‘El último Rey: el hijo del pueblo’ to premiere in the U.S.

‘El último Rey: el hijo del pueblo’ to premiere in the U.S.

El último Rey: el hijo del pueblo is the television series produced by Televisa about the life of the former Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez.

The biopic series tells “from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame and everything in between, and tells the aspirational story of the life and legacy of Vicente Fernandez, the King of ranchera music. Audiences will relive the most important moments in Fernandez’s life, including the events that defined him, his great love story, the personal tragedies, and the sacrifices he made that made him the beloved cultural icon he became,” reads the synopsis.

The biopic premiered in March this year in Mexico amid controversy with his family. 

This is because Fernández’s wife, María Refugio Abarca de Ruiseñor — also known as Cuquita — disavowed the production and accused Televisa of “image theft.” 

“It makes me sad that gentlemen who called themselves friends and shared bread at our table, have started a plan since October to steal Vicente’s rights, when he could not defend himself because he was seriously ill in a hospital bed. I would like to see what they had tried to do when he was alive!” she said in a statement.

The controversy has not affected the public’s perception of the series. The broadcast has reached a peak audience of 33 million viewers in Mexico,  according Televisa reports. 

Given the success, El último Rey: el hijo del pueblo will premiere on Univision Hispanic network on May 17 at 10 p.m. ET. 

What to know about El último Rey

The series, based on the book by Argentine writer Olga Wornat, stars Mexican actor and singer Pablo Montero.

The cast also includes Angélica Aragón, César Évora, Iliana Fox, Iván Arana, Vince Miranda, Jesús Moré, Emilio Osorio, and Salvador Sánchez.

The producer is Juan Osorio, who has worked on around 30 productions throughout his career.

Not the only series about Chente

This is not the only production about the life of ‘El Charro de Huentitan,’ who died on Dec. 12, 2021.

The Netflix streaming platform and the Colombian television network Caracol TV are also preparing a production called El Rey, starring the Mexico’s Jaime Camil.