Twitter Clowns DaBaby After He And DaniLeigh Feud On Instagram Live

Twitter Clowns DaBaby After He And DaniLeigh Feud On Instagram Live

DaBaby has made it to a point on his career that when people see his name trending on Twitter, they know to expect some sort of ridiculousness. Last night, the “VIBEZ” rapper got in a very public feud with one of his baby mamas, DaniLeigh, who told her Instagram followers that DaBaby tried to boot her and their 3-month-old child out of the house after she had cooked him dinner.

Throughout the evening, both parties could be heard yelling at one another on Instagram Live, and at one point they even verbally attacked one another while Dani attempted to feed her child from a bottle. “I would like to swiftly remove myself from any of the ‘hostile’ behaviour put on display moments ago,” the 29-year-old wrote on his Instagram story after thousands of people witnessed the altercation between them.

“This here thing has gone far enough for shawty to crash out on her own and it saddens me because I still got a queen to raise. The last hour has been documented for my safety and business done based on my reputation…Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I done been beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls. But I knew to keep it together,” he alleged.

DaniLeigh also hopped onto her story to give her own recount of events, informing readers that she and DaBaby have been living together for the past three months as they co-parent their newborn. “Tonight he wanna come in the room talkin bout ‘I need to go,’ don’t matter where I go.. Mind u… I have a newborn child, so he said I can go to a hotel.”

The mother of one went on to say that her baby daddy is “mad” that she had a Plan B delivered to his condo “bc all he wants to do is cum in [her] with no responsibility.” Apparently, Dani had just cooked DaBaby dinner and was sleeping when he attempted to kick her out, and later called the police on her.

Clips from the IG Live session have been circulating around Twitter, and people have a lot to say about the ongoing fiasco.

For the most part, it seems that Twitter users are sympathizing with DaniLeigh’s tough baby mama drama, although several people pointed out that she “knew what she was getting herself into” by having a child with DaBaby. In her own statement, the 26-year-old acknowledged this, saying, “I really shoulda just listened to the cap ass internet about this man!!!! Ima learn and ima grow.”

DaBaby appears to be having a rough go of things lately. Over the weekend, he fell off stage while performing in Las Vegas, nearly losing a precious diamond ring worth about $20,000. Read more about that incident here.