List of January 7th Major News Events

List of January 7th Major News Events

What happened on january 7th

1953 H-Bomb

1953: President Harry Truman announced the U.S. has developed a hydrogen bomb (H-Bomb). He made this announcement in his final State of the Union Address.

He also made a similar announcement three years prior the plans for this development. The decision to develop the H-Bomb was partially in reaction to the USSR’s decision to let off an atomic bomb in 1949.

1976 Iceland Cod Wars

1976: A British naval frigate has been involved in a collision with an Icelandic gunboat inside the 200 mile exclusion zone for foreign trawlers Iceland is enforcing. This was known as the cod war with both sides claiming different legal rights. Britain says Iceland has no right to unilaterally enforce a 200-mile limit until it becomes law, and Iceland is saying that says it is applying the 200 mile fishery limit agreed by over 100 nations, including Britain, at the 1974 Law of the Sea Conference.

1929 Influenza Epidemic

The current Influenza Epidemic is considered to be growing more serious with the number of additional deaths due rising to over 200,000, and have issued the following guidelines avoid crowds and persons infected with the disease. Also when noticing a fever spend the time in bed until the fever has passed . The government does not believe this epidemic will reach catastrophic proportions of 1918.

In The News January 7th hydrogen bomb (H-Bomb), Iceland Cod Wars, 1931 - 4 to 5 million Americans were unemployed, The Kray Twins, Indira Gandhi,

1931 4 to 5 million Americans were unemployed

the Committee for Unemployment Relief announced some 4 to 5 million Americans were unemployed. The Depression continued to grow worse, and by 1932, some 13 million Americans were without jobs.

1950 Mercy Hospital

A fire in the mental ward of Mercy Hospital in Davenport, Iowa killed 41 people

1950 Ernest Tubb

Ernest Tubb made his debut appearance at “The Grand Ole Opry” in Nashville, TN.

1959 Cuban Diplomatic Relations

United States was still willing to work along with the new Cuban government. This was the case even though there was some fear that Fidel Castro, the leader of the country, might make an effort to push communism on more of a global basis.

However, the effort made by the United States to have diplomatic relations with Cuba was not very long after discontinued. Only approximately three years later, the United States pulled out of Cuba completely.

1963 Voting Transparency

An Iowan Representative was reported on this date to have proposed to have the secret voting policy changed. If this policy is amended, this area’s house sifting and steering committees would be required to make a public record of how each member would vote on each bill.

This notion had yet to be decided as of this date. The idea behind this change would be so that the public knows where each representative stands on each political issue addressed.

1965 The Kray Twins

1965 : The Kray twins Ronald and Reginald, are in custody charged with demanding money with menaces in the County of London , The Krays were found not guilty of those charges but in 1969 they were found guilty of the murder of Jack McVitie and sentenced to life imprisonment. The Krays were considered a couple of east end villains and had a large following of local east enders in London.