List of September 11th Major News Events

List of September 11th Major News Events

September 11th 2007

11 Sept, 1930 Number of Farms Decreasing

1930 : A new government report highlights the fact that the number of farms is decreasing across the states with an overall 10% reduction of farms.

11 Sept, 1930 U.S.A. Still Explodes

1930 : A house was blown up today in Madison, Wisconsin when a still exploded in the basement. The fire which accompanied the explosion destroyed the house and a barn.

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11 Sept, 1941 Charles A. Lindbergh

1941 : Charles A. Lindbergh has drawn widespread criticism after his speech blaming “the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration” for trying to draw America into World War II. It is well known he a strong advocate of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

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11 Sept, 1948 India Attacks Hyderabad

1948 : Indian troops have attacked Hyderabad in Pakistan, they surrounded the area and attacked from all sides in a quick and decisive planned attack. Meanwhile protesters are demonstrating in the Pakistan Capitol demanding the Prime Minister declares war on India for it’s attack.

11 Sept, 1950 Soviet Union Talk of World War III

September 11th, 1950 : Newspapers around the world are speculating that Russia is planning on starting World War III before October, but most informed analysts do not believe Russia wants to go to war more than anybody else and it is considered to be pure hype and speculation by the worlds press.

11 Sept, 1960 West Germany Communist Boycott

1960 : Politicians have asked the people and businesses in West Germany to boycott all goods from communist East Germany in protest to the communist squeeze on West Germany.

11 Sept, 1969 UK Slum Housing Report

September 11th, 1969 : A new report by the housing charity “Shelter” has revealed as many as three million people in Britain are living in overcrowded slum conditions.

11 Sept, 1970 Calls To Cut Fed Interest Rate From 8%

1970 : Calls for a significant cut in interest rates from the current 8% to 6% to boost the flagging economy appear to be losing ground to the banking sector who say any large cut would create an inflation cycle.

11 Sept, 1970 Ford Introduces Pinto

September 11th, 1970 : Following the success of Japanese and European Imports Ford introduces the Pinto a compact American Made car costing less than $2,000 but because of a major design flaw more people knew about the gas tank exploding if in a rear end collision of over 20 mph than about what great value the car provided.

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11 Sept, 1973 Chile Military Coup

1973 : President Salvador Allende was killed today during a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.

11 Sept, 1978 Victim of Poison Umbrella Stabbing Dies

1978 : Georgi Markov who had defected to the west has died of blood poisoning, four days after he said he was stabbed with an poisoned umbrella tip at a London bus stop. The stabbing is being blamed on the Bulgarian equivalent of the KGB because of his writings exposing the communist party in his home country of Bulgaria.

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11 Sept, 1980 Tanzania Poaching Getting Worse

1980 : Anti-Poaching Scouts are losing in the battle against poachers due to the lack of ammunition and as a result poaching has increased fourfold on Game Reserves in the country.

11 Sept, 1980 UK Diamond Heist

September 11th, 1980 : The famous Marlborough diamond is stolen from a London jewelers during a daylight robbery on the store.

11 Sept, 1997 Referendum on Scottish Home Rule

1997 : A Referendum in Scotland has ended with a resounding YES vote by Scots for support of Scotland having it’s own Parliament and providing a higher degree of Scottish Home Rule.