LEGO Star Wars Accessory Pack rumored for 2022 – 9to5Toys

LEGO Star Wars Accessory Pack rumored for 2022 – 9to5Toys

Lego star wars minifigure packs 2022

Video Lego star wars minifigure packs 2022

Earlier this fall, 9to5Toys reported that among the rest of the 2022 LEGO plans, next year would see the release of two new Accessory Packs for the Star Wars theme. Now with just a little over a month until all of the new sets should debut, we’re getting a first look into what we’ll see. With both Clone Troopers and Hoth Rebel figures in the spotlight, you can head below for all of the details on the upcoming Accessory Packs.

Update: 9to5Toys can now report some new information on the Clone Trooper Accessory Pack. While this kit will still include three of the troopers, they are likely going to not be your standard Clone. Things are a bit hazy on just which versions of them we will get come January, but some reports seem to indicate that it will be a Phase 1 Commander Cody and Captain Rex with yet to be named third entry.

LEGO Star Wars Accessory Packs teased

As a quick recap, LEGO’s Accessory Packs have long been a way to grab three or four minifigures from various themes, both in-house and licensed, alongside miniature builds. We’ve seen Harry Potter and Marvel ones in the past, each of which has entered at the $14.99 price tag. Thing of them as Battle Packs, but with a smaller build and generally less minifigs. Now for 2022, Star Wars is getting in on the action.

With this being the very first time we’ll have seen LEGO Star Wars get in on the Accessory Pack action, there really has been no telling what the two sets would end up being. Would it just be another series of Original Trilogy focused kits or would the LEGO Group finally be giving builders some Clone Wars love? Well, those questions now seemingly have answers.

Clone Trooper Accessory Pack

According to a new report that 9to5Toys was able to verify, January 1 will see the launch of two LEGO Star Wars Accessory Packs. First up, and by far the most exciting is the one based around Episode II: Attack of the Clones. That’s right, finally a Prequel Trilogy set! But it gets better. Included in the Accessory Pack will be three standard Phase 1 Clone Troopers. This will mark one of the first times in recent memory that builders will be able to expand their Republic armies with the minifigures.

There’s also a Forward Command Center build that shouldn’t take up too many pieces as well as some blaster rifles for the Clones. All in all, this should be quite the fitting addition to the UCS Republic Gunship from this year and quite the popular set all-around.

As for the second of the new LEGO Star Wars Accessory Packs, there’s yet another companion build to one of 2021’s largest sets. This time shifting over to the Original Trilogy, there is going to be a Hoth kit. Instead of giving us yet another Imperial-focused build, this one will include three of the snow gear-clad Rebel troopers on top of a P-Tower and some repeating blaster cannons.

9to5Toys’ Take:

With all of the criticism that the LEGO Group has gotten around raising the cost of Battle Packs for 2022, today’s news honestly couldn’t come at a better time. In hindsight, it makes a bit more sense as to why they would raise the price on what will be a more substantial build to make room for the Accessory Packs at the $15 price point.

Even more notably here is that we’ll see a LEGO Clone Trooper Accessory Pack joined by the Rebel Hoth version. The first one is absolutely going to sell off the stores once it releases, so definitely expect to see this one being quite the popular build. Fans like myself have been asking for a way to score Phase 1 Clone Troopers, and this Accessory Pack seems to answer all of our plights.

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