How Does RE Village’s Heisenberg Know About Chris’ Boulder-Punching Past

How Does RE Village’s Heisenberg Know About Chris’ Boulder-Punching Past

Although Resident Evil Village is filled with ridiculous, over-the-top moments (especially in the game’s final hour), perhaps none stand out more than one incredibly fourth-wall breaking moment during the Karl Heisenberg boss battle in the game’s factory area. Even by Resident Evil standards, which has some pretty wild lore that doesn’t always make that much sense, it’s hilarious in both its ridiculousness and implications.

Perhaps the series embracing the campiness of it all is what has helped make Resident Evil Village such a big hit. The game has sold more than 4 million copies and counting, and has broken Steam concurrent player records for the Resident Evil franchise. Many of the game’s characters have gone on to become icons upon themselves, such as Resident Evil Village’s “tall lady,” aka Lady Dimitrescu, as well as series staple Chris Redfield.


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It’s going to take some serious work for future installments to top Resident Evil Village’s final few set pieces, especially in regards to the moment during the game’s factory boss battle that features a very specific callback to Resident Evil 5. This happens when Karl Heisenberg calls Chris a “boulder-punching asshole.” But that begs the question: How does Heisenberg know about Chris Redfield at all, and (more importantly) this iconic moment from RE5?

RE Village’s Heisenberg Somehow Knows About The Events Of RE 5

In Resident Evil 5’s final boss battle, Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar find themselves on a volcano in the middle of the ocean, battling against longtime franchise villain Albert Wesker. Chris and Sheva become separated at one point, and to reunite, Chris must punch a gigantic boulder blocking his path to continue on. It’s since become an infamous moment for both Chris as a character and the series as a whole.

In Resident Evil Village, more than a decade later, Capcom has one of the game’s villains specifically reference Chris’ boulder-punching antics. Following a completely ridiculous chainsaw-tank boss battle in RE Village, it looks like protagonist Ethan Winters may meet his end. It’s then that Heisenberg’s factory erupts in a massive explosion courtesy of Chris, which distracts the villain and allows Ethan time to regroup. Howling in rage, Heisenberg yells, “I’m going to murder that boulder-punching asshole, but you’re first.”

It’s perhaps not surprising that Heisenberg seems to know who is responsible for blowing up his factory. He must have known Chris was operating in the area. More confusing, however, is the fact that somehow Heisenberg knows about Chris’ battle with Wesker, and very specifically, his boulder-punching heroics. It seems Heisenberg’s boss Mother Miranda did have a connection with Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer, but considering both Spencer and Umbrella as a company were dead by the events of even Resident Evil 5, it seems unlikely that connection provided any information regarding Chris.

Presumably, the only people who would know about the finale of Resident Evil 5 would be Chris and Sheva. Reports of the incident were likely written up after the two characters were debriefed by their employer, so it’s perhaps possible some of those files could have made their way into the hands of Resident Evil Village’s villains. Did Heisenberg have someone inside the BSAA feeding him information? That seems like the most likely possibility, especially when it’s revealed the BSAA is employing bioweapons (i.e. zombies) of their own in their battle to stop Miranda. However, no in-game files offer any clues about how much the villains are aware of Chris’ operations or his past. Most likely, it’s an oversight from Capcom about the logistics of Heisenberg’s insult.

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