first name.

Just like the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Her first name is Rachel but she goes by her middle name, Meghan.

Wrapping Up Middle Name For Gemma Ideas

I hope that this post has given you ideas on middle names to go with Gemma.

Need more middle name ideas and inspiration? Check out

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Choosing a good middle name for girls named Gemma might not be a straightforward process but I have no doubt you’ll get there in the end.

Congratulations on your baby girl!