Inviting users to Blink

Inviting users to Blink


You can invite anyone with a company, or personal, email address or mobile number through the Admin Portal. Emails and mobile numbers are unique to each account. Once an account has been invited it can be reinvited at any time but only once per hour.

Only Organization Admins and Team Admins have the ability to invite users. Organization Admins have the ability to invite anyone to any Team. Team Admins can only invite users to the Teams they are apart of. This is explained further below.

This article will cover:

  • Accessing the invite panel
  • Inviting users
  • FAQs

Accessing the invite panel

  1. Click on the Admin cog 
  2. Click on ‘Users’
  3. Click on ‘Invite Users’ in the top right

Inviting users

  1. Enter either a mobile number or an email address to start the invite process. These must be valid emails or mobile numbers, please double-check they are correct before sending the invite.

     If you are inviting a mobile number please ensure the correct country code is added.
    A correct format is: [After the country code]
  2. Enter their first name and second name. These can be updated at any time.
  3. This is where you can add the user to their Teams. This is important to ensure the Teams are correct as their content depends on this.

    If you are unsure what Teams to add check in with your Blink Champions or reach out to us here, we can direct you to the right people to ensure the content is correct before they even start up.

  4. Next, enter the Job Title, Department, Manager, or Employee ID. These are all incredibly important to ensure are correct as these can dictate their Teams if Dynamic Teams is enabled, and also provide access to tools that have Single Sign On enabled.
  5. Once those details have been completed any Extra Details can be added by clicking ‘More Details’.
  6. Finally, click ‘Invite’ if you are only inviting one user or click ‘Invite and add another’ if you are inviting more than one person.


I am a Team Admin, who can I invite?

You can invite anyone but only to certain Teams.

Let’s make a clear example – I am a Team Admin over Team A but not a Team Admin over Team B. Therefore, I can add Team A to any invite but not Team B.

A user’s details are already in use.

If a user’s details are already in use then they cannot be invited until they have been removed. Please reach out to us, for support in dealing with this.

A Problem Occurred

This error can appear when:

  • They have been invited already in the past hour.
  • Their details are already in use
  • Their Employee ID is already in use

We understand that this may be confusing so please reach out to us here and let us know.