Matty J: 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Johnson

Matty J: 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Johnson

2. How Old Is Matty J?

Matty J’s birthday is 22 May 1986 which makes him 32 years of age, and a Gemini.

3. How Tall Is Matty J?

According to his modeling profile on IMG Models, Matty J’s height is 187cm or 6’2”.

4. How Big Is Matty J’s Family?

We first got a glimpse into Matty J’s family while he was courting The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love. We only got to meet his mum and his sister, although he has a few brothers as well. There’s also an adorable niece and nephew in the picture. Matty and his girlfriend spend a lot of time with the young ones, showing just how great they’d be as parents in the future!

5. Where Did Matty J Grow Up?

Matty J was born and raised in Bondi, Sydney. He later moved to London for four years before coming back to his hometown.

6. Where Does Matty J Live?

Matty J has been all over the place! He lived in London for four years, then returned to Australia in 2016. Born and raised in Sydney, Matty J had to struggle with the idea of moving to Melbourne for bachelorette Georgia Love.

Thankfully, he found love with fellow Sydney resident Laura Byrne, allowing him to stay close to both his family and his significant other. Matty currently lives on a house by the beach in Bondi with his girlfriend and their three-legged dog, Buster.

7. How Many Siblings Does Matty J Have?

Matty J has an older sister named Kate. We also learned about his three brothers Dave, Tom, and Adam during the closing episodes of The Bachelor, when Matty J introduced his potential picks to his family. Fans agree that while they’re all cute in their own right, Matty J is definitely the looker of the Johnson family.

8. Where Did Matty J Go To High School?

We don’t know exactly where he studied, but we do know that he went to a private school in Brisbane growing up. It was there that he met Jasmine Yarborough, the wife of former Today host Karl Stevanovic.

9. Does Matty J Have A Tattoo?

Matty J has not one, not two, but NINE tattoos! This includes a couple tats on his upper thighs as well as a rose on his right forearm.

10. Has Matty J Had Plastic Surgery?

Looking back at old pictures of Matty J, you can’t deny that he was kind of gangly and awkward. Weren’t we all? That didn’t stop fans from wondering if the Sydney reality star had some work done. In an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Matty J admitted to getting otoplasty, or ear reshaping. “I used to have wingnut ears. I pinned them back,” he said.

11. Who Did Matty J End Up With And Are They Still Together?

He may not have ended up with the object of his affections on The Bachelorette, but Matty J did find love at the end of his journey on The Bachelor. Although he didn’t propose, Matty J chose the perennial frontrunner of the season, Laura Byrne. And yes, they’re still together! In fact, they just recently announced that Laura is now pregnant and they are expecting their first child together!

12. Were There Any Other Girls In The Bachelor House That Matty J Really Liked?

Matty J first showed up on our radar when he competed to win the heart of Georgia Love on The Bachelorette Australia Season 2. He made it all the way to the final 2, admitting to his sister that he had already fallen in love with Georgia.

Fans were rooting for him, but unfortunately for the then-29-year-old, Georgia had her eyes set on Lee Elliot, to whom she gave the final rose.

On his season, Matty J was shown developing feelings for some of the other Bachelor girls, especially his runner-up Elise Stacy. However, deep down, he always knew that Laura was the girl he’d go home with.

Matty J told The Daily Telegraph, “Do I wish on night one I could have just said goodbye to the 20 other girls and go Laura’s the one? I wish I could have.”

13. Is Matty J Married?

Matty J and Laura Byrne aren’t married, but they’ve been happily dating for the past year and a half. To celebrate their one year anniversary, the couple moved in together into a beautiful beach home in Sydney.

However, recent photos of Laura surfaced on the internet, and she’s sporting a ring on that particular finger. This sparked engagement rumours once again. Matty J himself has said that he wanted to propose last November, but will definitely be doing it this year, saying that he isn’t “a fan of a long engagement.”

14. Does Matty J Have Kids?

Matty J and Laura excitedly took to Instagram to announce that they are expecting their first child. Yep, Matty J is going to become a father very soon!

They also shared with fans about an unfortunate miscarriage Laura had earlier that year. Despite fears that they would have difficulties conceiving, Laura is currently around 21 weeks pregnant, and recently shared photos of her baby bump on Instagram.

As for names, Matty J joked that he wants to call his future kid “something crazy, like Moon, Phoenix, or River.” Laura herself seems partial to the names Beau, Nova, or Kai.

Laura and Matty J are only the second couple from The Bachelor Australia to have kids, after season 3’s Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski.

15. Is Matty J Gay?

I’m sure gay men everywhere would love it if Matty J was batting for the home team. But judging by his happy relationship with Laura, a history of past girlfriends, and the fact that he appeared on both The Bachelorette and The Bachelor to find love…we’d have to say no, Matty J probably isn’t gay.

However, he has come out on Instagram in support of marriage equality, saying, “Not every Australian will get the chance to date 22 people on national TV but they should all have the opportunity to marry the person they love and be treated equally under the law.”

16. Who Has Matty J Dated In The Past?

Fans have dug up the identity of one of Matty J’s ex-girlfriends from London, PR professional Sara Bray. Instagram photos as far back as 2012 show that the couple dated and lived together before he returned to Australia.

They seem to still be friends, as evidenced by their posts. In fact, they’re on such good terms that Matty J (and his plus one Laura) were invited to her wedding in 2017!

Matty J also previously dated DJ Milly Gattegno and model Nathalie Darcas.

17. What Does Matty J Do For Work

Matty J has come a long way from his first job at Maccas to working as a marketing manager before appearing on TV.

Shortly after moving back to Sydney, he landed a job as Peugeot’s head of partnerships. Just three weeks in, he had to quit to appear on The Bachelorette. After the season, he dabbled in some modelling and joined a Paddington-based marketing agency called The Projects.

Today, you can find Matty J on Channel Ten’s The Living Room as their travel presenter. He was recently nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Popular New Talent at the 2018 Logie Awards for his stint on the show.

He also co-hosts Nova FM’s morning show. We can also look forward to seeing more from Matty J in the future. “There are some exciting projects in the pipeline,” he promised.

18. Is Matty J On Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat?

There’s no sign of Matty J on the Twittersphere, but he’s incredibly active on Instagram (@matthewdavidjohnson).

It’s possible he has a private Snapchat, but we don’t know about it!


It’s been a couple years since Matty J concluded his journey on The Bachelor, but that definitely isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him. With his growing family and blossoming entertainment career, we’re excited to see what he’ll be up to next!