How to Change Your Spotify Payment Plan or Payment Method

How to Change Your Spotify Payment Plan or Payment Method

How to change spotify subscription to premium

Video How to change spotify subscription to premium
  • You can change your Spotify payment plan by going to your account settings menu.
  • You’ll have to use an internet browser to change your Spotify payment plan, but you can do it on either desktop or mobile.
  • Once you reach your account settings, you can cancel your payment plan, or apply for the Student or Family plans.
  • You can also use this page to change your payment method.
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Spotify has a number of payment plans available, and each of them comes with the same features: ad-free music, high quality streaming, the ability to listen to music offline, and more.

The only difference between these plans is how much you pay. The standard Spotify Premium plan is $9.99 a month, while there’s also a $4.99 a month plan for students, and a $14.99 a month Family Plan that supports up to six accounts.

To change your Spotify payment plan or payment method, follow the steps below.

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How to change your Spotify payment plan or method

You’ll need to do this through an internet browser on your Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android — it can’t be done through the desktop or mobile apps.

1. Open your preferred browser and go to If you aren’t already signed in, sign in by selecting “Log In” at the top-right.

2. Once you’ve logged in, click the Profile icon in the top-right corner — it looks like a silhouette of someone’s head and shoulders — and select “Account” in the menu that appears.

On the Spotify homepage, click “Account” in the drop-down menu.

3. Scroll down until you find the submenu labeled “Your Plan” — this is where you can upgrade your Spotify plan or change your payment information. There, click “Update” to change your payment method, or click “Change Plan” to change your payment plan.

Under “Your Plan,” you’ll find the options to change your payment settings.

4. If you click “Change Plan,” you’ll be brought to a page that explains all the different Spotify payment plans. At the bottom, you can click “Cancel Premium” to go back to free, ad-supported streaming. Otherwise, click “Select” next to the new plan that you want.

5. You’ll be asked to confirm that you really want to switch. If you apply for the Student plan, you’ll also need to provide your university’s name and email.

Confirm that everything is correct.

Once you do so, your payment plan will change. On your next billing day, you’ll be charged for the new amount.

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