Wish 200 Week sees gaming community raise £400,000 for Make-A-Wish UK – Business News – MCV/DEVELOP

Wish 200 Week sees gaming community raise £400,000 for Make-A-Wish UK – Business News – MCV/DEVELOP

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Update: This story and it’s headline have been updated to more accurately describe the efforts of Make-A-Wish UK, the structure of the Wish 200 Week event, and it’s contributors.

Gamers on Twitch recently teamed up with games industry companies to raise over £400,000 in charity donations for Make-A-Wish UK. The money will be used to further support the charity group’s mission of bringing joy to seriously ill children in any way it can.

A long list of companies, including Miniclip, Hutch, MTG, Sports Interactive, Huuuge Games, Venatus, Fusebox Games, Aream & Co and King teamed up with participating streamers like TomFM, LetsBrock, Lollujo, HushCam, CozyGamerKat, FMDoop and others for a ‘Wish 200 Week’ of fundraising events that took place between July 18, 2022 and July 22, 2022. Money raised by Wish 200 will be used to grant wishes for 200 UK children. 

“We are extremely proud that the united gaming community came together once again to help Make-A-Wish UK with their Wish 200 Week, with this donation a lot of ill children and their families will see their gaming dreams come to life,” said Huuuge Games co-CEO Rod Cousens. “Gaming is a big part of young people’s lives and we know how it can be a great escape from the troubles of real life. We are especially glad that 200 children in need will have their gaming wishes granted with our help.”

LetsBrock, who raised £1593 in less than 5 hours whilst streaming Art and Truck Simulator while cycling on his under-desk bike machine, said “There’s a couple of things that I’ve done that I’m proud of, but this is definitely going right to the top. It’s easy to get frustrated with streaming, but if we’re having a good time, and we’re able to help others – that’s what’s important. I feel very, very happy.”

This is the second ‘Wish Week’ event, following a similar one last year called ‘Wish 100 Week’ that raised £200,000 for 100 unwell children. Hopefully we’ll see a ‘Wish 400 Week’ next year that can provide even more help for the children that need it. 

If you’d like more information, or would like to add your support to the total raised, we’d suggest you go to the Wish 200 Week website.