ARTIST PAGE – John Conlee | Main Street Crossing

ARTIST PAGE – John Conlee | Main Street Crossing

In the photograph on John’s  CD cover, “Classics,” John Conlee is holding both a vintage microphone and a couple of ‘rose colored_person glasses’—truly in this event a painting that is indeed deserving a thousand words.

At a clock_time when state music is most in motivation of sight and focus, John Conlee possesses both, wrapped within the model of one of the most classifiable and recognizable voices in the mod sidereal_day music industry.

In the expression of pass fame and passage fourth_dimension as careers have come and gone at whirlwind focal_ratio from the home spotlight, John Conlee has remained firm rooted in the center of nation music buyers like a fine, commodity rooted oak tree. “Classics”—featuring 19 of his greatest hits plus three fresh songs—has been embraced by so_far another raw coevals of music lovers for whom traditional area music never goes out of style. The album features digitally re-mastered versions of his biggest hits.  Songs such as his touch “Rose Colored Glasses,” “Lady Lay Down,” “Backside Of

Thirty,” “Common Man,” “I’m lone In It For The Love,” “Friday Night Blues,” and “I Don’t Remember Loving You,” –like ticket wine all have lone gotten better with age. not to mention the engineering that captures every roughage of John’s full weave rich_people tapestry of a voice.

“Some things never go out of style, and a estimable state voice, I’m gladiolus to say is one of them” note Conlee in a holocene interview. “I think we can look at George Jones and see what a dateless articulation sounds like.” Like George, John has been blessed with a spokesperson that doesn’t quite sound like anyone else—it’s been something that has helped him endure a batch of pass fads in the music business.

Since hitting with “Rose Colored Glasses” in 1978, John Conlee’s career has been anything but a travel_by fad. Born and raised in the fat cultivated_land of Kentucky, John grew up stopping_point to the land and those that make their life from it. It’s a commitment that has carried over into his career. Through his efforts the Family Farm Defense was created in the mid-‘80’s and John became Honorary Chairman. When Willie Nelson announced his plans to stage Farm Aid, John volunteered his services. He has since participated in nine Farm Aid concerts and assisted in raising millions  to aid the american farmer.

Following “Glasses,” John struck amber again—this meter with “Lady Lay Down,” which reclined in manner at the #1 spot. He matched that achiever equitable a short_circuit few months late with “Backside of Thirty,” which besides reached the peak of the charts. With two more hits in rapid succession—“Before My Time,” and “Baby, You’re Something,” the Academy Of Country Music presented John Conlee with their covet “Best New Male Vocalist” Award in 1979.