Blink — Sharing your Blink account

Blink — Sharing your Blink account

Your Blink account has one email address, one password, and one phone number. At this time, Blink does not offer multiple profiles per account.

More than one person can login with the account email address and password.  For some interactions, a verification code is sent to the main account holder, who must then share the security PIN number for verification to complete. The account owner can control which devices are allowed access the Blink app. Click to learn more about how to manage devices with account access‍.

Since all users are in the same account, changes by one person affects the system for everyone else. This includes arming and disarming, camera settings, schedules, saving Live View, and deleting clips. Clips in cloud storage cannot be retrieved or restored after they are deleted.

However, each device has its own Notification Options. For example, the account owner might want to receive notifications for every motion alert. A family member, logs into the Blink app with the same email and password, but their notifications could be set to only show a Doorbell Press.

To reach the options setting screen, tap the ‘gear’ icon in the footer of the Blink app, select Notifications and then tap “Notification Options”. Click the link to learn more about Notification Options‍.