Ebi Eats Dead: Nurse, Social Media Influencer Dies of Leukemia

Ebi Eats Dead: Nurse, Social Media Influencer Dies of Leukemia

Ebiowei porbeni

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Ebi Eats – real name Ebi Porbeni – was a nurse and social media influencer on healthcare issues who has died of leukemia.

He had 1.2 million followers on Instagram, even though his page was private. His profile declared, “A satirical look at Nurse life Right Now.”

According to HealthLeadersMedia, his death was confirmed on his Instagram page via a statement that read, “With heavy hearts, we are sad to share Ebi passed away on Tuesday afternoon surrounded by his family and friends.” His social media coordinate shared the message:

The GoFundMe page for Ebi now contains this statement, “With heavy hearts, we are sad to share that Ebi passed away Tuesday afternoon surrounded by family and friends. One thing we know is the enormous impact the Nurselifern community has had on his life. Although sudden and not what any of us expected, we would like to do our best to make the next steps more comfortable. In true family form, we would love to come together to show our support for Ebi’s loving family.We are starting a GoFundMe on their behalf to pay for hospital related bills, funeral expenses, and memorial projects on Ebi’s behalf. Should you feel so inclined, any donation would be greatly appreciated. Our hearts go out to his parents, three brothers, niece, nephew, and Oscar.” The page can be found here.

Here’s what you need to know:

Porbeni Revealed He Had Leukemia Last Year

According to UK Metro, his real name was Ebi Porbeni but he was known online as Ebi Eats and NurseLifeRN. Metro reported that Ebi’s cause of death was leukemia.

According to the site, he also had a podcast called NurseSpeak and, on social media, he shared “the ins and outs of his life as an ICU nurse at the University of California, Los Angeles.”

Metro reported that Porbeni revealed he had leukemia a year ago, writing, “First I want to thank you guys for all the love and support after my IG post on the 16th. My Leukemia diagnoses was something I was a little nervous to share but it felt odd to keep it away from a community that I feel so close to. I was also hesitant to make a gofundme because I have no idea how much this hospital stay or subsequent medical care will but its been encouraging to hear from so many of you encouraging me to do so.”

But he ultimately raised more than $250,000. He wrote on Facebook that he lived in Chicago, Illinois. According to the Sun, he was an intensive care nurse; he came to the U.S. from Nigeria at age 9 and studied at Malone University.

Tributes Flowed in for Ebi

Fans were greatly saddened by news of Ebi’s death.

The site Nurse Abnormalities wrote on Facebook, “I am shook, saddened and the nursing community is heartbroken. I knew @ebi_eats simply through social media over the last 4 years and he was the kindest, most authentic, human being for which you could ever come into contact. He somehow managed to be a diplomat that could bring us all together through humor and the expression of the nurse life. He had such a talent and a gift to uplift the nursing community. To say he will be missed is an understatement. We all love you Ebi ♥️.”

A woman named Jenna Ally posted the following tribute,

You may know him as @nurselifern or @ebi_eats , but to me Ebi was a dear friend so close to my heart and like a brother to me.

Ebiowei and I met in nursing school. On one of our first clinical rotations we were paired up as partners. He had basketball practice so we went separately to get our patient assignments in the evening for the following day’s clinical. I wasn’t able to figure out the computer system and was too anxious to ask anyone (anyone that has ever been through nursing school will understand the stress of clinic prep!) and I eventually burst into tears outside the unit. Ebi then walks up to the unit and sees me and tries to comfort me so awkwardly we ended up hysterically laughing.

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve laughed and cried and remained close despite living across the country from each other. We would occasionally go months without chatting on the phone and then randomly call each other and pick right back up with every detail of each other’s lives.

We made it through nursing school together, he was there when I was baptized, and we both balled our eyes out on the phone when he realized due to a last minute change in his work contract, he couldn’t attend Winston and I’s wedding as a part of the ceremony.

His friendship will be something I forever cherish. . He was an amazing nurse and meant so much to the nursing community. Your legacy will live on, my friend ❤.

Ebi had an aggressive form of acute leukemia.

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