Alex Jones Show –

Alex Jones Show –

Money, money, money

Alex Jones has been foretelling the end of democracy, western society and life itself of years now, and he’s made a tidy profit doing so.

As an entertainer, Alex Jones is a carefully crafted character, much larger than life, and full of energy. He’s even occasionally amusing. Much like any of our favorite wrestlers when we were kids.

The only trouble is, there is no nod and a wink to let you know that it’s all just a game for him. An opportunity to entertain, amuse, and bask in the limelight.

Alex Jones steadfastly maintains his facade and his lies and half truths, even when it means that people will be seriously harmed by them.

If ever there is a reason why free speech needs to be limited, it’s because of opportunistic predators like this.

One good thing, is that of late, old Mr Jones has been ramping up his already feverish cash grabbing antics, which perhaps hints that his disgusting lies about the Sandy Hook School Shooting and the subsequent class action brought against him by the parents might finally taking a toll. One can only hope Alex’s sick little game of manipulating the weak minded for profit will eventually come to an end.