How Do I Cancel HBO Max and Get My Money Back?

How Do I Cancel HBO Max and Get My Money Back?

HBO Max launched on Wednesday with lots of streaming promises. It boasts the full collection of Friends, all of the Harry Potter movies, HBO’s gigantic original series roundup and so much more, but the streaming service may not be for everyone.

Some new HBO Max users anticipated trouble streaming on Wednesday due to the influx of new users and the platform’s launch period. This isn’t uncommon with new apps, and there definitely may be some delay in perfecting the platform’s mechanics on your own screen.

There could be general frustration with the platform, like maybe you only have a Roku, or maybe, you realized you’re content with your Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Video subscription. While all of the sites have different content, you may ask yourself why you need to subscribe to another.

HBO Max warns users they must walk through the official cancelation steps one to two days before their next billing date to avoid being charged. This date is unique for each user, based on their sign up date, and can be found under “Billing Information” on the HBO Max website. HBO Max also reminds users that deleting the HBO Max app does not cancel their subscription in the Q&A section of their website.

If you’re looking to cancel HBO Max already, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can cancel the service if you’re dissatisfied. We walked through the steps ourselves on HBO Max.


Log Into Your HBO Max Account

If you signed up for an HBO Max account independent of any other service (like a cable subscription, or Hulu) log into the account you used to make the profile. Select the account holder’s profile. If you did sign up on a third-party app, you’ll need to follow the site’s cancelation steps here:

Continue with the steps below only if you’ve signed up for HBO Max directly.

Access Your Billing Information

In the upper right-hand corner of HBO Max’s home screen, you should see your name. Click the icon, or your name, and view the list of settings and services that appears. This will be on the righthand side of the screen. Select “Billing Information.”

Select “Manage Subscription”

A bubble on the bottom of the “Billing Information” screen reads “Manage Subscription.” Click that. A separate window will appear, in which you can update your card on file, or cancel your subscription altogether. To continue with the cancelation process select “Cancel Subscription.”

Cancel Subscription

One more screen will appear that asks if you’re sure you want to end your subscription. To confirm, select “Cancel Subscription” again. It’s the option on the right. If you’ve somehow made it this far with no intention to cancel, you can select “No, Never Mind.”

How To Get Your Money Back

HBO Max offered all new subscribers a seven-day free trial, so if you’re already canceling, you likely haven’t been charged yet. Those who signed up for the subscription service’s free trial on Wednesday’s launch day will see their free trial expire on June 3. That means, before then, they won’t be charged for the service.

If you decide to cancel after you’re officially charged for your first month ($14.99 per month), you will be able to use the streaming service until your next billing date. You can cancel the service at any time, but each month that has been paid will remain active until the end of the pay period, according to HBO’s guide on subscription fees.

From these guidelines, it appears HBO Max won’t automatically offer a refund if you cancel after your plan has already renewed for the month. Newsweek reached out to HBO Max to confirm this, and was told the monthly fee is $14.99.

If you’ve canceled your subscription, and are still charged after the process, HBO Max explained you may not have canceled successfully, or you may have two accounts. There’s also a chance you canceled your subscription close to the autopay date, and there was a mistake. In these occasions, you can find help from HBO Max here.

In the event of other issues, you can contact HBO Max directly regarding subscription and playback issues here.