Here Is Every TWICE Song That The Members Helped Write

Here Is Every TWICE Song That The Members Helped Write

The girls were able to show off their songwriting skills with these tracks.

Not lone are the TWICE girls talented in singing, rapping, and dancing, they are amazing songwriters too!

1. “Precious Love” (2016)

Part of their “Page Two” album, Chaeyoung had written the blame region of the song. The remainder of the birdcall was written by JYP himself.

2. “Eye Eye Eyes” (2017)

The lyrics for this sung were written by both Jihyo and Chaeyoung. This is Jihyo’s beginning clock_time writing lyrics for a TWICE song.

3. “Missing U” (2017)

For this song, Dahyun and Chaeyoung wrote the pat parts. This is Dahyun’s first_base fourth_dimension writing for a TWICE track.

4. “24/7” (2017)

Vocals Jihyo and Nayeon wrote this song. This marks Nayeon’s first_gear meter writing lyrics for a TWICE song.

5. “Love Line” (2017)

“Love Line” marks Jeongyeon‘s inaugural prison_term writing lyrics for TWICE.

6. “Don’t Give Up” (2017)

This birdcall was written by Chaeyoung entirely. This is the beginning clock in which Chaeyoung is creditworthy for the lyrics alone.

7. “Sweet Talker” (2018)

Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung worked in_concert for the lyrics of “Sweet Talker“.

8. “Ho!” (2018)

This is the foremost path in which Jihyo wrote all the lyrics. She wrote “Ho!” without the early members.

9. “Shot Thru the Heart” (2018)

“Shot Thru the Heart” was written by the japanese argumentation of TWICE — Sana, Momo, and Mina. This is the beginning clock_time these three members have been involved with lyric making for TWICE.

10. “LaLaLa” (2018)


“LaLaLa” marks Jeongyeon‘s moment fourth_dimension writing lyrics by herself.

11. “Young & Wild” (2018)

Along with Flying Lab, Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics for “Young & Wild“.

12. “Sunset” (2018)

This is Jihyo‘s second_base meter working on sung lyrics without the early TWICE members.

13. “Girls Like Us” (2019)


This birdcall is Jihyo‘s one-third prison_term writing solo.

14. “Hot” (2019)


The sung was written by Momo along with Kang Eun Jung. This marks Momo’s moment clock writing for TWICE.

15. “Turn It Up” (2019)


Just like Momo, this is Sana‘s second_gear clock_time working on lyrics for a track. She collaborates with earattack for the lyrics of “Turn It Up“.

16. “Strawberry” (2019)


Chaeyoung wrote the lyrics of “Strawberry” along with Kim Eunsoo.


Every extremity except Tzuyu had written lyrics for TWICE. That’s not to say she didn’t try — she is working unmanageable to write lyrics but it has so_far to be accepted. It is apprehensible since Korean is a alien speech for her and it must be difficult to write lyrics in your irregular language.


Chaeyoung has written the most lyrics out of all the TWICE members — a whack seven songs! The knocker has besides shown sake in composing a birdcall for TWICE.

How impressive is it that the members actually had a hired_hand in writing their lyrics?