14+ Practical Ways to Make an Extra $200 in a Week Fast

14+ Practical Ways to Make an Extra $200 in a Week Fast

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Are you playing with the idea of making extra money to payoff debt or to pay the rent? We all at some point have needed a boost to our cash reserves to pay for stuff or to make ends meets.

There are ways to raise cash for your obligations or for your longer term goals. The following are all possible to do on your spare time.

  • Make money from home
  • Make money online
  • Find legitimate ways to make money fast

Here are 14+ ideas to make extra money fast, like $200 in a week.

If you need to make more than that in a week, this list is not for you. You’ll need some longer term planning to achieve this goal.

Also, if you want to make an extra $200 a week consistently, make sure to read at the bottom for longer term options.

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For ways to make money for intermediate or longer terms, read these ideas.

For a quicker way to earn cash try answering surveys and polls and saving on your purchases.

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Other Practical Ways to Make $200 in a Week Fast

1. Freelance job online. Start with the freelance job engines to to make $200 fast. Staying with jobs that can be done online and remotely can allow you to make $200 with one or more side gigs.

Job engines like Upwork, Flexjobs and Freelancer offer lots of opportunities to make quick cash. Many of these jobs don’t require lots of experience, so they are very doable.

2.Find a Freelance job offline. 1. Clean and organize other people’s houses. 2.Work temporarily in retail. 3.baby sit 4. House sit. 5. Tutor 6. teach swimming lessons.

3.Sell on Craigslist or Ebay. Find things to sell and list them on Ebay (auction style) or Craiglist (classifies). Have no idea what to sell? Check out the postings on Craiglist and Ebay, you probably have items at home you can dispose of and get some cash. These can include; clothes, furnishings, collectibles, tools etc. Whatever you can’t sell online, sell it at a Garage Sale or take it to a thrift shop.

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4.Participate on Surveys and Focus groups. Check out some of the websites for surveys and focus groups participants. Apply for as many groups as you want and earn some cash each time you respond. Some of the sites include; 2020 panel, Respondent and Consumer Opinions Services.

5.Pick up kids from school – after school pick up. Use word of mouth or post your service in supermarkets or schools. Parents sometimes need help for picking up their kids from school and babysitting them for some hours.

6.Drive for Uber or deliver food with Uber Eats. This is a gig you can do on the weekend to search quick cash. You can drive anywhere for Uber and also make restaurants deliveries with Uber Eats.

7.Rent a room short term with Airbnb. Have a spare room in your house? You can rent it short term with Airbnb. If you don’t mind sharing your home, yo can make quick cash this way.

8.Make $100 per list with the website Listverse. You can make money online with Listverse. All you need is a some writing skills and appreciation for things unusual or interesting. You make up a list of at least 10 items, submit it and wait. If your list is published, you’ll Gert $100 via your Paypal.

9.Complete tasks on Mechanical Turk. Mturk by Amazon uses crowdsourcing to find workers who can perform small tasks over the internet. Sign up for Mturk and start making some cash.

10.Walk dogs in your neighborhood. Get pay to walk and play with dogs. Rover is a dog walking website offering pet sitting services as well. Rover operates in many US cities and is always looking for dog walkers. You can make $10-$30 for a 30 minutes walk.

Make an Extra $200 or More a Week Consistently

For those looking to make an extra $200 plus a week on a consistent basis, here are some ideas. Implementation of these strategies requires more time and patient and even some money upfront for some.

11.Peer-to-Peer lending. You can become an investor in a peer-to-peer or P2P lending platform by making loans to individuals. As an investor, you earn interest every month.

The loan principal is also pay down every month. The P2P platform does all the work for you. This makes it possible for you to act as the middle man or as the bank in a lending transaction.

P2P platforms includes Lending Club, Funding Circle and Prosper Marketplace.

12.Buy dividend paying stocks. Buying dividend stocks will earn you money in dividends. You need a broker account or buy directly from companies participating in Direct Investments Plans. Investing involves risks, so do your research.

13.Create a blog. This is a long term game to earn extra income. You can create your own blog at your pace, pastime or full time.

Chances are you have knowledge in some areas and you can monetize this knowledge. You can click on this link ~~ start a blog at a low cost to start your own blog.

For step by step instructions for creating your own blog, read How to create your own blog in 8 easy steps.

14.Get funded. Do you have particular talents and skills? You can monetize these using a crowdfunding platform. Patreon is a website where you can upload your original content and get funded by your followers. So, if you have followers on Social Media you can ask them for support and send them to your Patreon account.

No matter what your circumstances are, it’s not very hard to use some of the ideas above to raise cash. Making extra money on a short term basis, like a week or two is not hard.

However, if you want to take the long term path to making extra income, you may need to invest more time and even some money upfront.